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  1. Most impressed message..... From Billy Joel to the people of Northern Japan - I was very saddened to hear of the recent series of tragic events that happened in Sendai. After having done 13 different concert tours of Japan over many decades, I and my fellow musicians wish to express our deepest sympathy and condolences to those who have experienced this terrible disaster. I was personally near the Kobe area during that particular earthquake a few years ago and I was truly moved by the stoic spirit and enduring fortitude of the Japanese people during that time. I have always admired your strength and your ability to prevail against such extreme circumstances. Our fans in Japan have been a part of our lives for many years and our hearts are with you. You have stood by us and we will stand by you through this difficult time. With gratitude and admiration, Billy Joel I am sending this message through the UDO Artists Organization in the hope that it will reach as many people in Japan as possible. http://www.udo.co.jp/PrayForJapan/index.html
  2. Hey Mike! I got their set list! 1.MICHAEL PRAYTOR 2.JACKSON CANNERY 3.HOLD THAT THOUGHT 4.SELFLESS, COLD AND COMPOSED 5.ERASE ME 6.LANDED 7.SKY HIGH 8.MISSING THE WAR 9.BATTLE OF WHO COULD CARE LESS 10.DRAW A CROWD 11.THANK YOU FOR BREAKING MY HEART 12.BRICK 13.PHILOSPHY 14.KATE 15.UNDERGROUND 16.NARCOLEPSY 17.ARMY - encore - They are invited by UDO, (UDO is No.1 music promotion company in Japan, Eric will knows well) I checked UDO's HP, I found great messages and pray for Japan! Bruce Springsteen,Sting,Celine Dion,Norah Jones,Paul Simon,Eric Clapton,Daryl Hall,John Oates,Billy Joel, Jeff Beck,Il Divo, Bon Jovi,Joe Elliott(Def Leppard).... and some other artists!!!! Thank you Mike, you guide me there!!!
  3. Awsome picture! Thanks Bernie! John Lennon model guitar and oriental lacquer folding screen remind me of Japan!!! Unfortunatelly it isn't Japanese style, I guess it was made in China, Taiwan, Thailand and some other Asian area. How do you think Sharon?
  4. 1. Waiting : A++ 2. I Saw The Light : A++ 3. I Can Remember : A+ 4. Don't Want To Say Goodbye : A+ 5. Go All The Way : A 6. Come Around And See Me : B 7. With You In My Life : B 8. Rock 'N' Roll Mama 9. Get It Movin'
  5. Mine is here! I'm melody lover!!! 1. If You Change Your Mind: A++ 2. Nobody Knows: A++ 3. Let's Pretend: A+ 4. I Reach for the Light: A 5. I Wanna Be With You: A 6. It Seemed So Easy: B 7. Drivin' Around: B 8. Might As Well: B 9. Goin' Nowhere Tonight: B
  6. Well, Bernie..... then I guess one of them must be Eric's freind Stevie!!!
  7. Check at the article that I posted before. http://www.ericcarmen.com/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=394451#Post394451
  8. Impressive statement, Bernie! OK!I will back here and post, if you could include poor English speaker in your thought as a member.
  9. Happy Birthday Mr.Creator!!! May your DREAMS come true on this year!!! Have a wonderful day, Bernie! Aventurine
  10. Happy Birthday Kim!!! Have a GREAT day!!! Aventurine
  11. Here you are, Lew! And have fun with your BAD American joke with Americans. I will leave from your posts.
  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIRK!!! Have a great birthday with your family! Aventurine
  13. Happpy Happy Birthday, Reid! Wishing you a day as special as you are from Japan! Aventurine
  14. Happy Thanksgiving to all of my freinds on EC.COM and EC fans who visit here! Have a great day with your family and freinds. May your day is filled with love, joy, smile and happiness!!! Aventurine
  15. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY from Japan I did not know sllvnbil is Billy Sullivan.....
  16. Welcome to EC world, plainjane! We need something new, I hope you will put here something. I love his "unplugged" session. I am sure he will do again. Avenuine
  17. I was sorry to miss his thread...... : Happy belated birthday to perfect lady Diane! I wish you had a special day, you are special freind for me Aventurine
  18. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY from Japan!! Val, you are so sweet, kind, fair, and beautiful. I am so glad to be your freind. Hope you had a wonderful birthday. Avenuine
  19. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my dear freind JOHN !! You are Mr.America for me. Warm,kind,funny,strong,pleasant,honest..... I admire all of your cham and charactor! Booyah!!Saikoo!! Avemturine I will give you, your song “ANGELINA †by Motoharu Sano
  20. Happy Birthday,PAUL MAUL from Japan!!! Have a wonderful day! I admire every your posts Aventirune
  21. Glad all of you are safe
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