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  1. maelene, I am glad to be interested for most intellectually and sophisticated lady in EC.com.
  2. Next. This is another 9.11 story. â€The man who made 9.11 targets Life of architect Minoru Yamasaki†written by Makiko Iizuka, Kodansha and publication. The architect who designed World Trade Center Bldg that collapsed due to 9.11 events was a Japanese immigrant Mminoru Yamasaki who was born in the slums in Seattle. He was poor though he graduated from the architectonics department of University of Washington and New York University, and he became an architect. After the success in the St. Louis airport, he took an active part also in American various places, Saudi Arabia, India, and Japan. It is a critical biography that deliberately chases work and private of Yamasaki entrusted with the project of "WTC" called the maximum construction since the pyramid. The north building was even if a large-scale airplane that was fully loaded of the fuel crashed and 102 minutes there was interesting information like a constructional reason why the south building was saved from the collapse for as much as 56 minutes etc. , too. As for the pillar where the outside wall was was designed by the motif of Japanese traditional “Koushi†(it is the lattice, traditional design of Japan used for the door and the window). Thinner one is the more delicate and more elegant(It is said in Japan). Port Authority of New York and New Jersey tried to change to the pillar of the dummy at intervals of one for the cost reduction. Yamasaki obstructed it with determined. The building might have collapsed immediately if it did as PANYNJ said. And He evaluated high by the bin Ladin family, and he was constructing a lot of buildings and airports in Saudi Arabia. There was interesting information, too.
  3. I read a lot of books recently. I introduce the books that some members seems to be interesting in. “MUSICOPHILIA Tales of Music and the Brain†by Oliver Sacks His work was well-known “Awakeningsâ€â€œThe Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hatâ€also in Japan. Medicine essay that considers influence that music gives person based on various cases. A lot of interesting cases of the existence of the person who did not understand the sense ,and the perfect-pitch person, the woman who faints when she heard folk song of Naples, the man who came to be able to play piano that has not been played after experience of near death…….were introduced. Mysterious power of the human brain and music is written.
  4. Halloween came to be well known by the movie 'E.T.' or 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' in Japan. The disguise parade and "trick or treat" have been done since the 1990's. However, in Japan, it has not “religious meaningâ€. Just enjoys it as a "Seasonal event" in the foreign country. I decorated the illumination and articles of the Jack-O lanterns in my house. My daughter invites many friends to the costume party every year. though it doesn't do to our regret this year . I also carve Jack-O lanterns. It is easy to carve when a little warming it with the microwave oven.
  5. Andie Your favor similar my favor very much. The music that I love most is Eric's songs. Moreover, I think the most handsome man is Keanu Reeves, and the most beautiful woman is Angelina Jolie!!!! That’s incredible!
  6. Shelley, Happy Belated Birthday from Japan!!
  7. Well, he was very popular in Japan. His natural worship looks like natural worship of an ancient Japanese. An ancient Japanese found "God" to the mountain, the river, the megalith, the gigantic tree, the plant, the fire, and rain, the winds, and the thunders. This is thought of "Shintoism" of Japan. Moreover, his word is simple and comprehensible. Additionally, I think that a strong message to his anti-war sounded in a Japanese mind, too. 'Take Me Home, Country Roads†and “Sunshine on my shoulders†are published in the textbook of English and music of the junior high school student in Japan so often. James, I heard this song after a long time today. “Follow Me†was one of my favorite songs of John Denver. “This Old Guitar†“'Poems,Prayers and Promisesâ€â€¦.. You remind me of the past. Nostalgic those days that was shining everything, and filled with hope. I do not think be to good when it is possible to return to simple, in those days pure feelings. I want to get back to simple and pure feelings in those days. It is suitable for me today……not John Denver. “Driftingâ€song by Harry Connic Jr. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gIk-84pvGs
  8. Thank you for a lot of information. I had the record of "Annie's Song" with the signature of John Denver. It was elected by the prize of radio programs. I saw John's name on this board before. It brings back memories far things the past.
  9. I think that Eric likes this poetry. "Don't wanna lean" Don't wanna lean no longer On ready-made thoughts Don't wanna lean no longer On ready-made religions Don't wanna lean no longer On ready-made sciences Don't wanna lean no longer On any authorities This is what I've learnt Since I was born My own eyes and ears They are all I can trust My own legs They are all I can stand on Anything bad? Nothing bad! What I really wanna lean on is The back of my chair ....by Noriko Ibaragi
  10. It is an anniversary of the 13th times's death of John Denver today. BTW, I have read here before. The post that there is some relations plots or doubts of John Denver's death. Please tell me what meaning is it????
  11. It became the 12th just now in Japan. Happy Birthday Robyn!!! Wishing you all the fun and excitement that only birthdays can bring.
  12. Yes!!! I saw this game on TV last night. It was so exciting!!! Japan won Argentina!!! It is the first time of Japan soccer in history. Because the soccer team in Argentina is very wonderful. We Japanese felt admiration for Messi's play It was the first game for a Japanese team inviting a new supervisor. I am glad of the game with the highest team. ,and in my friend's country team, At that time
  13. Quote:I don't know about returning (I've always posted only the straight truth of my reality here on EC.Com)..:-) Well, James It might be true. You are always swimming with the dolphin that put on a bikini that wore perfume. You always enjoy the cycling with many young girls. You are always enclosed by the red roses that girls dedicated to you. LOL! Even if I knew that you said to under 18-year-old girl, "Sleep early" or “Do your homework", in your reality .
  14. It is this song that I love in the album "Winter Dreams". Uniting of indescribably attractive sound of guitar and Eric's voice. I read a lot of articles and blogs in Japan. I am convinced that it is this song that evaluated highest among critics, and it was loved by so many fans in Japan. They say that "This is song showed Eric's quite new stage". I also thought exactly. It was a person to have played the guitar in your song who had participated in that Madonna's famous piece. Very it is a brilliant fact! We wish to express our gratitude to Eric. P.S. Eric HMV Shibuya that you had visited by the promotion of "Winter Dreams" closed the store in August. The reason is a decrease in sales of CD. One place of your memories was lost again in Japan.
  15. Quote:That's how I live my life- with a lot of feeling. But it's genuine and real. I've learned that from the great singers like Eric. Mike,I love your word. Then.....James, shall we return to the world of the imagination?  
  16. I interrupt during love of two young people .....excuse me. Mike,Please add Haruki Murakami to the list for your reading. It is said by him the candidate of the Nobel Prize in Literature for these years.
  17. Andie!!! The writer whom I respect most is Yukio Mishima. I’m glad that you read his work!!! My most favorite work is "Spring Snow "(“Haru no yukiâ€) Prohibited love with woman to whom it is decided to marry royalty. It is a beautiful, grand love story……that the conflict, suffers complicated the distorted pride by the young man. Please read by all means if you have a chance. 'Lafcadio Hearn' is a Greek British writer, and he came to Japan first as a journalist in the United States in 1890. The beauty of Japan advanced by the modernization where it ruined and it went was drawn. Japan that he drew is really beautiful. The TV drama that depicted Lafcadio Hearn's life had been broadcast for a long time before. It was that George Chakiris who act in the TV drama work. I marveled at wonderful of acting of man who knew only by the West Side story. James You had posted a wonderful contribution about the development of the economy of Japan before. I think. When the reason that the Japanese kept developing was strong pride after the war. When having never lost in Japanese original even mental having been completely denied was a pride. Mike I’m glad to read that you loved Yamaha musical instruments. I can never thank you enough to my friends. P.S. And I know. The grand piano of Yamaha was there at Eric's house.
  18. When I try to delete this contribution because it seems to be misunderstood, PC has freezed. At that time, you read this. If so....it's OK. I confess. I like my play in the world of the imagination as well as James.
  19. When you posted the video, I was just talking with my friends. About the ROMANTIC relations between married couples. One of my friend is going to buy a new house. Her worry was "Both bedrooms with her husband". She said that she would think it to be unpleasant. Still, she tries to buy a new house with her husband. Why do you think? Another friend said the reason. They say that "The married couple becomes a joint manager to manage the family, not gradually a man and the woman in Japan". This is not very rare case in Japan. Moreover, such a question came out at the party with middle aged woman the other day. "Please raise your hand if you kissed your husband every day. " It was only two people that raised the hand. There are 20 participants. Romantic???? Woops!!! We have looking only in Eric's song. However, if he marries sweet Ell, the Japanese men will surely become romantic and sweet,Certainly!!!! Is it "x-rated" ???
  20. Woops!!!! I'm sorry. It made a mistake. It was a story in another Japanese music festival that Lionel and Manilow performed. Not Yamaha Festival!!!!
  21. In this music festival, the winner is chosen from among the representative singer in many parts of the world. The spectator enjoys special guest's performance during the conference that decides the winner. (Eric is a special guest!!!)。 I recalled an interesting story because I saw Ira and missm write by other threads about Barry Manilow. The 12th of this music festival (in 1983) special guest singer was Barry Manilow. At this time, Lionel Richie who had been entering it to the competition section said the grumble. "Why I am an entry singer though Bury Manilow is a guest?" Please tell me which to have been evaluated higher, Barry Manilow and Lionel Richie at that time in 1983 in the United States.
  22. OH, James!!!! I’m very impressed. This is what I wanted to say exactly!!!!. Thank you for verbalizing this. I am a writer. Work to tell the person the fact and the idea in the word is done. In Japanese, I can told considerably well(!). However, when telling it in English, I always felt very impatient. Because I can be told just only part of my idea. Still, I am enjoying the communication here very much. I did not have foreigner's friend up to now. It is not only a problem of the language. The Japanese has been made to have "Masochistic historical view". I mean that, "We Japanese is disliked because of all over the world". Therefore, we Japanese might sometimes become unmanly, fear, and react excessively. So I feared making friends with the foreigner. Maybe second moon have similar feelings to me. However, I was led to Eric's music, and came here!!! It became a happy very wonderful meeting. I want to tell the gratitude to Eric who welcomed me yesterday.
  23. I read an interesting newspaper article. It is a story of the Zappu family in Argentina that travels with the car aiming at tour around the world from 2000. They took the car of the Graham-paige of U.S.-made in 1928, left Argentina over the United States, New Zealand, and Australia, and arrived at Japan. Four children were born while traveling. It is said that the travel capital is Contribution and the price of the photograph of traveling and the book. Mr. Zappu said, "I want to learn to seeing many countries, touching person's geniality, and without prejudice". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYvfXg8X_Cw Argentina is the country Andie lives in! And they ran through the United States(it's your country!!!) by driving the car named “Graham†Paige. Next, they traveled around the country where the kiwi lived and the country of new member Hihosilver, and now arrived at Japan!!! Then, they will go to Tony's wife's country next to Japan. I felt a wonderful connection from this article. Isn't it Romantic????
  24. Boopell, Happy birthday to you from Japan!!!
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