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  1. hello Eric, it's gord harris,I was in a Costco, I 'm now visiting here until oct 31st,I saw your look alike. I didn't know what to do, I was in urge to ask, is your name eric Carmen. You takecare, eric, I'm still praying for you to come to canad,Toronto,OR hamilton. In California, visiting my second grandmother, here in San luis Obispo.
  2. hello, everyone, some say pictures, allright, yes I'm in California now visiting and taking pictures of hummingbirds and celebrating a dear friend who is like a grandmother to me, her 75th birthday here in pismo beach california. The celebration was awesome! Truly Lover Trio was at the party. A terrific band. Rock a billy that is, the singer is Marcel. Their website and songs on youtube are great check it out.
  3. hello MISSM, I was watching a little t.v. today, I saw a Tim Horton's commercial today all on a turkey Sandwich, Eric's song, "Hungry Eyes" was played, 7-8 sec clip. What a surprise!
  4. Yes, I love my classic cartoons, The Herculoids, Jonny Quest, shazaam! Adam Aant, Hucklberry Hound, and other Hanna Barbara toons, of Disney classics because of it's colorful cute characters, less violence in most Disney toons of the classics. The style of toons of the human figure was exceptionally done well of adding humans as characters.
  5. hello, my April 1st was quiet. No jokes or jokes played on anyone, walked to the stores and said my hellos to the staff to which I know around here in Hamilton, at a Zellers and Fortinos supermarket. Great bunch the staff are.
  6. This is it guys until Spring, I would like to wish everyone, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008, I will keep in touch by postal mail in between now and Spring,ok
  7. Sorry for the mistakes, see what I mean, I'm used to regular computers, not laptops.
  8. My Christmas Day Menu was; 1) Having the use on this computer, this laptop and getting use to, especially coming back on here, E.c.. com it's sure great! here it is: my menu: 1 zebras, a statue, 2) cd-singles collection of Roy Orbison 3) a water-color set from my friends in the building, 3) a gift certificate at a local art store for 50.00 4) from down the hall in my apt-, a gift basket of goodies i oes,Chocolate,crackers and peanuts re.planters, Lol 2 christmas cake loafs, oh my huh 1 gone already,lol more friends than ever. am closer to the lord than ever before, with friends from aroud the world in this building, understanding each language, one by one. Learning all cultures of living. There you go guys, my good friends on here. Hope you like it Have a great day all, only one week on here, then it's it. Til Spring, I start going to the library to use their computer.
  9. hello everyone, how's the baking going. the second day now, it's feeding time for a friends cat. i recieved two christmas cakes already, i polished off one.lol yummy, you all have a good day,ok i will try to be here tomorrow,ok marvin, how's it going
  10. hello everyone,i am useing a friends computer,a laptop, i thought i would drop by and say hello, also wish you all a very merry christmas and happy holidays. I'm looking after a neighbours cat, I had to use this computer to say hello. i really miss you all. Eric, Wally, Dave and Jim. bernie and kathy. And you fan friends too. After this message, I will not be on here until at least around Spring, at the library to use their computer. I"m busy here with my book pictures. Jim Bonfanti, did yo get my pics, ok Someone please write me, ok gord harris 512 mohawk, road east, apt-105, hamilton,ontario canada l8v 2j2 bye for now take care arations
  11. I'm not touching that topic huh Eric,Lol Sherri, when I first talked about Eric's hair, he probably thought,"Hey Gord", now what does hair have to do with my music"? Lol Actually I liked Eric's hair style during the 80's. It was cool, Eric, I still like that 80's tiger jacket you had on during the tour , Dirty Dancing. Do you still have it?
  12. gordharris


    chris hess, Let me tell you something, I hate racism too, I wish everyone could get along. But, unfortunately, it's not working. Even the animals are turning against man kind.
  13. I had no Easter eggs,ok Only half a ton of Ham, yuk
  14. I would like to wish Bernie and Kathy, all the fan friends on here, Eric Carmen and Family, Jim Bonfanti and Family, Wally Bryson and Family, Dave Smalley and family, To all, HAPPY EASTER!
  15. Bernie,I like your myspace page, I think you did a great job. Can I be part of your page,please?
  16. Great video, I really like it, thanks Bernie so much.
  17. You know, we are human beings, we are not perfect, along our life living days, we stumble too. I feel sorry for Britainy. She does need help, I wish I was their to guide her. She is ok.
  18. HTFROM MO, Hey, you sound great from here, I can still understand you. Your on a roll. Take care of that throat, drink honey lemon and Ginger tea.
  19. julesberry, I agree, I guess I did put him to rest, just in time. Self combustion is not good. Their's life every where, that's how much you appreciate it. I love life. If I had radishes, I could put together a redish Choir,LOL
  20. I have been reading that starting today the United States gets their first looney in circulation. They are nice too.
  21. Paul Sidoti, "Take this Heart", "Angelia" and that Babylon song, too, my favourites.
  22. I don't like My space, I was on it, my computer trie d to freeze, I got off, SUPER QUICK! Youtube is better. My computer does not freeze. Youtube has everything too. Music that I like, even Eric Carmen/Raspberries, Modern Talking, old and new recordings. Their's word, they are getting back together for tour dates again. Spring time as usual.
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