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  1. Maybe you know that Eric was invited to Yamaha World Popular Song Festival held in Japan as a guest star in 1979. I want to inform them of the meaning of this music festival. First of all, Japan has done the seclusion policy for 200 years from the 1600's. When the country was opened to the international society in the 1800's, the main country that had learnt the basis of the country making was Germany. Many were learnt from the culture of Germany including music. Moreover, the Japanese was intercepted from the culture of the enemy country to the World War II inside by the government. Enemy country means that….United States, Britain, and a lot of other countries. It was limited to Germany and Italy, etc. that were the allies that the culture had been permitted to be enjoyed. The music of the foreign country that was able to hear it in intercepted various music and inside and Japan was only an opera and a classical music. Germany and Italy. After the war, the Japanese feels special familiarity in classics and the opera by the great remainder. Yamaha Co., Ltd. that holds the music festival is producing companys of musical instruments established in 1887. However, it was changed by the factory that manufactured weapons by the government while fighting. It is how much painful for the factory that is sure to manufacture musical instruments that play love peacefully or it is easy to imagine it. Yamaha Co., Ltd. held the music festival through time. Eric was invited to Yamaha World Popular Song Festival as a guest star. That music festival is the one having aspired both enjoyments of the excess of the national anthem, politics, and the religion, and the exchanges of people all over the world by music. It is a music festival that expressed sincere pleasure to no obstruction of my favorite music to what, and becoming the age that can be freely enjoyed. Having been invited to the music festival as a guest is Eric Carmen. It was held aspiring both enjoyments of the excess of the national anthem, politics, and the religion, and the exchanges of people all over the world by music of that music festival. It is that music festival to have expressed sincere pleasure to no obstruction of my favorite music to what, and becoming the age that can be freely enjoyed. Having been invited to the music festival as a guest is Eric Carmen!!!! I understand the reason why Eric keeps being loved in Japan now well. Attainments of classics on back ground of your music. I thought that it is one of the reasons why it attracts the Japanese. And, great feelings of Eric put in the music !!!!!! For Eric praised in that music festival, I think that there is a mission. I think the pleasure with freedom to have been chosen as a messenger who tells it to the world through music. Therefore, I am requesting it to make you the song. It's my earnest longing.
  2. I want to spend like this on Saturday. I want to plant the flower in the garden with my family. I want to talk over tea peacefully with my family. I want to cook with my family. I am good at cooking!!! However, the reality is different. It’s Sunday daytime in Japan now. I am all alone in the house. My husband took the daughter and visited "his mother's" grave. He might pray over a tomb to defend me. However, why “ his†mother's grave? I don’t understand!!! Well, She was a beautiful, gentle person. However, She was a mother-in-law for me. I talked with my husband yesterday. My sickness was found as a small tumor. However, it was not a too good type. Nevertheless, he went to “his†mother's grave. I wanted to go picnic with my family. Because my daughter getting nervous. . I don’t want to visit a grave. I wanted to go to my father's grave if going to the grave. I said to my husband so. But he is not here now. I wanted to go on a family picnic insted visiting a grave. If going to the grave, I want to go to “my father's†grave. I said to my husband so. Nevertheless, he is not here now. He made his feelings give priority more than my feelings. My word doesn't have any meaning. Therefore, it is very sad now. Such Sunday afternoon. So I hear the song “I’ll Hold Out My Hand†again and again and again……. I'm sorry for not happy story today.
  3. Wishing a speedy recovery. Prayers for little Ryan from Japan.
  4. Razzberry, Congratulations on your 16th birthday from Japan!
  5. Happy Birthday Duane! Hope this year brings you lots of happiness and good health.
  6. Wishing you every happiness this special day brings. Have a wonderful birthday PaulieMississippi!
  7. "I'll Hold Out My Hand" Amazing..... I was very very very very impressed. I thought that the purpose of the reason why I was here was to know this songe. To tell the truth, I was painful recently. I was pretend not painful. I wanted to cry. And meny of members gave me some gentle message "when you may cry when you were painful". However, I can't to cry. We Japanese avoids letting one's feelings show as said before. It is assumed that enduring is virtue. Therefore, I endured. I tried to take my mind off one's worries by the other. However, when I heard this song today, tears fell. The Japanese avoids letting one's feelings show as said before. It is assumed that enduring is virtue. Therefore, I did not think to cry. It endured. It tried to take one's mind off one's worries by the other. I cried and cried. I thought that I was saved. Thank you for teaching me about this song,John. And Thank you for sending off this wonderful song to this world, Eric. Great song for me....
  8. Quote: I'll hold out my hand it's all I have to give youbut if there's doubt I'll shout it out and say I love you and I'll never leave again.... and in your darkest hour I will be by your side and I will dry your tears with love that will never die This verse COMPLETELY caught me. I love it. The "word" that I wanting hear most is here now. However, I do not know this verse. Please tell me what song this verse is?? "I'll Hold Out My Hand"?????I don't know.....
  9. Aventurine


    Hi teacher Ira, I have done the homework in 25 or less. "Music is a mirror that projects all the lives. The mirror projects beauty and wonder of the life." If the mirror project the life as beautiful mirror, I will think that the life is beautiful. Even if the life is not too beautiful. I posted before. "We should execute the plan to turn Eric's concern to music." Ira put the plan into reality. Ira's proposition is great.
  10. Please accept my sincere condolences over the passing of your sister. I know this tribute is filled with your love for Maria. Great love,Truly love....
  11. Hi Kirk, Do you like it? Quote:Wish we had an Eric in the realm of classical music at this point in time. We need another modern-day Mozart. Darlene! Absolutely right!!!! I belive that Eric is modern Mozart though I wrote ahead. Wonderful talent given by god. Even if he doesn't believe in the existence of God. Moreover, even if the god who believes in is different respectively.... It is a crime that makes this talent buried. We should execute the plan to turn Eric's concern to music. It is neither S.Hawking nor a plot.
  12. I love Kiri te Kanawa sang "O mio babbino caro" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRuYQ9KRJms
  13. Hi Darlene! I love "Figaro". Figaro is good in the operatic music. I adore "The Magic Flute"!!!! It is good in the story. "O Mio Babbino Caro"!!!! I really love it!!! I asked a friend(opera singer) to sang this aria for me at the wedding. Because father is already dead at that time. "Gianni Schicchi." I enjyoyed this in Vienna at the honeymoon. The content is ????? in the certainty.
  14. Tony, How happy you seem to be! I am regrettable in not knowing your face. It should have to enjoy this post more and more by imagining your happy face if I knew. I also have a daughter. She is nine years old. She is an angel who carries happiness and love to me. Please enjoy your wonderful time!!!
  15. That we thought it would never end Tryin' to remember How it used to feel When a kiss was something special And I wonder now Will it never be again Sorrow of parting to loss. This emotion touches my heart. When I loved this verse, I was just a girl whom having not fallen in love and had not kissed. After passing the long years, this verse catches my heart.
  16. You did it! Women prefer intelligent,gentle and tough men.....like you,Ira!
  17. Oh,Andie!!! When I also saw this photo, my heart was pierced. I really love it! I had used this photo as my first avatar. Profile of Eric under the left.
  18. Michael and Eric's voices key are fit in the height of the woman's voice. I want also to hear your song like having said second moon. She is my friend before I came to this board. When you make a song, please post it!!!
  19. "It's The Falling In Love". I love it! Actually, Michael's death was a start I had fallen in love with Eric's song again. I have been going away from American pop music for a long time. When Michael died, I took out old CD and heard. So I recollectd. It was Eric Carmen's song that I love when I was young!!!! I need his new song!
  20. Hi Everybody! How did you spent the weekend? I go to Opera "Cosi fan tutte K588" Mozart! The title "Così fan tutte" literally means "Women are like that". The Story is this. Two men's disguising as another man, tempting own fiance, and confirming their love. Time: the 18th century Place: Naples!!!!!! Lyrics of the last song of this opera are these. fortunato l'uomche prende Ogni cossa pel buon verso E tra i casi e le vicende Da region guidar sa fa. Can you translate this Italian who lives in Naples? A rough meaning is this. Even if what change exists, the taker is happy in the direction where what is good reason leads in any event. I recalled Eric's word. "Let's stay positive, shall we?" I love it!!
  21. Congratulations Tony!!! In Japanese "OMEDETOU GOZAIMASU!!!!" May youe sweet angel bring you much happiness!!!
  22. Hi second moon! I'm lucky! Because I'm on early stage!! When Eric performes on the stage,I'll be there with you!!!
  23. I don't Know. Perhaps Recording radiobroadcasted at that time. I want to request the explanation from Bernie about this. I heard friend's ownership record. It is GREAT!!!!!AMAGING!!!COOL!!!!EXCITING!!!! "Boats Against The Current"is more powerful than original recording. Why it isn't published.....is a mystery.
  24. Elle! Are you a nurse? I sent you the song "There must be an angel" yesterday. It was a proper choice. You are an "angel in white" in the certainty. I'm OK now!
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