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  1. When I heard Pat's "Stephanie", I felt influence of Raspberries!!! 
    The first bit of the Drum, it remind me of Jim's drum, 'BE MY BABY(cover) LIVE '73 Raspberries version!!!
    So I asked Pat, he gave a reply.

    Thanks for noticing and glad you got what I was going for.
    In the bridge there is an homage to the Raspberries (just like they did for the Beatles) with the “come on, come on’s”.


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  2. It's been a long, hard year

     Sometimes we felt that we might not make it

     But Baby we're still here

     We showed the world that our love could take it

     We'll never let them break us down

     As long as we still believe

     Here's a fresh new start, full of promise

     That's what brought us here

     It's a brand new year

    Thank you Bernie!!!

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  3. Diane!!!! Oh Diane!!!!
    I am thinking about you,  you were the Birthday Queen of ericcarmen.com!!! 
    I wanted let you know about closing.
    I'm so glad you are here and say goodbye to the Communuty!
    It's so sad there are no HOME if someone visit here.
    Are you fine, Diane? Hugs!


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  4. Hi, Bernie! It's very nice to meet you here.

    If you close the Community, something new will not add to the site.
    I posted that it will be grave...
    This Community will show ACTIVITY.
    So this site needs "Community".
    Consider, please!

    And Craig and Bernie,
    Larry and I are doing ” POST LIKE CRAZY PROJECT”  to save the Community!!! (^_-)-☆


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  5. On ‎2018‎年‎12‎月‎19‎日 at 8:32 AM, James said:

    Naeko was sweet.  What changed her, I think, was that she started representing my dog, "Cato", on facebook,....in his negotiations against ME!!!    

    I think that´s when Naeko turned into a wolf. :-)

    P.S. Naeko, Cato says hi. :-)

    It was not your sweet CATO, it was Tony Cartmil to make me a wolf or a tiger....
    It showed that it was the begginning the battle with Tony! :eyecrazy:

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  6. I told that
    "Would you give us a chance? I’ll make some suggestion."

     My suggestion is this:

    You made something have high value with ec.com family and fans. Don’t you think so?
    Don’t throw it all away our fortune.
    How about find a way to take over the fortune to someone who recognized the value?

    I think there are best person to maintain the fortune. It’s Eric’s wife Amy.
    I guess she will manage the site very well. Please ask her ! It will be priceless gift for Eric!
    I tried to have a contact with her, though I couldn’t.
    If she didn’t want to get it, ask Eric. It’s great value to Eric Carmen Music, Inc.

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  7. That’s so sad announcement for me, for us.

    Bernie, you know Darlene and Miriam sometimes said that “we are big family”. Yes, we were. When we were here, we chatted, laughed, angry like school girl or nasty boy. Then we got more and more independent. And cyber world had changed very short period.
    But it is “home in our heart” for us. Family member are not living here, though home. It’s so sad to lose home.


    When stop move active, it means death. It will turn into archive.
    Bernie, do you want to make an archive? Even hough Eric is living???

    You said you will close the community. It means you given up to support Eric’s career and our dream, isn’t it?


    well, sadly I must say   I’m guessing Eric want to leave music business, so he left here, he left in front of fans. I thought we should not chase after him. When I visited here, I felt so sad coz I was reminded of his absence, his retirement. I didn’t feel closeness to him day by day.


    And the day turn into weeks, and the weeks turn into years, years turn into memories, the memory of tears
    …….just like Erics unreleased song after you.

    But we haven’t chat with Eric since he left here. We don’t know how he think about music now and what is he thinking about his act as a musician or a music world.   

    I saw your pic with Eric and Amy. Bernie, you are the one who met him, who talk with him. Did you talk about the matter with him?

    If Eric want to be just a legend, the man who has great career but retirement personal person, I totally agree with your decision.

    But if Eric don’t want to be a sculpture of legend now, would you give us a chance?
    I don’t know how far we can go, but at least we have to give it a try.

    Well, you have to pay all the cost to keep the site now. You don’t get any donate from Eric recently and I guess donation is very few. If you think “I can't take this anymore”, " I'm not surprised. We all know you are such a giver, Bernie.

    I know we should not bother you too much
    Then would you give us a chance?
    I’ll make some suggestion.

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