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  1. I know it's not Eric Carmen related stuff, I just wanted to share this. :)



  2. Happy Birthday Eric!!!!! Hope u have an awesome day and have lots of fun! Here's a birthday message from David Bowie:
  3. Happy Birthday John!!!!! Be sure to save me a piece of cake, u can mail it to me! [img:center] Hope u have an awesome day!
  4. Happy Birthday Robin!!!!! Hope u have a very special day! Be sure to save me a piece of cake, u can mail it to me, LOL!!!
  5. Ooh, thanxs for the pictures Carol, i luv them!!! And to everyone else, thank u so much for all of the b-day wishes!!!
  6. Awww man!!!! There is no way that i will be able to pay over $4,000.00 for those Nike shoes! And those shoes look so awesome and i want a pair!!! I already looked on eBay and a lot of them already have over 30 to 40 bids on how ever many are being sold.
  7. LOL!!!!! I guess it's totally uncensored so u can say the The Seven Dirty Words that can't be said on television, the radio, or Facebook, ROFL!!! That is if u know the words, if not, look up George Carlin's monologue. I looked on Wikipedia But i recommend not chatting w/ those words.
  8. That is funny!!!! And i also have tried using the chat but it did not work.
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