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  1. Here is my list.

    1.  Marathon Man

    2.American As Apple Pie

    3.Brand New Year

    4.Come Back To My Love

    5.Lost In The Shuffle

    6.Cartoon World

    7.No Hard Feelings

    8.  You Need Some Lovin‘

    9.I Could Really Love You

    10.You Took Me A The Way

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  2. On 5/31/2014 at 3:10 AM, Eric Carmen said:

    Referring back to Adventurine's post about "oppressing other's views," all I can say is I have never been one to do that. I have the ability to "delete" a post, if I don't like it, but you will notice I've never deleted any of Marvin's posts.

    If I really wanted to be the "Kim Jong-il" ( something Kay once said about me ) of EC.com, I could delete anything I didn't like!

    Obviously, that has never been my intention. 

    And let me say, ONE LAST TIME, Wally was NEVER a "co-writer" of "Go All The Way." Hell, according to his own words in the Shindig magazine interview, he doesn't even LIKE the song! Just the intro, "right up until the vocal starts."

    His whole case, for the past 42 years, was based on a typo, on the back cover of the first Raspberries album, that erroneously credited ( Carmen/ Bryson ) as the writer(s) of the song. When you remove the album from the sleeve, and look at the label, the writer credit under "Go All The Way" says ( E. Carmen ). Once a song is submitted to The Library Of Congress, for copyright purposes, IT CAN NEVER BE ALTERED! PERIOD! "Go All The Way" is, and always was, my song. End of story. 

    I'll tell you one more story.

    One day, back in late 1972 or early 1973, I walked into rehearsal, and Wally, Dave and Jim said they had "taken a vote" and "decided" that Raspberries publishing royalties should be split up evenly, among the four of us. The way things work, in the world of songwriting, is that the writer and the publisher split each dollar of income 50/50. We had a publishing deal with CAM, so the publisher was already taking 2/3 of the 50% of publishing revenue. The remaining 1/3 went to whoever wrote the song.

    I reminded my band members that, the last time I looked, America had not become a "Socialist" nation, and that it was only fair that the person who does the work reaps the rewards. Splitting the publishing "evenly" among the four band members would have served as a disincentive for the other guys to write great songs. I said "No,"and if they had chosen to force the issue, I would have quit the band right then. John and Paul would have quit The Beatles, too! And Henley and Frey would have quit

    The Eagles. One of the best motivators in the USA has ( at least, up until now ) always been the idea that if you work hard, and do something well, you will be compensated for it. Take that away, and we're back in The Soviet Union, in the 1950's.

    I sometimes recall this post.
    Eric memtioned profound remark.
    I thought there is deeper meaning. 

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  3. Well, Craig, LC.
    I chose some songs from WINTER DREAMS and BNY.
    Once Eric wrote that "I don't want living in the past. I want to do something new",  
    perhaps the time when Eric mentioned Raspberries re-reunion.
    So I planed to add something new.
    In this list I intend "Operatic" constitution and 
    songs we never heard him sing on the stage.    

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  4. I also make a 2023 tour set list.
    Plan purpose is "The STORY of My Absent  by Eric Carmen". 

    The concert is starts just like conversation with Eric and fans.

    Fans said "I am waiting. If you Change Your Mind",
    then Eric says "Starting Over" with you! coz "I Was Born To Love You".
    Then he start singing.
    Love is grow and grow but love will end.
    But it's a story, cartoon! 


    1.    Waiting

    2.   If You Change Your Mind

    3.   Starting Over

    4.   I Was Born To Love You

    5.   Isn’t It Romantic

    6.  Almost Paradise

    7.   Lets Pretend

    8.  Tonight

    9.   Ecstasy

    10.  Make Me Lose Control




    Sergei Rachmaninov 150 Memorial

    11.  All By Myself

    12.  Never Gonna Fall in Love Again


    13. Love Is All That Matters

    14. Forever Tonight

    15. Boats Against The Current

    16. Run Away

    17. I Can Remember

    18. The Way We Used To Be


    19.  Cartoon World
    20. That’s Rock & Roll
    21.  Go All The Way

    Enore 1
    22.  Someday

    23.  You Need Some Lovin'


    Enore 2

    24.  Brand New Year


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  5. On 2/24/2014 at 3:35 PM, Eric Carmen said:

    My first show in Japan. Special guest star of the Yamaha World Song Festival. 1978, at The Budokan. 10,000 seats, sold out. The climax of the three day festival. Yamaha flew my band ( Davey Johnstone, Cooker LoPresti ( Elton's band ) Duane Hitchings ( Rod's band ) my singers, conductor ( Barry Fasman ) and my drummer Ross Salamone to Tokyo, to play a 35 minute show with a 55 piece orchestra. It was the most incredible experience of my life. I think we opened with "Marathon Man" and when the orchestra kicked in, it literally lifted me off my feet. The stage was incredible, the orchestra was even better, and my band was at the top of their game. We played what I would call a "Beatle set" ( thirty minutes, plus an encore ) and blew the roof off the place.

    When we arrived in Tokyo, we walked through a huge, underground  marketplace and eventually emerged at street level. I saw 3' by 6' posters of me in every department store window, and on the side of every bus. The hotel marquis said "Welcome Eric Carmen" and then in smaller letters, "Welcome Bolshoi Ballet." We had apparently arrived at the same time, and as we walked through the underground market, we attempted to say "Hello" to the dancers. Among them was Alexander Gudenov, who was defecting from Russia, unbeknownst to us. The Bolshoi dancers were flanked by VERY serious KGB officers, and no one would even lift their heads when we said "Hello." We were staying at the same hotel, and I found it amazing that I had billing over the Bolshoi Ballet!

    The Japanese audience at the Budokan was the most appreciative audience I had ever played for. Somewhere, there exists a tape recording  ( audio and video ) of that performance. It was a totally incredible experience that I will never forget.

    I  got in a cab, one day, and the cab driver had Mozart on his radio. I realized I "wasn't in Kansas anymore." 

    Here was an entire country, where classical music was taught, and listened to, not by some "elite" group, but by everyone. There was no crime. None. It was like being in New York City ( which is my favorite city in the US ) but every single person was polite, courteous, and couldn't wait to help me, in any way they could. People who had "colds" wore hospital masks over their faces, so they wouldn't infect anyone else. I have never before, or since, experienced the feeling that we Americans were complete "barbarians."

    I met Whitney Houston, who was accompanying her mother, Cissy, during that festival. She was fifteen, at the time, and the sweetest, most humble girl I have ever met.  Just a fresh faced teenager, who no one had yet discovered. She thought meeting ME was something special! Years later, after she had signed with  Arista, I heard her sing, and realized she could sing the phonebook and give you goosebumps, It didn't take a "genius" to figure out that this beautiful, talented girl was destined for stardom. I met Whitney many times over the next decade, and every time, she was as sweet, and humble as she was the very first time I met her in Tokyo. Her death was a terrible tragedy., a testimonial to what the music business can do to a sensitive, delicate soul. What a horrible, senseless loss.

    I spent 10 days in Tokyo, on that first trip, and I came back to America with a totally different idea about the world, in general. I have never before, or since, met a warmer, more wonderful, sensitive, and kind group of people. I have travelled to Japan numerous times, since then, and I will always cherish my experiences there. 

    I understand that people who served in the military during World War II may have a completely different take on things than I do. All I can say is that you cannot judge a people by the acts of their government, during wartime.

    I love the Japanese people with all my heart, and i thank them for "getting" my music and being so kind and accepting to me.

    I sometimes remind the post.

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  6. Eric Carmen Birthday Live 2022 Aug.11
    @Tokyo, Jiyuugaoka McCartney
       by Hiroyuki Izuta

    1st Stage


    01. I Saw The Light

    02. Desperate Fools

    03. Change of Heart

    04. Boats Against the Current

    05. Overnight Sensaition

    06. Marathon Man


    07. Nobody Knows

    08. Go All The Way

    09. I Wanna Be With You

    10. That's Rock'n Roll


    11. I Can Remember

    2nd stage


    01. If you Change Your Heart

    02. Hungry Eyes

    03. Baby I Need Your Lovin'

    04. Ecstasy


    05. All By Myself

    06. Wild Wild Heart*

    07. Starting Over

    08. Tonight

    09. Sunrise

    10. Make Me Lose Control


    11. Hey Deanie

    12. After You*

    13. Let's Pretend

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  7. Eric Carmen Birthday Live 2021 by Hiroyuki IZUTA
             Aug.6, 2021 @JIYUGAOKA McCartney, Tokyo JAPAN


    First Stage
    03.Change Of Heart
    05.Never Gonna Fall In Love Again
    06.I Saw The Light
    07.Nobody Knows
    08.If You Change Your Mind
    09.Hungry Eyes
    10.Go All The Way
    11.All By Myself

    Second Stage
    01.That's Rock'n Roll
    02.Cartoon World
    03.Inside Story
    05.Wild Wild Heart* (Unreleased)
    06.Don't Wanna Say Goodbye
    07.I Can Remember
    08.My Girl
    09.Almost Paradise
    10.Hey Deanie

    11.Let's Pretend
    12.Hanen't We Come A Long Way
    13.Starting Over
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  8. Eric Carmen Birthday Live in Japan  Ⅱ
     by Hiroyuki Izuta 伊豆田洋之(Vo.Pf.Ag)

    August 9, 2020 
    Crawfish Akasaka

    Hiroyuki Izuta  伊豆田洋之(Vo/Pf)

    Maito Miyawaki 宮脇舞人(Eg/Key)
    Masahiro Maruyama 丸山眞弘(Ag/Cho)
    Jyunya Kobayashi 小林純也(Ba)
    Makoto Kitazawa  北澤誠(Ds)
    Mai (Cho)


    First Stage
    01. I Wanna Be With You
    02. Nobody Knows
    03. Let's Pretend
    04. Don't Want To Say Goodbye
    05. Overnight Sensation(Hit Record)
    06. Starting Over
    07. Go All The Way

    Second Stage
    08. Sunrise
    09. That's Rock'n Roll
    10. Never Gonna Fall In Love Again
    11. All By Myself
    12. My Girl
    13. Boats Against The Current
    14. She Did It

    Third Stage
    15. Desperate Fools
    16. Almost Paradise
    17. End Of The World
    18. Change Of Heart
    19. Tonight You're Mine
    20. Hey Deanie

    21. Fool'n Myself(Hiroyuki Izuta, Tag, Maito)

    Encore(Hiroyuki Izuta solo)
    22. After You *unreleased


  9. Eric Carmen Birthday Live in Japan 
     by Hiroyuki Izuta 伊豆田洋之

    August 6, 2020 
    Jiyugaoka McCartney

    First Stage
    01. Desperate Fools
    02. Never Gonna Fall In Love Again
    03. Waiting
    04. Sunrise
    05. Sleep With Me
    06. Boats Against The Current

    07. Nobody Knows
    08. Go All The Way
    09. Inside Story
    10. That's Rock'n Roll

    11. She Did It

    Second stage
    12. Cartoon World
    13. It Hurts Too Much
    14. If You Change Your Mind
    15. Ecstacy

    16. All By Myself
    17. Don't Want To Say Goodbye
    18. Let's Pretend
    19. I Can Remember
    20. Haven't We Come A Long Way

    21. Hey Deanie
    22. Starting Over
    23. Crusin' Music


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