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  1. Thank you Bernie, I just received it. It will be great memorabilia of the days to stay here.
  2. Wow!!!.....one more bonus tracks???? Couldn't be better! Can't wait!!!! Thank you, Eric!!!
  3. Happy belated Birthday, hossy! You've got a precious gift!
  4. Congratilations! "The Essential Eric Carmen" Japanese eddition pre-order start at Amazon Japan! The album is going to be released on May 21 in Japan with bonus truck!!!
  5. I've got a mail! I won! Thank you Bernie!!!!
  6. 3 years has passed since 3.11 earthquake. So many things have changed in Japan since then. The situation of northeast Japan is still dire especially in Fukushima. This is because of concerns about radiation. Prime minister Abe made an official statement “Fukushima No.1 nuclear power plant has completely controlled.†But unfortunately it is NOT true. Radioactive water is through leaking in the pipe, and drain out to the sea even now. The people of Fukushima received less than 5 millisieverts of radiation during the first four months after the nuclear power plant accident. Thyroid exam have also been conducted on 370.000 Fukushima children (under 18) over the past 3 years. The people of Fukushima had lost not only their family, house, estate, firm, family photo album, memorial goods and everything but also their health. Their lives were completely disrupted by the tsunami and nuclear power plant accident. The “Master plan†is also still unfinished. It pains me to think of it. We should sympathize with them and keep thinking “what can I do for them and northeast Japan?†and pray. In addition I would like to tell you our sincerely appreciation who had support the people in northeast Japan. Much donate, thousands of volunteers, dozens of countries sent doctors, the Red Cross………. all over the world. Songs and words also ease our mind. Especially U.S. military in Japan conducted “Operation Tomodachiâ€, 24.000 service members, 189 aircraft and 24 ships had helped us. We always appreciate your sympathy and support. Thank you.
  7. Congratulations, Wim! I wish you the best of luck!!!
  8. March 7, 1982…..it was 32 years ago, Eric played at Osaka (Japan) Rock Super Session(RSS) with the band “Carmine Appice & Friends†Members are Carmine Appice, Eric Carmen, Rick Derringer, Tom Peterson, Duane Hitchings !!!
  9. Thanks Kirk, Foolin' Yes, I thought BNY and Boats Against The Current were written while reminded of same kind of image like this!
  10. I got an info about "The Essential Eric Carmen" from Legacy Japan, it was postponed April.28.
  11. Eric is coming back to music world with the new song “Brand New Yearâ€!!! Shall we express our gratitude to Eric for his brilliant work with our story? How do you feel about the song or how are you impressed with the song? First I’ll tell my story. When I heard “Brand New Yearâ€, I imagined dark, cold ocean. It comes from slow, simple, law-pitched “arpeggio†played by left hand. It sounds over and over again, all through the song from the intro to the end. Then I FOUND! The “arpeggio†means wave! Never ending wave! In the≪Verse≫, every motif were composed just like this, first=law-pitched at the middle=rise end=law-pitched I thought it means another wave, it must be boat! I felt the boat is swaying in the dark ocean, ride on the wave with dude and female. Even though dude is rowing the boat, the current is drifting their boat toward far, far away. Just then, here comes glimmer of the moonlight upon the sky. Dude says “We’ll never let them break us down as long as we still believe†to female. She smiled. Dude starts rowing again, at that time big wave has come. Splash! Here comes ≪Chorus≫. The wave isn’t means a sense of foreboding, it has good feeling! And here comes big wave again, Splash! ≪Bridge≫ tells how deep is their love. They cannot control the destiny of their future just like their boat. But we can see the boat is surely drifting toward happiness! ≪Chorus≫ Then here comes big wave again. Splash! Then moonlight glow-in-the-dark, as soon as the dawn breaks. They gaze each other, smile, hold each other tight….and kiss! Here comes angel upon their head. Angel celebrate them with beautiful “falsetâ€. No fear. They finds hope! The song shows me a sweet, romantic love story. On the other hand, the song reminds me of terrible, horrific disaster occurred in Japan, the earthquake and tsunami…..many people has passed, and the victims had experienced so terrible night. No heat, no phone, no internet, not even the faint hum of electricity. I can remember it was very cold night at the day. They had stayed just only bonfire, they were shivering from the cold. Eric mentioned about the day when he wrote the song. It was similar situation both of them. The night he wrote the song, what did he imagine? I thought if he reminds the people who experienced terrible disaster or dispute. Not only Japan, Philippines, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan……and many other countries. He mentioned about “The Universal†on his comment about “Brand New Yearâ€. “Something that resonates inside every human being, Something EVERYONE has felt†Well, EVERYONE! The song has “The Universalâ€. Everyone can see their pain and find their hope for a better tomorrow on this song! The song means so much. Congratulations! Brilliant song has written to the world by Eric Carmen!!! …….This is my story dedicate for Eric. Who’s next?
  12. Great expectation....... If EC will make preparations for a new band??????
  13. Thank you again EC. Sincerely hope many Japanese fans can read it! I found a interesting news about Eric today. Do you know Mao Asada( a Japanese figure skater)? We hoped that she won Olympic GOLD MEDAL, then she did a complete failure on short program. Everybody thought she has over! Then next day she did perfect on free program with Rachmaninoff piano concert No.2. Many Japanese were deeply moved, include me! Eric mentiond how we Japanese love classic music on his comment. That's true. And now there are many posts on the web like this, "Rachmaninoff piano concert remind me of Eric Carmen"!!!! Isn't it lovery?
  14. Bernie, On the year that Eric invited as a special guest artist, at Yamaha World Popular Song Festival in Tokyo '79, Cissy Houston sang "You're the Fire", and she won "Best Singer Award" . And Bonnie Tyler won the grand prize by "Sitting On The Edge Of The Ocean"
  15. It's our great honor to get such a classy message for Japanese. I'm grateful that you take care of us over many years.
  16. Unfortunately BNY wasn't broadcast on the radio as well as TV in Japan as far as I get to know. So actually the song didn't get into the news. Only hot fans know. Then it doesn't means EC has forgotten in Japan. There is a reason, I want to EC know. Japanese business style is rather different from yours. "Official", "Formal" is very important in our country. Japanese radio station will never accept our request with BNY "download". They are afraid if it is not illegal. So BNY wasn't broadcast in Japan. I asked some freind who worked at radio station, he said "It's impossible to broadcast without record company's permission. We need sample CD before the song is released. And it's too late coz it's "new year's song", it's at the end of Feb now!" In our country, "Namawashi" is very important. Though you'll felt it is funny and strange, it is there in Japan. In Japanese companies, society—it's sometimes necessary to make consensus "building efforts before doing something" regardless of whether it's for better or for worse. It is called "Namawashi" in Japanese, it means prior consultation, prior consensus building, making necessary arrangements or something. The one who are trying to do things the way they have always been done and expedite proceedings without making any waves, it is important way in Japan. It is said that Japanese business or start something will not work out without "Nemawashi". It should have done before the day of BNY........ Then here's a good news. SONY Legacy Recordings Japan will release The Essential Eric Carmen. SONY and Legacy will advertise about the CD, Japanese media will move on this time.... And I should ask, Why did you(Legacy) gave us a chance to support EC's survibe only 5 days to make uo for 15 years?
  17. パワーポップ・レジェンド、Eric Carmen。約15年ぶりの新曲含むベスト盤発売 The Essential Eric Carmen Sony内レ−ベルArista/Legacy Recordingsがレジェンド、Eric Carmenのベスト・編集盤『The Essential Eric Carmen』を3/25に発売すると発表、なんと15年ぶりにEric自身が作詞作曲した新曲「Brand New Year」が収録されることがわかった。 2枚組30曲を収録するこのアルバムは彼の45年に及ぶキャリアを総括したものになる。 楽曲は全てグラミー受賞エンジニア、Mark Wilderによってリマスタリング。クリーブランドで産声を上げた10代ガレージバンド時代から、Raspberriesの「Go All The Way」「Overnight Sensation」「I Wanna Be With You」などのヒット曲、ソロとしての立場を不動のものにした珠玉の名曲「All Be Myself」など網羅。最大の目玉であり、この15年間で初めてのレコーディング作品となる「Brand New Year」は昨年のクリスマス・イブにフリー・ダウンロード楽曲として公開されると1日で35,000回以上再生された。レコーディングにはBeach Boysのギタリスト、Jeffrey FoskettとThe Wondermintsのメンバーが参加している。 「これをただのコンピレーションだと思ったら間違いだよ。どれほどこのアルバムに皆の知らない楽曲があることか。この30曲は僕が経験したことそのものだよ」 Carmenはそう語っている。 ティーザーではEricのレコーディング時の最新映像で構成。 The Essential Eric Carmen Disc One 1. Get The Message (w/ Cyrus Erie)+ 2. Go All The Way (w/Raspberries) 3. I Wanna Be With You (w/Raspberries) 4. Let's Pretend (w/Raspberries) 5. Tonight (w/Raspberries) 6. Overnight Sensation (Hit Record) (w/Raspberries) 7. Sunrise 8. My Girl 9. All By Myself 10. Never Gonna Fall In Love Again 11. Last Night 12. Starting Over (Live 1976) * 13. That's Rock N' Roll (Live 1976) * 14. Run Away 15. Love Is All That Matters Disc Two 1. Boats Against The Current 2. Marathon Man 3. She Did It 4. Nowhere To Hide 5. Change Of Heart 6. Hey Deanie 7. Desperate Fools 8. Someday 9. It Hurts Too Much 10. Tonight You're Mine 11. The Way We Used To Be 12. Hungry Eyes 13. Make Me Lose Control 14. Ecstasy (Live 2005) (w/Raspberries) 15. Brand New Year ** + Previously Unreleased Digitally * Previously Unreleased ** Previously Unreleased New Recording —Powerpop Academy, February 14, 2014 __________ Here is an article about EC's new CDs release in Japan. It is very good article, I can see it was written by the writer who knows and loves EC very well !I hopo it will be goos support EC's CDs pormotion! BTW one of my freind from E.C.F.C.Japan member, who mentioned his back band "THE WONDERMINTS" on the article. "It was written on THE WONDERMINTS's debut album, Eric did their manegement before thier debut" Is it true? And when? Is there any works with them?,
  18. Happy Birthday Cayennegirl from Japan!
  19. For Japanese fans Brand New Year  (words and music by Eric Carmen / translation by Aventurine) é•·ãè¾›ã„å¹´ã ã£ãŸ 時ã«ã¯ä¹—り越ãˆã‚‰ã‚Œãªã„ã®ã§ã¯ãªã„ã‹ã¨æ€ãˆã‚‹ã»ã© ãã‚Œã§ã‚‚Babyã€åƒ•ãŸã¡ã¯ã“ã†ã—ã¦ã“ã“ã«ã„ã‚‹ 僕ãŸã¡ã®æ„›ã®ä¸–ç•ŒãŒç¢ºã‹ãªã‚‚ã®ã ã¨ç¤ºã—ãŸã‚“ã 僕ãŸã¡ã¯æ±ºã—ã¦ã“ã®æ„›ã‚’壊ã•ã›ãŸã‚Šã—ãªã„ 僕らãŒä¿¡ã˜ç¶šã‘ã¦ã„ã‚‹ã‹ãŽã‚Š Happy New Year’s Eve ä¹¾æ¯ï¼ æš—ã„幻影ã¯ã¿ã‚“ãªç½®ã„ã¦è¡Œã“ㆠã»ã‚‰ã€æœŸå¾…ã«æº€ã¡ãŸ ã™ã°ã‚‰ã—ã„æ–°ãŸãªå§‹ã¾ã‚Šã®æ™‚ ãã‚Œã“ã㌠Brand New Year ã“ã®ä¸–ã¯æ™‚ã¨ã—ã¦å†·é…·ã å›ã®å¿ƒã‚’幾多ã®æ–¹æ³•ã§æ‰“ã¡ç •ã ãã‚Œã§ã‚‚Babyã€åƒ•ãŸã¡ã¯ã¸ã“ãŸã‚Œã‚„ã—ãªã„ 明日ã¾ã§åƒ•ã‚‰ã¯é€€ãã¯ã—ãªã„ Happy New Year’s Eve ä¹¾æ¯ï¼ å«Œãªå¹»å½±ã¯ã¿ã‚“ãªç½®ã„ã¦è¡Œã“ㆠã»ã‚‰ã€æœŸå¾…ã«æº€ã¡ãŸ ã™ã°ã‚‰ã—ã„æ–°ãŸãªå§‹ã¾ã‚Šã®æ™‚ ãã‚Œã“ã㌠Brand New Year å›ã¯åƒ•ã®äººç”Ÿã§æ¬²ã—㟠ãŸã 一人ã®äºº æ–°ãŸãªå¹´ã®å¹•é–‹ã‘ã‚’å‘Šã’る真夜中㫠Auld Lang Syne ã®ã‚­ã‚¹ã‚’ Happy New Year’s Eve ä¹¾æ¯ï¼ æš—ã„幻影ã¯ã¿ã‚“ãªç½®ã„ã¦è¡Œã“ㆠã»ã‚‰ã€æœŸå¾…ã«æº€ã¡ãŸ ã™ã°ã‚‰ã—ã„æ–°ãŸãªå§‹ã¾ã‚Šã®æ™‚ ãã‚Œã“ã㌠Brand New Year æ–°ãŸãªé–€å‡ºã®æ™‚ ãã‚Œã“ããŒBrand New Year    *Auld Lang Syne・・・「オールド・ラング・サインã€ã¯ã€     日本ã§ã¯ã€Œè›ã®å…‰ã€ã®åŽŸæ›²ã¨ã—ã¦çŸ¥ã‚‰ã‚Œã‚‹ã‚¹ã‚³ãƒƒãƒˆãƒ©ãƒ³ãƒ‰æ°‘謡。     欧米ã§ãŒå¤§æ™¦æ—¥ã®ã‚«ã‚¦ãƒ³ãƒˆãƒ€ã‚¦ãƒ³ã«æ­Œã‚れる。
  20. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bernie!!!!! May all your dreams come true on this wonderful day! I always feel grateful for your great effort and kindness. It's been wonderful days on your world!!!!
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