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  1. Ditto! I'll try to bake in a week or two.
  2. I know your sadness and loneliness. Because I also think about divorce last month. (But I didn't.) It's the start of a new life. It's your time to fly! Reach out for the stars!
  3. Andie Thank you for your interest in our country!!! Soarea.....It's so classy. And I know how you get "Kenichi Matsuyama". Will you examining the novel "Norwegian Wood" that Haruki Murakami had written? You are so great!!! Oh,sorry...another thread.
  4. Kenichi Matsuyama....Well,he is all right.He is not great though. Karina...She is third of red version. I think most beautiful lady is lasy of red version. She is actress, her name is Kyoka Suzuki. She is co-starring with Tommy Lee Jones in the other commercial. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2A3P_T7WtEk
  5. Quote:CONGRATS, AVENTURINE! or should I say, Eliza. :-) I thought him to be a very nasty and mean at the first time. He starts suddenly discussing the Japanese responsibility about second world war, and sarcasm "Why Can 't The English?" At that time, I thought "Just You Wait". However, I know his sincerity now. BTW,I wrote some books(as one of the writer) and so many atricles. But I'm not famous and rich. I'm just an freerance-writer for now.Then it's surely challenging.
  6. Neither Eros nor sexy is so liked in my country. Most of men like to be cute or pretty than sexily. Heart-warming type than devilish type. Which of those girls do you like? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWlpof_G11s
  7. I occasionally think that I might fall in love with Tony. When he is very gentle. Then, I tell you what am I always calling him. "Professor Henry Higgins" Of couse I am Eliza Doolittle.
  8. It is Beaujolais nouveau opening day!!! I love it!!!
  9. Diane Your birthday has come just now in Japan!!! Birthdays are a special time for all who care for you to send their love and wish you joy in everything you do! Have a Wonderful Birthday You’re so caring and so thoughtful. I’m grateful to have a precious friend like you!!!
  10. I read Reid.C’s post in another thread. It reminds me of this newspaper article. It is the Interview with chairman of The Japanese Society of Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers(JASRAC). His name is Syunichi Tokura.He is a very famous composer in Japan. He said that. “The royalty is the love to the song. It is a respect to the song that was born by made an effort with blood, sweat and tears. It is a reward to the song that gives pleasure to my life. I want to sing again, or I love this song!!!!..... I think that it is a royalty to show thanks for the song.†I want to send these words to Eric.
  11. I am a free-lance writer. The book that I had written some part was published in Japan last week. "Local Power" (CHIIKI-JIKARA" publisher Koudansya). http://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/4062166844 What should you do to activate the provinces economies and local living? It interviews 50 people such as the introduction of the approach of the enterprise that has succeeded in the provinces and the shopping street, scholars, and researchers. I wrote some of the part.
  12. Thank you sweet twin ladies and Darlene! Missm send me a PM before. She said that. “The people on the board are truly very kind and good hearted people who care.†Exactly right! I’m so happy to be here when I was painful. Diane, Thank you for your e-mail. Due to a computer problem, I have been unable to send e-mail. I’m fine!
  13. Valerie, Here’s a long-distance “Happy Birthday†to you from Japan!
  14. Happy Birthday, John! May your birthday bring joy and happiness to you and your family and of course your job. You are so kind, pleasant, funny and handsome!!! And you are my first friend on this board. Have a wonderful birthday!!! Here is song for you,Agngelina!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfTlpNaC6U0
  15. Thank you for your post of sympathy. I was reading the book about breast cancer. I read a lot of books from the introduction to the technical book. I understand the metastasis and the risk. Fear by ignorance left. I have go to hospital now. See you!!!
  16. I was sorry to miss this thread. Paul, Happy Belated Birthday from Japan!
  17. Maybe some of you will know that I was diagnosed with breast cancer. And I had a breast conserving surgery 3 weeks ago. I'm sorry I haven’t told about the operation for a long time. Because doctor said it might has the operation again according to the result of the inspection. The operation ended easily. There was no pain and scar is not so bad. However, after I had left hospital, I’ve got frustrated and little scared till today. The result of a detailed inspection was not told. Then, I knew it. Fortunately it hasn’t spread to other organs!!!! I am satisfied with it. I started the radiation therapy and the hormonal treatment. I wish to express my gratitude for someone who worried and encouraged me. Especially for Diane. She encouraged me so many times when I was in the darkest hour. I will cherish her thoughtfulness.
  18. I also have a shoulder arthritis. Frozen shoulder and calcareous deposition. I often can’t sleep at night. So I feel uneasy to know your pain. Steve, We're hoping for your quick recovery from Tokyo.
  19. I saw the movie yesterday. It is a first premiere day in Japan!!!! It was introduced, "Suffered about John having been loved by two mothers". I thought it is wrong. It was John's "Sense of loss" and "Desire for love" to be drawn here. I wrote about Yoko Ono in other thread. She isn’t sexually attractive and she is not beautiful. However her heart filled with "Motherhood" or “ motherly loveâ€(I don’t know how do you say this in English .It is a typical Japanese wemen’s character). Cause he felt charm to Yoko…. I guess so. Moreover, it was drawn here the excitement of boys who started the band. When I saw the movie, it reminds me of Eric. He might also have spent such a youth days.
  20. Aventurine


    Oh,Kirk!great!!! I have not understood what this is until the third photograph!
  21. She visited to China, Vietnam, and Malaysia. On the other hand, James has not come here recently. Is he traveling with Hillary?
  22. maelene, I am glad to be interested for most intellectually and sophisticated lady in EC.com.
  23. Next. This is another 9.11 story. â€The man who made 9.11 targets Life of architect Minoru Yamasaki†written by Makiko Iizuka, Kodansha and publication. The architect who designed World Trade Center Bldg that collapsed due to 9.11 events was a Japanese immigrant Mminoru Yamasaki who was born in the slums in Seattle. He was poor though he graduated from the architectonics department of University of Washington and New York University, and he became an architect. After the success in the St. Louis airport, he took an active part also in American various places, Saudi Arabia, India, and Japan. It is a critical biography that deliberately chases work and private of Yamasaki entrusted with the project of "WTC" called the maximum construction since the pyramid. The north building was even if a large-scale airplane that was fully loaded of the fuel crashed and 102 minutes there was interesting information like a constructional reason why the south building was saved from the collapse for as much as 56 minutes etc. , too. As for the pillar where the outside wall was was designed by the motif of Japanese traditional “Koushi†(it is the lattice, traditional design of Japan used for the door and the window). Thinner one is the more delicate and more elegant(It is said in Japan). Port Authority of New York and New Jersey tried to change to the pillar of the dummy at intervals of one for the cost reduction. Yamasaki obstructed it with determined. The building might have collapsed immediately if it did as PANYNJ said. And He evaluated high by the bin Ladin family, and he was constructing a lot of buildings and airports in Saudi Arabia. There was interesting information, too.
  24. I read a lot of books recently. I introduce the books that some members seems to be interesting in. “MUSICOPHILIA Tales of Music and the Brain†by Oliver Sacks His work was well-known “Awakeningsâ€â€œThe Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hatâ€also in Japan. Medicine essay that considers influence that music gives person based on various cases. A lot of interesting cases of the existence of the person who did not understand the sense ,and the perfect-pitch person, the woman who faints when she heard folk song of Naples, the man who came to be able to play piano that has not been played after experience of near death…….were introduced. Mysterious power of the human brain and music is written.
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