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  1. Actually I didn't know the meaning "Go All The Way" at that time. I thought the meaning was "Climb every mountain" or something.... Very healthy, clean and innocent image!!! Coz the title "I Wanna Be With You" was translated beautifully in Japanese....... "Learn to live for tomorrow" or something Can you believe??? I was misunderstood for many years as clean & innocent band just like The Carpenters!!!! Lol
  2. Happy 40th To One Of The Greatest Singles Of All-Time! Happy birthday to The Raspberries “Go All The Way” which was released forty years ago today and, at least to my ears, still sounds incredible. The song, which peaked at #5 on the US charts, starts out with, courtesy of Wally Bryson, one of rocks’ greatest guitar intros and never lets up from there. And since the “Berries” were all about singles thing did you ever notice that the first verse is only three seconds long? Three seconds…now that’s taking Tom Petty’s motto, “Don’t bore us, get to the chorus” to the max. —WNCX, May 22, 2012 __________ This article jhas ust appeared in my news feed on my FB "ON THIS DAY. It was 5 years ago. Happy 45 Anniversary "GO ALL THE WAY"!!!!
  3. I can show you a clear evidence of his promotion! You'll see Bernie next to Salma in this YouTube video, 0:45 and 1:08 !!!
  4. I believe Bernie was whispering & singing ALL BY MYSELF in Salma's ear while he had worked with her all through the time!!!
  5. It's so sweet to add EC's Twitter Feed to the Forum! Thank you Bernie!
  6. ABM by Japanese singer&actor Goro Noguchi youtu.be/fH61VKje6es
  7. https://twitter.com/RealEricCarmen/status/833848561204854784
  8. http://www.new-magazine.co.uk/celebrity-news/1009698/david-cassidys-co-star-urges-fans-to-support-him
  9. Happy Birthday, Bernie!!! I dedicate hundreds of VOTE for you!(^_-)-☆ http://www.cbs.com/superbowl/commercials/vote/
  10. This photo was taken the same day with "Penguin Photo Session"?
  11. Congratulations, Eric & Mrs.Carmen!!! Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. I wish your love grow forever! Naeko He announced on his FB and posted beautiful wedding photo!
  12. One another Eric Carmen Birthday Live in Japan 2016 !!! Date: Aug.22/2016 Sing & piano & guitar :Hiroyuki Izuta At: Crawfish (Tokyo Akasaka)  Stage 1 (Pf) 1. Love is All That Matters 2. She Did It 3. Heaven Can Wait 4. Sunrise 5. My Girl (Ag) 6. Nobody Knows 7. Cartoon World 8. If You Change Your Mind 9. Go All The Way (Pf) 10. Boats Against The Current Stage 2 (Ag) 1. Drivin’ Around 2. That's Rock`N Roll 3. Inside Story 4. Ecstasy (Pf) 5. Desperate Fools 6. Haven't We Come a Long Way 7. Never Gonna Fall In Love Again 8. Overnight Sensation(Hit Record) 9. I'm Through With Love 10. Let’s Pretend Encore 1 (Pf) 11. Hey Deanie 12. Starting Over Encore 2 (Pf) 13. Foolin' Myself
  13. Let me make corrections Encore 《Piano》 11. Crusin’ Music
  14. Eric's Birthday anniversary live was held again this year in Japanhis on his birthday by Japanese singer-songwrighter Hiroyuki Izuta. It was exciting show!!! I again realized Eric's songs are awsome after the show every year. Sorry, I didn't have any video on this year. Eric Carmen Birthday Live in Japan 2016 !!! Date: Aug.11/2016 Sing & piano & guitar : 伊豆田洋之(Hiroyuki Izuta) ~2016 set list~  First Stage 《Piano》 1. Desperate Fools 2. Heaven Can Wait 3. She Did It 4. Boats Against The Current 5. Sleep With Me 《Guitar》 6. Nobody Knows 7. That’s Rock`N Roll 8. Cartoon World 9. Go All The Way 《Piano》 10. I’m Through With Love Second Stage 《Guitar》 1. If You Change Your Mind 2.Drivin’ Around 3.Inside Story 4. Ecstasy 《Piano》 5. I Was Born To Love You 6. Overnight Sensation(Hit Record) 7. Let’s Pretend 8. Sunrise 9. My Girl 10. Hey Deanie Encore 《Guiter》 11. Crusin’ Music 《Piano》 12. Haven't We Come a Long Way Encore 2 《Piano》 13. I Reach For The Light
  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Eric! Wishing you an absolutely fantastic birthday! ... We just wanted you to remember that we're here on ericcarmen.com and that we really want to meet you here again! Naeko
  16. Wishing you a very BRAND NEW YEAR for everyone!!!! I made my first video. I intended "real feelings of pain and joy" and "Children save the world". Enjoy!
  17. 36 Years ago today Nov.11 !!! Happy Anniversary Yamaha World Popular Song Festival !!!
  18. She Did It (U.S. TV Live, 1977) - Remastered audio from Essential CD by Larisa
  19. Our freind Larisa remasterd EC videos! She remastered and compare sound from Essential. Her computer skill, effort and LOVE should be more rewarded!!!!! Boats Against The Current (U.S. TV Live 1977) - Remastered Audio from Essential CD Remastered by Larisa
  20. Congratulations, Kevin!! Enjoy!!!! Especially rare and splendid record "Japan Live"!!!!!
  21. I couldn’t find his NGFLA…. Enjoy ‘Yoru no Piano’ by Tatsuhiko Yamamoto
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