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  1. Awww man!!!! shocked There is no way that i will be able to pay over $4,000.00 for those Nike shoes! tired And those shoes look so awesome and i want a pair!!! crycrycry

    I already looked on eBay and a lot of them already have over 30 to 40 bids on how ever many are being sold. grumpy


  2. ya mean, no one will smack your hand with a ruler or make ya stand in the corner for saying yippy skippy doo dah? haha

    laugh LOL!!!!! haha I guess it's totally uncensored so u can say the The Seven Dirty Words that can't be said on television, the radio, or Facebook, ROFL!!! grin

    That is if u know the words, if not, look up George Carlin's monologue. I looked on Wikipedia smartgrin But i recommend not chatting w/ those words. eek

  3. "DADADADADADADADAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!­!!!!!!!!!" laugh

    Peter: "Oh my God. Brian there's a message in my Alpha-Bits. It says ooooooooohhh."

    Brian: "Peter those are Cheerios." haha

    Stewie: "God it's all night w/ this guy. Hey if your gonna leave all those lights on i'm not gonna split the electric bill!"


  4. Dear Lord,

    You know our friend Miriam so much better than we do.

    Lord, we pray for our friend because your Word says we should pray for her healing.

    We don't always understand your ways, and why she has to suffer, but we trust you.

    We ask that you look with mercy and grace towards Miriam .

    Let her know you are there with her through this difficulty. And may you be glorified in her life and also in ours.



    Get well soon Miriam. pray

  5. Neighbor: "Look at Edison over there with his damn electricity. Hey Edison! How about sharin' some of those lightbulbs, huh?"

    Edison: "Hey figure it out for yourself man!"

    Neighbor: "Were freezing our asses off over here!

    Edison: "Hey man how do you think i feel? You get to look at my great house and i have to look at that dark thing! Huh? What is that a candle?"

    Neighbor: "Yeah it's a candle! We're freezing over here! No one in my family has taken a bath in over a month, we stink, it stinks over here ya jerk!!!"

    Edison: "I can't hear u over my central heating.

    Neighbor: "Hey why don't u go to hell Edison!"

    Edison: "Hey bite me man! Hey have u guys seen The Office? Oh no i guess u haven't 'cuz u don't have a TV!"

    Neighbor: "Hey how about i come over and kick yer a$$?!"

    Edison: "Ooh yeah come on over!" hahahahahaha

    Peter: "You know they say that Chuck Norris is so tough, there's no chin underneath his beard. There is only another fist." grin


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