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  1. Happy Birthday from Japan,elequence Steve!!!!
  2. Wao! I noticed a big mistake because I read an English manual now. It writes so there. "In English, the other party doesn't have the chest when crying and the head is put on the shoulder. " John,James, I apologizes if I was said the misunderstanding. At that time, I wanted only to cry!!! I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable.
  3. Diane Thank you for your messege. Are you all right now? If you are fine, I am relieved, too.
  4. My best experience of today is this!!! I've got "ERIC CARMEN LIVE IN TOKYO 1980"! Have you ever heard this? Set List 1.Marathon Man 2.Inside Story 3.NGFLA 4.Overnight Sensation 5.Tonight You're Mine 6.Boats Against The Current 7.She Did It 8.ABM 9.Hey Deanie 10.That's Rock'n Roll Eric was laughing when he sung NGFLA! I wonder if the paper tape that the spectator threw out hit him? Wonderful piano arrangement of "That's Rock'n'Roll". It was AMAZING! I held back tears because I had heard live today. Eric Why do not you sing in front of us? Your performance makes me happy so much. Everyone is expecting you to stand in the stage. Your talent still shining!!!! Why???
  5. Not Bad...My breast is not cutted off. Not Good...I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. I have a minor operation scheduled further. I am already cool though I was confused with scary the day before yesterday. I accept the fate. I'm OK. Please don't worry me. Thank you for your praying. Your genialities support me. I should stay positive. It might be not only bad but also wonderful today! I will be write another thred later!
  6. The Japanese men is not so sweet. They doesn't give kind words. Moreover, it is assumed that it is not good to mention my feelings clearly in Japan. It is told to endure. I come here again when seeming to explode. Because there is a person who heals me. Then, I asked James to hold me tight.
  7. Thank you... The result has not come out, so I become nervous now. John,if you are here beside me,I will ask you. "Please hold me tight....as a freind" If you does so,I can't think about anything meanwhile. I will suffocated and painful.
  8. It's rain today in Tokyo. Rainy days always get me down. Last night I heard "Caroline No" many times. Both The Beach Boys version,and Eric version. It is a song that the girl cuts off her hair, and held the affection of the sorrow to be precocious. I am projecting myself here. If my breast will be chopped off, I will feel a sense of "loss" And I will feel that "I am not Woman"..... When my partner says "No",do you think what feelings he is at that time????
  9. Bernie,Thank you again. What does the street sound of the train of original last mean? The interpretation "It means the suicide" has been read. Please teach me how to think about it???
  10. Thank you John,Bernie I know about "The Beach Boys" original structure. I wanted to say the effect in eric's arrangement that used "Syakuhachi"(Not "Shokuhachi"!!!). It is difficult to play the bamboo flute very much. It might be a sound of the synthesizer. However, my friend seems to have gotten excited because she imagined that Eric blew the bamboo flute!!!!! I think that it was so sexy.
  11. The story is this. One day an Old man found the bamboo that shone brilliantly in the forest. When he cut the bamboo, there was a pretty baby inside. The Old man importantly brought up the baby. She grew a brilliant, beautiful woman. Her name was “Princess Kaguyaâ€. Emperor, prince, minister or aristocrat ..…a lot of men proposed to her. But “Princess Kaguya†never accepts. And she depressed, and became taciturn. She was always floating tears. Then the old man asked her. "Why do you cry?". The princess answered "I should return to the moon. " Receiving comes from the moon after all, and the princess is a story to have returned to the moon though emperor's soldier tried to defend the princess. The messenger comes from the moon, and the princess has gone to the moon. * * * * * * * * Lyrics of “Caroline No†are understood as cherishing memory to innocent that the girl is losing. The Moon Princess changed when growing up from the girl as well as Caroline. The fate that should be accepted is realized, and it comes to grieve when becoming taciturn. And she left. Only a beautiful memory remains. Eric used the bamboo flute in this song. I think that it gave birth to a wonderful effect. I think that the famous piece of "Caroline.. no" added the image of an old story of Japan by Eric's arrangement. Did you know this story, Eric? Or unexpected? I am not visible with Eric between Japan, and feel a very wonderful relation and fate in case of by unexpected. Some Japanese are imagined to be might feeling to similar by this song. I want to tell it to Eric!!!
  12. I have repeatedly heard the album of "Winter Dreams" for these several days. To tell the truth, I wasn’t evaluating "Caroline no" too much high. Because I wanted to hear the song that not the cover but Eric made. However, I changed. My friend "Miss.K" (she is Eric's great fan!) taught me. “You should read ‘ interview 2’ of EC.com".†So I read. I felt the respect to Japanese culture. Eric included it to "Caroline No". I came to love this tune deeply. Eric used Japanese bamboo flute â€Syakuhachi†instead of flute. In the original , the drumbeat that seemed to be African. Though the drum looks like to the sound of Japanese hand drum â€Tuzumi†in Eric’s “Calroline Noâ€. The sound of Japanese hand drum is very romantic and mysticical. We say that in Japanese “Yuugenâ€. “Girl with long hair†“ bamboo†and “Yuugenâ€â€¦... We Japanese associate a story from these three words. "The Tale of Princess Kaguya". This story was written 1200 years ago. When Eric's Caroline no was related to this story, a WONDERFUL effect was brought!!! Is there someone who has pointed it out about this????
  13. Elle You are always so sweet and pleasant and creative. I love you....in a non-lesbian way!!!!!
  14. Thank you everybody. Aventurine is a beautiful green power stone. The insight of Buddha who foresaw the truth was symbolized, and it was set in eyes of the buddhist image in ancient Tibet. It is said that there is power to heal a damaged mind, and pure feelings to revive in this stone. Moreover, it is said power to solve the problem and harmful energy obstruction from me. Elle said that my screen name "sounds poetic" before. I chose this screen name of an Asian taste. My desire was put there. I wanted to heal Eric's mind. I felt that he was not calm. I felt that his feelings were stiff. But it was presumptuous. It was ME that was healed.
  15. I pray. All woman's beautiful breast must be defended. Also for all men who love woman's breast.
  16. James, Did you change your favor for women?
  17. I removed a small tumor of the breast on Wednesday. To examine whether the tumor is cancer. Thank you for your post of sympathy. I underwent the operation of the great surgeon in Japan. Her operation was very wonderful. I never quite felt the pain. The technique of the operation was delicate, polite, and the highest. You might know excellence of the surgeon in Japan. The judgment result will come out next week. Though I don't worry so much. Even if it is a bad result, I do the best judgment.
  18. I am hoping for your sister's quick recovery from Tokyo. I believe that "God's hand" exists certainly. Our thoughts and prayers are with you,Wendy!
  19. 'John Lennon box'(CD11 piece set) is put on the market in Japan on October 6. commemoration of 30 years after the death,and during 70 years in the birth. Unsale sound source and the album is uncollected CD. Limited Edition.Label,Toshiba EMI. Check it out! I'm sorry in cramped English. The usage of the music term has not been understood yet.
  20. It is the most favorite song in the world for me. But I slso saw hope in the song! Your post taught me a true meaning. Here is so much to learn. I appreciate it very much.
  21. Happy Birthday,Clayton! I hope all your wishes and dreams come true
  22. Tony, Here's a long-distance "Happy Birthday" to you from Japan
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