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  1. Happy Anniversary Raspberries!!! Thank you for your fantastic video, Bernie
  2. Another collections. Larry, these are not mine.
  3. 🍓🍓🍓Happy 50th Anniversary🍓🍓🍓
  4. Bernie, happy birthday wishes from Japan!!!
  5. Lost In The Shuffle by Hideki Saijo Sep.12, 1981 @Hong Kong ELIZABETH STADIUM
  6. Eric Carmen Birthday Live 2021 by Hiroyuki IZUTA Aug.6, 2021 @JIYUGAOKA McCartney, Tokyo JAPAN SET LIST First Stage (Pf) 01.Waiting 02.Sunrise 03.Change Of Heart 04.Foolin’Myself 05.Never Gonna Fall In Love Again 06.I Saw The Light (Ag) 07.Nobody Knows 08.If You Change Your Mind 09.Hungry Eyes 10.Go All The Way (Pf) 11.All By Myself Second Stage (Ag) 01.That's Rock'n Roll 02.Cartoon World 03.Inside Story 04.Ecstasy (Pf) 05.Wild Wild Heart* (Unreleased) 06.Don't Wanna Say Goodbye 07.I Can Remember 08.My Girl 09.Almost Paradise 10.Hey Deanie Encore 11.Let's Pretend 12.Hanen't We Come A Long Way 13.Starting Over
  7. I am sad that I can't see you here, my sweet friend Elle.
    I am always wishing your happiness.


    Naeko Nagasawa    

  8. Eric Carmen Birthday Live in Japan Ⅱ  by Hiroyuki Izuta 伊豆田洋之(Vo.Pf.Ag) August 9, 2020  Crawfish Akasaka Hiroyuki Izuta  伊豆田洋之(Vo/Pf) Maito Miyawaki 宮脇舞人(Eg/Key) Masahiro Maruyama 丸山眞弘(Ag/Cho) Jyunya Kobayashi 小林純也(Ba) Makoto Kitazawa 北澤誠(Ds) Mai (Cho) Guest Tag(Sax/Fl) First Stage 01. I Wanna Be With You 02. Nobody Knows 03. Let's Pretend 04. Don't Want To Say Goodbye 05. Overnight Sensation(Hit Record) 06. Starting Over 07. Go All The Way Second Stage 08. Sunrise 09. That's Rock'n Roll 10. Never Gonna Fall In Love Again 11. All By Myself 12. My Girl 13. Boats Against The Current 14. She Did It Third Stage 15. Desperate Fools 16. Almost Paradise 17. End Of The World 18. Change Of Heart 19. Tonight You're Mine 20. Hey Deanie Encore 21. Fool'n Myself(Hiroyuki Izuta, Tag, Maito) Encore(Hiroyuki Izuta solo) 22. After You *unreleased https://www.facebook.com/CrawfishAkasaka/videos/725502031581321/
  9. Eric Carmen Birthday Live in Japan  by Hiroyuki Izuta 伊豆田洋之(Vo.Pf.Ag) August 6, 2020  Jiyugaoka McCartney First Stage (Pf) 01. Desperate Fools 02. Never Gonna Fall In Love Again 03. Waiting 04. Sunrise 05. Sleep With Me 06. Boats Against The Current (Ag) 07. Nobody Knows 08. Go All The Way 09. Inside Story 10. That's Rock'n Roll (Pf) 11. She Did It Second stage (Ag) 12. Cartoon World 13. It Hurts Too Much 14. If You Change Your Mind 15. Ecstacy (Pf) 16. All By Myself 17. Don't Want To Say Goodbye 18. Let's Pretend 19. I Can Remember 20. Haven't We Come A Long Way Encore (Pf) 21. Hey Deanie 22. Starting Over 23. Crusin' Music youtu.be/L6OIWXeE_5Q
  10. Happy Birthday Eric Carmen!!! Here is a birthday present from me and Second Moon for you, Eric! Foolin' Myself cover Vocal : Aventurine Piano : Second Moon youtu.be/DyPHBXuE29w
  11. Eric Carmen ”Change Of Heart” Album Japan AD(April.1979) AD copy "Eric You are a true American"
  12. Happy Birthday Bernie!!! Hope you had great day! Thanks to you, I had a very enjoyable time here for 10 years!!! Here.....that you made!!!!
  13. HAPPY BRAND NEW YEAR everyone!!! May this new year bring you much joy and fun. May you find peace, love and success. Sending my heartiest new year wish for you! BNY covered by me, Second Moon and my girl(^_-)-☆
  14. It was 15th anniversary of Raspberries Reunion show! Raspberries Tribute Live has held in Japan!!! Raspberries Tribute Live Vol.1 Starring HIROYUKI IZUTA(伊豆田洋之) With M’s Company Date: Nov.26, 2019 Place: Crawfish AKASAKA (Tokyo, JAPAN) SET LIST 1st stage 1. I Wanna Be With You 2. Play On 3. I Can't Explain 4. Nobody Knows 5. Let's Pretend 6. Don't Wanna Say Goodbye 7. Party's Over *Vo.M.Maruyama 8. Overnight Sensation (Hit Record) 9. Might As Well *Vo.M.Maruyama 10. It Seemed So Easy *Vo.M.Kitazawa 11. Baby's In Black * Vo. M.Maruyama & Izuta 12. If You Change Your Mind 13. Tonight 14. I Can Remember 2 nd stage 1. Starting Over 2. Last Dance *Vo.M.Maruyama 3. I Saw The Light 4. No Reply 5. When You Were With Me    * Vo.M.Maruyama 6. It's Cold Outside * Vo.M.Kitazawa 7. Should I Wait 8. Come Around And See Me *Vo.M.Maruyama 9. Makin' It Easy              *Vo.M.Maito & Mai 10. Ticket To Ride             *Vo.M.Maruyama & Izuta 11. Hard To Get Over A Heartbreak      *Vo.M.Maruyama & Izuta 12. Ecstasy 13. I'm A Rocker 14. Go All The Way Encore I Wanna Be With You
  15. I've never seen this photo! Elton John and Eric Carmen!!! John, Elton / At Blue Moves Album Party #3 | Magazine Photo (1976) / with Eric Carmen このウェブサイトについて pinterest.jp John, Elton / At Blue Moves Album Party #3 | Magazine Photo (1976) / with Eric Carmen in 2019 | Captain fantastic, Album,…
  16. 40 Years ago today Nov.11.1979 !!! Eric Carmen was invited to Yamaha World Popular Song Festival held in Japan as a guest star. I wrote the meaning of the Festival on ericcarmen.com 2010. I'll post it again. ************************************************************************************ Maybe you'll know that Eric was invited to Yamaha World Popular Song Festival held in Japan as a guest star in 1979. I want to inform them of the meaning of this music festival. First of all, Japan has done the seclusion policy for 200 years from the 1600's. When the country was opened to the international society in the 1800's, the main country that had learnt the basis of the country making was Germany. Many were learnt from the culture of Germany including music. Moreover, the Japanese was intercepted from the culture of the enemy country to the World War II inside by the government. War had happened between Japan and U.S., Britain, and a lot of other countries. It was limited to Germany and Italy, etc. that were the allies that the culture had been permitted to be enjoyed. The music of the foreign country that was able to hear it in intercepted various music and inside and Japan was only an opera and a classical music. Germany and Italy. After the war, the Japanese feels special familiarity in classics and the opera by the great remainder. Yamaha Co., Ltd. that holds the music festival is producing companys of musical instruments established in 1887. However, it was changed by the factory that manufactured weapons by the government while fighting. It is how much painful for the factory that is sure to manufacture musical instruments that play love peacefully or it is easy to imagine it. Yamaha Co., Ltd. held the music festival through time. Eric was invited to Yamaha World Popular Song Festival as a guest star. That music festival is the one having aspired both enjoyments of the excess of the national anthem, politics, and the religion, and the exchanges of people all over the world by music. It is a music festival that expressed sincere pleasure to no obstruction of my favorite music to what, and becoming the age that can be freely enjoyed. Having been invited to the music festival as a guest is Eric Carmen. It was held aspiring both enjoyments of the excess of the national anthem, politics, and the religion, and the exchanges of people all over the world by music of that music festival. It is that music festival to have expressed sincere pleasure to no obstruction of my favorite music to what, and becoming the age that can be freely enjoyed. Having been invited to the music festival as a guest is Eric Carmen!!!! I understand the reason why Eric keeps being loved in Japan now well. Attainments of classics on back ground of your music. I thought that it is one of the reasons why it attracts the Japanese. And, great feelings of Eric put in the music !!!!!! For Eric praised in that music festival, I think that there is a mission. I think the pleasure with freedom to have been chosen as a messenger who tells it to the world through music. Therefore, I am requesting it to make you the song. It's my earnest longing. 日本語版はこちら。 http://raspberries.at.webry.info/201010/article_3.html
  17. It's BRAND NEW YAR for Japanese!!! Emperor Naruhito formally proclaimed his ascendancy to the throne on Octover 22, 2019. Second Moon and I played Eric's BRAND NEW YEAR on this year of Eric's Birthday!
  18. One of my friend of E.C.F.C.Japan received a message from "Eric Carmen" on the FB messenger. The "Eric Carmen" request her some money to his "charity foundation". Then the "ERIC CARMEN" didn’t know much about Eric’s music. She felt suspicious about the “ERIC CARMEN”. So she asked me "Is Eric Carmen on FB?" I said "NO". She asked the "ERIC CARMEN"on the FB messenger, “You are not Eric Carmen, aren’t you?” and blocked the message immediately. Anyway FAKE ERIC CARMEN is here on FB. You should better to take precautions about FAKE ERIC CARMEN!!! FAKE ERIC CARMEN’s message I know you must be so amazed and shocked to get a text from me, trust me it's from me and I believe you know so well. I was messaging some of my loyal fans and I saw your comments and profile and I was thinking I can have a lovely conversation with you. Well can you support my charity foundation home well I think they need help from everyone that have the potential to help each other. OK can you still help them with the money.
  19. Raspberries Tribute Live Show is planned in Tokyo on Nov.26!!! Hiroyuki Izuta and his support band M's Company will perform according to Raspberries Reunion Show setlist. Maybe some of you’ll know Hiroyuki Izuta with his Eric Carmen’s cover that I uploaded the video NGFLA and FOOLIN’ MYSELF. The concert is scheduled on Nov.26 at Crawfish Akasaka in Tokyo, Japan. Power-pop legends the Raspberries and Eric Carmen are highly regarded also in Japan.
  20. Sadly to say....EC.com once had, it's over now. The internet has had a positive influence on how people communicate all over the world. However it has almost changed. People toward outside 2000's, therefore people are introverted and tend to show their reluctance. They toward private matters, don't like to descuss with oher people. It seems that World has small. And Eric loves to stay on twitter and chose to communicate with other ordinary fans. I believed Eric is waiting for a chance to camming back to our message board, so I dare to wrote some radical post when Bernie once decided to close here last year (I'm sorry Bernie!). I thought if Eric and members remind their LOVE on this board. Then they didn't back.... If Bernie will decide to close the board, I will support his decision on this time.
  21. Wow! What a great morment!!! Eruc is on the stage!!!! Thank you Bernie!!!!
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