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  1. Blue???I'm sorry to hear that,LobsterLvr. But I laughed out Robs's next comment!!! It might be a word how to comfort him. It's too funny (Oh,Rob!I'm sorry too!!!)
  2. Belle,I was so sorry to miss your birthday! Happy Happy belated birthday !!!! I always think that "I wish I could do English like you"! You are one of the most sophisticated lady!
  3. Let me wish you a happy belated birthday from Japan!
  4. Just wanted to wish a happy belated birthday!!!
  5. Thank you Santa Bernie! I really enjoyed my first Christmas on this site. I love all....but especially Raspberries version "Be My Baby" and "I Think I Found Myself" demo.
  6. The rabbit is the fourth animal in the 12-year cycle of Chinese. 2011 is the year of Rabbit(as second moom said that) ! There is a meaning "Ground is covered with the grass" in the year of Rabbit. In a word, it means the power of a wonderful life or earth. Moreover, it is said that the person born in the year of Rabbit, who loved by all the people !!! (It’s good for Miriam!)
  7. Happy New Year !!!! .....belated greetings I read an interesting article last night. It is said that. United States Postal Service issues the memorial stamp of the design of Chinese zodiac "Rabbit" in 2011. Rabbit's picture and Chinese character are drawn in the stamp. The spelling of rabbit in Japanese is "USAGI " or "USA" !!! Isn’t that wondeful ??? The stamp can be bought on the website. www.usps.com/shop
  8. HAPPY NEW YEAR Miriam!!! I got your great happiness "secret" now!!! Congraturarions!!!! Please take care of your(and your baby) health.
  9. The 23rd was Japanese National hoiday Japan. It was our Emperor's Birthday!!! We prayed for love and peace in the world with our emperor.
  10. I was worried that you had not come here for a while. Oh,You must have experienced a painful feeling.... Our thoughts and prayers are with you,Sherry
  11. Rockin Around the Christmas Tree--Euclid Beach Band http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLdYvbkjfKI Santa's First Stop--Euclid Beach Band http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2oRGRpfCuIA
  12. Happy Birthday great drammer Jim Bonfanti from Tokyo!
  13. Just wanted to wish a happy birthday from Tokyo!
  14. I read the article on Argentino Tango Therapy with the newspaper of Japan yeaterday. This therapy seems to be effective also in high blood pressure and high-cholesterol, etc. besides theheart disease and Parkinson's diseases. The doctor of the heart disease specialty said. "The Argentino Tango Therapy is more mentally better than it exercise moves alone. " I think it is fit for you who is worrying about the gus, and dig White Castle hamburgers and Argentina beautiful lady !!! How do you think, James ??? Related information is here. www.tangoterapia.org/
  15. John,Lally, It is a great honer.Charned.
  16. Did you finished all your work as a editor, LC ? I’m glad that you called me “friend†in another thred. Actually, I sometimes hesitate when I post the birthday message. I don’t know whether he(or she) is pleased with my blessing......Because I am a Japanese and a new face. It is said to be impolite to talk to a person who is senior or an old member in our country.
  17. Hi, second moon I want to listen to your performance !!! Please post here next time. Lately, I practice “ Boats Against The Current†with the piano every day. (I have the score of Ritto. It is a complete piano score of Eric’s songs !) I feel that this song save me. I have heard Eric's singing voice only in the recording. I want to hear his song directly by my ear. The desire that it wants to see your performance has strengthened day by day. And I sometimes become uneasy. May I wait in the future.... Eric? I am same feelings as you now, second moon.
  18. This song is sent to Andie who reminded me of the sweet kiss (by his suspenders ) Beaituful Jananese love song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBxS7aDKNuc
  19. Quote:I am stuck in my ways and will not give up my turkey. Same here!
  20. I eat cake though I don't eat Kentucky fried chicken. I cook a stuffing turkey at Christmas. It is only Christmas season to get the turkey in the supermarket in Japan.
  21. The following was written in the English text that I was studying now. I think that missm and Wendy is interested in this. "Christmas in Japan has an on-again, off-again history that dates back more than 450 years. Now,Christmas is as big an event in Japan as it in much of the rest of the world,even if the Christian message behind the seasn is not as strong as in ather places. .................................... Japan’s first recorded Christmas occurred in a small church in Yagaguchi Prefecture,in 1552. A monk called Juan Fernandez told the Japanese believers about God. And the Japanese believers talked about the Creator and spent the night praising God. Fernandez was one of the monks who arrived in Japan with Francis Xavier, the 16th century missionary credited with spreading Christianity in Japan following his arrival in 1549. Japan soon closesd its doors to the world and Christmas basically disappeard. Cheistmas returned to Japan in the Meiji Era. Widespread celebration of Christmas only began about 100 years ago when Yuletide decorations like Christmas trees and lights began appearing in placec like Gnza and other fashionable districts in big cities. Santa Claus soon became well known. Now, uniquely Japanese Christmas traditions include Christmas cakes-----a tradition Fujiya started in 1911----expensive dates on Christmas Eve and eating Kentucky fried chiken!"
  22. Phil I wish you a very best birthday from Tokyo!
  23. LC Wishing you a very Happy Birthday from Tokyo!
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