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  1. Do you remember the name “ Mitsuko†that I mentioned before(at " Books") ? And do you know the name of perfume “ MITOUKO†that Eric mentioned before? I’m very surprised !!! I got the news about “musical MITSUKOâ€!!!! It is the commemoration performance of Mitsuko’s death after 70 years. http://mitsuko2011.com Starring is Kei Alan. She is a greatest star of a famous musical theatrical company in Japan named "Takarazuka". Do you know she sung "ALL BY MYSELF" in the musical of the theatrical company, Eric?
  2. Bernie..... You are sush a giver!!! I love "Boats" and I felt the fate eith this song... I'll write it sooner or later when the physical condition is good.
  3. Hey Deanie-summer -The summer's waitin',the moon is shinin' so bright
  4. Make Me Lose Control--summer -And the city's the color of green in the mid summer heat,oh,yeah
  5. I missed this thread! NOWHERE TO HIDE--winter -In the dead white hours of winter I love this song very much!
  6. I like Colin Firth and history! I will see this movie next month. It comes out next month in Japan.
  7. "YAMAHA WORLD POPULAR SONG FESTIVAL" is the song contest. The artists who invited all over the world, they competed in the festival. Eric was not the competitor!! Eric was invited as "special guest star." The spectator of the festival enjoyed Eric's performance at time while the winner was elected. Eric performed with full orchestra!!!! He performed 1.MARATHON MAN 2.NEVER GONNA FALL IN LOVE AGAIN 3.SHE DID IT 4.ALL BY MYSELF How wonderful "NEVER GONNA FALL IN LOVE AGAIN" and "ALL BY MYSELF" that had been performed with the orchestra were! There was certainly Rachmaninoff there with Eric. I often enjoying the private record of "YAMAHA WORLD POPULAR SONG FESTIVAL." It is really amazing!!!!!beautiful!!!! I think that is one of his best performance!!! I want to show you who loved Eric Carmen, I'm so sorry but I don't know how to do! I wonder that "Foolin' Myself" participated in the competition section. why??? Usually special guest star's song is not nominated to the competition section IMHO. Eric did not sing "Foolin' Myself" in the music festival. However, I heard it on the radio many times every day at that time. As for the song with the deepest memories, it is up to "Foolin' Myself " though the most favorite song for me is "Boats Against The Current".
  8. Happy Birthday to Bernie from Tokyo!!! I appreciate your time and effort and passion. I hope all your wishes and dreams come true. They are our wishes and dreams exactly!!! Aventurine
  9. I want to to post it again. Quote:Maybe you know that Eric was invited to Yamaha World Popular Song Festival held in Japan as a guest star in 1979. I want to inform them of the meaning of this music festival. First of all, Japan has done the seclusion policy for 200 years from the 1600's. When the country was opened to the international society in the 1800's, the main country that had learnt the basis of the country making was Germany. Many were learnt from the culture of Germany including music. Moreover, the Japanese was intercepted from the culture of the enemy country to the World War II inside by the government. Enemy country means that….United States, Britain, and a lot of other countries. It was limited to Germany and Italy, etc. that were the allies that the culture had been permitted to be enjoyed. The music of the foreign country that was able to hear it in intercepted various music and inside and Japan was only an opera and a classical music. Germany and Italy. After the war, the Japanese feels special familiarity in classics and the opera by the great remainder. Yamaha Co., Ltd. that holds the music festival is producing companys of musical instruments established in 1887. However, it was changed by the factory that manufactured weapons by the government while fighting. It is how much painful for the factory that is sure to manufacture musical instruments that play love peacefully or it is easy to imagine it. Yamaha Co., Ltd. held the music festival through time. Eric was invited to Yamaha World Popular Song Festival as a guest star. That music festival is the one having aspired both enjoyments of the excess of the national anthem, politics, and the religion, and the exchanges of people all over the world by music. It is a music festival that expressed sincere pleasure to no obstruction of my favorite music to what, and becoming the age that can be freely enjoyed. Having been invited to the music festival as a guest is Eric Carmen. It was held aspiring both enjoyments of the excess of the national anthem, politics, and the religion, and the exchanges of people all over the world by music of that music festival. It is that music festival to have expressed sincere pleasure to no obstruction of my favorite music to what, and becoming the age that can be freely enjoyed. Having been invited to the music festival as a guest is Eric Carmen!!!! I understand the reason why Eric keeps being loved in Japan now well. Attainments of classics on back ground of your music. I thought that it is one of the reasons why it attracts the Japanese. And, great feelings of Eric put in the music !!!!!! For Eric praised in that music festival, I think that there is a mission. I think the pleasure with freedom to have been chosen as a messenger who tells it to the world through music. Therefore, I am requesting it to make you the song. It's my earnest longing.
  10. Wow!!!!Berbie!Bernie!!Bernie!!! I'm so excited!!!I'm overjoyed!!! This is it! This is it when I fall in love with Eric exactly!!! Thank you Bernie!!! Bernie,did you get some order(TONIGHT)from Japan? It's my freind's!!!
  11. I introduce the comment from Eric's fan posted to my blog. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * I didn't know Eric when he came to Japan at that time, though I was enchant with Eric and his singing voice recently. I bought all his CDs, and I watched Youtube posts about Eric ! I love his songs also Raspberries and solo !!! I love his voice, appearance to playing the piano, guiter !!!!! I’m so glad that I could known him and his songs !!!! Why does his songs and his voice are so hot ? Why do I come to like Eric and his songs more and more?Everytime ? Mio
  12. "The band is a picture that used the primary color. On the other hand, there are so many colors in a palette on the orchestra. The orchestra draws the tone, the shadow, the nuance, and light and shade and is divided. A new life is blown in, and the meaning and feelings of the songs written for as many as 30 years ago change slightly. It seems to see my song evolve. As the composer, it is wonderful and lucky. " "I felt that the rhythm seems to change, and to be breathed freely though the orchestra performs according to the music score. " This article is an interview with Sting published in the Japanese newspaper on January 14. Sting is doing the world tour accompanied by the orchestra. His performance is done today in Japan. I planned to go to this concert though I feel so bad, then I canceled.... I thought that there was Eric's desire in Sting's word. However, even if it becomes on the day of the performance, Sting's concert tiket is not sold out. Though it published and promoted so many times. Why ? I agree with drupelet. There might be a bad economical situation of Japan now. And there might still be a problem of the price of the ticket. Of couse I am expecting to Eric's new plan. However, I think it's good for Eric to restart the solo concert first. And I want to his new album.
  13. Just wanted to wish a happy belated birthday from Japan, Julie
  14. Larry, what a nice suprise !!! After I've read these threads(you can't go back and Sarah Palin) , they remind me of this song. Billy Joel, Honesty: Honesty is hardly ever heard And mostly what I need from you I replaced "Honesty" with other words. Love, truth, cure, desire, romance,hope, happiness.....or some other all human feelings. Bernie, I think that I saw you make feelings clearly like this for the first time. Then, May I say my wish with you??? Mostly what I need from you, Eric! I need your songs !!! We need your songs !!!
  15. I appreciate your thoughtfullness, my freinds ! You saved me, you gave me something I could feel. And......what a shame, Steve!!! ...For Bill Murray quote
  16. Quote:Across the many miles to Aventurine... a song I didn't like when I was younger (it was too slow and mushy), but by now I love it and appreciate it. You like? Larry, absolutely right ! I had listend this song few month ago after a long time. I also didn't like when I was young, but then I love it.
  17. Quote:A woman's being and essence lies within her soul. A true man can look deep into her eyes and see it. That is why true beauty lasts a lifetime...it's because the soul doesn't age or become ill. That's also why true love lasts forever because the union is of two souls....not just two bodies. Just Buautiful. I wish I could beleive love.
  18. Wendy, I cannot help saying that what I lose is not a sexual meaning. It is own problem. I have bad headache, dizzy, nauseous, dull, canker sore, inflammation of lymph gumsblue.....because of the radiation treatment. The radiation treatments is not too bad. But the electron beam is considerably painful. I hate it. Because I am electromagnetic hypersensitivity, the side effect of the radiation seems to be much strong. Then it’s over tomorrow. I think I have to cheer up !!! But hormonal therapy still makes me blue. I feel that I grew old in two recent months even at the age of ten. Wrinkle,spot and slack....Everytime I see the mirror, I feel bad. I am enduring so much. Though why am I still plundered of many ???? I can endure a body pain. However, melancholic feelings can be controlled for myself. Of couse I understand I should not think like that. However, I was so sad.
  19. That't Great!!! I don’t use Tweet & Facebook neither,though I have my own blog. I made a lot of post on my blog about Eric Carmen. Bernie, if you permit, I will append the address of EC.com to the sidebar on my blog. And I ask my friends and other Eric's fans in Japan for the same thing.
  20. I’m sorry Darlene. It seems our post is headed in wrong direction.It’s your thread, it’s not for me.....but I cannot stand any more when I read your post. Well, Wendy, Rob, John, elle and Darlene I appreciate your thoughtfullness
  21. Andie,I've never heard spanish ABM! Your great memory....Thank you!
  22. Darlene, I know how you feel. I think that I am just in the same thought with you. I have the hormonal therapy for my breast cancer now. I always feel when taking the hormonal tablets. I can't go back again. Everytime I take tablets, I feel that I have to lose a lot as a woman. I was terribly sad. I thought about the loss by several days ago from the end of December. However, I thought that I had to stop feeling sorry. I thought that I should think happy thoughts. After sorrow comes joy !!! I hope so.....
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