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  1. From Japanese fans "The song has begun to spin around in my head!" "It is great for New Year! Majestic and beautiful!!!" "Eric's songs should leave in music history!" "Eric mentioned the words COLD, PAIN, LOSSES, INJUSTICES TERRIBLE......I believe he also think of Japan Earthquake victims when he wrote the song. Coz it is the day that happened the earthquake on March 11." "I am still under Eric's magic!" "Well, I believe he showed his thoughts for Japan on his way!!!!" "I asked Legacy Japan to release Japanese eddition with lyric translation. I'm not good at English, and if it will be released in Japan, Eric will be motivate to starting over!" "I'll share this song on my blog article and I'll sure post Eric's special edition on March!!!!" "I wish I could hear I NEED YOU by his self cover on Essential" "How beautiful! The special thing is to wait patiently!!!!" "Eric Carmen's new song!!!!! I can't believe I could hear his NEW song!!!! That's so great " "I can feel it is like sunshine filtering through foliage in a deep forest. Beautiful" "Eric's singing ability is amazing especially on balad" "Oh, can't believe to get Eric's new song!!! Happy New year!!!!"
  2. Wow!!! Did Larry write an article about Eric's new song??? That's so great!!! I'm looking forward to read it!!! And your support to promoting is sooooo great, N.E.!!!
  3. That's so nice!!!! Congratulations, Diane! We won't let them break us down as long as we still believe!!! Wishing you a happy brand new year!
  4. And thank you Bernie to write lylics. Actually it is hard to understand some part of lylics. I heard again and again with pen and note to catch the lylics.....
  5. Eric, I'm not sure how can I tell you my impression!!! What an amazing gift for us! Great song...... I'm impressed calmly then it became stronger and deeper day by day. I sometimes posted that EC's songs are healing, easeing our heart from the bottom of our heart. And EC's songs show us his insite, sorrow.....pain, joy, happiness, lonliness, exitement, etc and love just like our own insite, feeling. EC said "When you can capture, in music and lyrics, something everyone has felt at some point in their life." As for me, 2011 was the worst year of my whole life with my medical issue and terrible Tsunami, nuclear accidents in Japan. Sometimes feel I can't stand anymore and slept down to deep blak hall...... If the one hear this song at such a terrible point, we can sure feel ease our mind, be filled with something calm, warm, tender, reliefe, peace....... I thought most of EC's songs are written by very parsonal feelings. This song is rather defferent. He encourages us, calm but strong. It will shows his maturity as 64 old. I wanted to show IT, I didn't want just like teen-age boy's love song, I asked him to write what he can write on his age. It's a brand new EC! Coongratulations and Thank you Eric!
  6. Welcome back Eric!  It reminds me of Paul’s "NEW". I'm surprised that Paul use the word "NEW" at his age. And now Eric use the word "NEW". I can see how Eric's days are filled with "brand new" as if he is very young !!!! Congratulations! I'm looking forward to the CD.
  7. Wow! "The Essential Eric Carmen" will release on 11 March!!!! Do you write new songs (I hope 2 or more and more and more!!!!)? Can't wait untill March! Another of his legends will born on "11". Do you remember this topic "Eric and 11"?
  8. Craig, that was 3rd event. Eric's birthday anniversary live started on 2011. Hiroyuki Izuta sang ABM on 2011 and 2012 I posted about 2012 stage last year. 2011 set list is here. (Even though I didn't go there) 1st stage (P) 01. Sunrise  02. Heaven Can Wait  03. Never Gonna Fall In Love Again  04. Boats Against The Current  05. Last Night  06. Waiting  (Ag) 07. Nobody Knows  08. If You Change Your Mind  09. Go All The Way  10. Inside Story  (P) 11. Foolin' Myself  2nd Stage (Ag) 12. Drivin' Around 13. Ecstasy  14. Cartoon World 15. That's Rock'n Roll  (P) 16. All By Myself  17. On Broadway  18. I Can Remember 19. Overnight Sensation 20. Change Of Heart 21. Cruisin' Music  encore (P) 22. Hey Deanie 
  9. Happy Birthday Eric! Thank you for your every songs. I regret to say that yoour songs are few. Those aren't to be compared with your genious. Then they are gems. Your songs will be remain in my hurt, soul May your life will be filled with perfect love, much of happiness and good health! Aventurine
  10. "Eric Carmen Birthday Anniversary Live in Japan 2013" by Hiroyuki Izuta(Aug.7th.2013) Set List Stage.1 (Piano) 1.Waiting 2.Heaven Can Wait  3.She Did It 4.On Broadway  5.My Girl  6.Love Is All That Matters  (Acoustic Guitar) 7.Nobody Knows  8.If You Change Your Mind  9.Ecstasy  10.Inside Story  (P) 11. I Reach For The Light  Stage.2 (Ag) 12. Go All The Way  13.Tonight  14.Cartoon World  15.That's Rock'n Roll  (P) 16.I Was Born To Love You 17.Sunrise  18.Never Gonna Fall In Love Again  19.Boats Against The Current  20.Hey Deanie  encore (P) 21.Let's Pretend  22.Sleep With Me  encore2 (P) 23.Foolin' Myself *************************** It was incredible night!!! Happy Birthday Eric!  
  11. I also send my thoughts and prayers for American freinds and Boston citizn.....
  12. Why and why Eric became "Administrator"? We don't know the reason why. Is that deal???
  13. Come to think about it,I mentioned the work of "music producer" at first was maybe Phil Ramone.....
  14. Just only 72......too young R.I.P.Phil Ramone
  15. You are special lady for me, for us here, for your freinds and for your family!!! Wishing you a day as special as you are! Happy Birthday Miriam!!! Aventurine
  16. Hi Diane! I'm glad to see your post. Actually I'm worried about you for about few days, and I think I will send a mail for you. Your thoughtfulness for BD boys & girls are very much appreciated. Don't worry about it, you've been working so hard! Take a rest!!!
  17. Make Me Lose Control (high quality!)
  18. Happy Birthday PJ! I guess you will love it!
  19. I beleive it will comes true!!! Singed Aventurine(Naeko)
  20. Mike, don't you think it's also great Celeine Dion's heartfelt message? I love it
  21. Wow! Bell!!! Are you are voice teacher? That's so great!!!! I didn't know
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