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  1. Eric Carmen Birthday Live 2022 Aug.11 @Tokyo, Jiyuugaoka McCartney by Hiroyuki Izuta 1st Stage (Pf) 01. I Saw The Light 02. Desperate Fools 03. Change of Heart 04. Boats Against the Current 05. Overnight Sensaition 06. Marathon Man (Ag) 07. Nobody Knows 08. Go All The Way 09. I Wanna Be With You 10. That's Rock'n Roll (Pf) 11. I Can Remember 2nd stage (Ag) 01. If you Change Your Heart 02. Hungry Eyes 03. Baby I Need Your Lovin' 04. Ecstasy (Pf) 05. All By Myself 06. Wild Wild Heart* 07. Starting Over 08. Tonight 09. Sunrise 10. Make Me Lose Control Encore 11. Hey Deanie 12. After You* 13. Let's Pretend
  2. Happy Anniversary Raspberries!!! Thank you for your fantastic video, Bernie
  3. Another collections. Larry, these are not mine.
  4. 🍓🍓🍓Happy 50th Anniversary🍓🍓🍓
  5. Bernie, happy birthday wishes from Japan!!!
  6. Lost In The Shuffle by Hideki Saijo Sep.12, 1981 @Hong Kong ELIZABETH STADIUM
  7. Eric Carmen Birthday Live 2021 by Hiroyuki IZUTA Aug.6, 2021 @JIYUGAOKA McCartney, Tokyo JAPAN SET LIST First Stage (Pf) 01.Waiting 02.Sunrise 03.Change Of Heart 04.Foolin’Myself 05.Never Gonna Fall In Love Again 06.I Saw The Light (Ag) 07.Nobody Knows 08.If You Change Your Mind 09.Hungry Eyes 10.Go All The Way (Pf) 11.All By Myself Second Stage (Ag) 01.That's Rock'n Roll 02.Cartoon World 03.Inside Story 04.Ecstasy (Pf) 05.Wild Wild Heart* (Unreleased) 06.Don't Wanna Say Goodbye 07.I Can Remember 08.My Girl 09.Almost Paradise 10.Hey Deanie Encore 11.Let's Pretend 12.Hanen't We Come A Long Way 13.Starting Over
  8. I am sad that I can't see you here, my sweet friend Elle.
    I am always wishing your happiness.


    Naeko Nagasawa    

  9. Eric Carmen Birthday Live in Japan Ⅱ  by Hiroyuki Izuta 伊豆田洋之(Vo.Pf.Ag) August 9, 2020  Crawfish Akasaka Hiroyuki Izuta  伊豆田洋之(Vo/Pf) Maito Miyawaki 宮脇舞人(Eg/Key) Masahiro Maruyama 丸山眞弘(Ag/Cho) Jyunya Kobayashi 小林純也(Ba) Makoto Kitazawa 北澤誠(Ds) Mai (Cho) Guest Tag(Sax/Fl) First Stage 01. I Wanna Be With You 02. Nobody Knows 03. Let's Pretend 04. Don't Want To Say Goodbye 05. Overnight Sensation(Hit Record) 06. Starting Over 07. Go All The Way Second Stage 08. Sunrise 09. That's Rock'n Roll 10. Never Gonna Fall In Love Again 11. All By Myself 12. My Girl 13. Boats Against The Current 14. She Did It Third Stage 15. Desperate Fools 16. Almost Paradise 17. End Of The World 18. Change Of Heart 19. Tonight You're Mine 20. Hey Deanie Encore 21. Fool'n Myself(Hiroyuki Izuta, Tag, Maito) Encore(Hiroyuki Izuta solo) 22. After You *unreleased https://www.facebook.com/CrawfishAkasaka/videos/725502031581321/
  10. Eric Carmen Birthday Live in Japan  by Hiroyuki Izuta 伊豆田洋之(Vo.Pf.Ag) August 6, 2020  Jiyugaoka McCartney First Stage (Pf) 01. Desperate Fools 02. Never Gonna Fall In Love Again 03. Waiting 04. Sunrise 05. Sleep With Me 06. Boats Against The Current (Ag) 07. Nobody Knows 08. Go All The Way 09. Inside Story 10. That's Rock'n Roll (Pf) 11. She Did It Second stage (Ag) 12. Cartoon World 13. It Hurts Too Much 14. If You Change Your Mind 15. Ecstacy (Pf) 16. All By Myself 17. Don't Want To Say Goodbye 18. Let's Pretend 19. I Can Remember 20. Haven't We Come A Long Way Encore (Pf) 21. Hey Deanie 22. Starting Over 23. Crusin' Music youtu.be/L6OIWXeE_5Q
  11. Happy Birthday Eric Carmen!!! Here is a birthday present from me and Second Moon for you, Eric! Foolin' Myself cover Vocal : Aventurine Piano : Second Moon youtu.be/DyPHBXuE29w
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