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  1. Raspberries & Eric Carmen cover live 2020 by Hiroyuki Izuta Eric's birthday Live by Hiroyuki Izuta was held in Japan every year, but sadly it was not held this year. I'll post this instead of the annual live report.
  2. Happy birthday to the person who has made such a positive impact on my life. It's you, Mr.Eric Carmen. Aventurine from Japan
  3. Here is my list. 1. Marathon Man 2.American As Apple Pie 3.Brand New Year 4.Come Back To My Love 5.Lost In The Shuffle 6.Cartoon World 7.No Hard Feelings 8. You Need Some Lovin‘ 9.I Could Really Love You 10.You Took Me A The Way
  4. London Philharmonic Orchestra mentioned EricsABM
  5. I sometimes recall this post. Eric memtioned profound remark. I thought there is deeper meaning.
  6. Well, Craig, LC. I chose some songs from WINTER DREAMS and BNY. Once Eric wrote that "I don't want living in the past. I want to do something new", perhaps the time when Eric mentioned Raspberries re-reunion. So I planed to add something new. In this list I intend "Operatic" constitution and songs we never heard him sing on the stage.
  7. I also make a 2023 tour set list. Plan purpose is "The STORY of My Absent by Eric Carmen". The concert is starts just like conversation with Eric and fans. Fans said "I am waiting. If you Change Your Mind", then Eric says "Starting Over" with you! coz "I Was Born To Love You". Then he start singing. Love is grow and grow but love will end. But it's a story, cartoon! 1. Waiting 2. If You Change Your Mind 3. Starting Over 4. I Was Born To Love You 5. Isn’t It Romantic 6. Almost Paradise 7. Lets Pretend 8. Tonight 9. Ecstasy 10. Make Me Lose Control Intermission Sergei Rachmaninov 150 Memorial 11. All By Myself 12. Never Gonna Fall in Love Again 13. Love Is All That Matters 14. Forever Tonight 15. Boats Against The Current 16. Run Away 17. I Can Remember 18. The Way We Used To Be 19. Cartoon World 20. That’s Rock & Roll 21. Go All The Way Enore 1 22. Someday 23. You Need Some Lovin' Enore 2 24. Brand New Year
  8. Hossy suggested that the girl is Whitney or not. I figured out the question. She is not Whitney. Whitney and Bonnie Tyler. Whitney is much younger than the woman.
  9. Eric Carmen Birthday Live 2022 Aug.11 @Tokyo, Jiyuugaoka McCartney by Hiroyuki Izuta 1st Stage (Pf) 01. I Saw The Light 02. Desperate Fools 03. Change of Heart 04. Boats Against the Current 05. Overnight Sensaition 06. Marathon Man (Ag) 07. Nobody Knows 08. Go All The Way 09. I Wanna Be With You 10. That's Rock'n Roll (Pf) 11. I Can Remember 2nd stage (Ag) 01. If you Change Your Heart 02. Hungry Eyes 03. Baby I Need Your Lovin' 04. Ecstasy (Pf) 05. All By Myself 06. Wild Wild Heart* 07. Starting Over 08. Tonight 09. Sunrise 10. Make Me Lose Control Encore 11. Hey Deanie 12. After You* 13. Let's Pretend
  10. Happy Anniversary Raspberries!!! Thank you for your fantastic video, Bernie
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