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  1. Not sure what's happening with this release. It was supposed to be available to ship from Amazon this week, but now they say it's delayed and will e-mail me when it's available to ship. Anyone know if this delay is specific to Amazon or if it's a delay in the production of the CD itself?
  2. I've collected comic books and baseball cards since childhood. It seems people either have the "collecting gene" or they don't. My favorite thing to collect is Wacky Packages stickers (an unopened pack of which appears in my avatar). I've been in that hobby for 10 years now, most fun I've ever had (until my son was born).
  3. I'm a Brooklyn boy with relatives in California, so I've never been anywhere in the midwest (except for one wedding in Indianapolis). But hanging around this forum, I'm starting to feel a soft spot for Cleveland!
  4. Sutherland Brothers and Quiver: "You Got Me Anyway"
  5. Everything you say makes perfect sense if you are in the market for a person to date or have a relationship with. We just have to allow for the fact that from a purely sexual standpoint, very few men are going to find 50 year old women more attractive than 19 year old ones. There's a compelling biological reason for this, so it's unlikely to ever change. In fact, I think it's annoying to most men that they can't help but be attracted to that hot 19-year-old they don't respect on any other level.
  6. I like the knowing eyebrow arching at 3:50 when Eric doesn't use the f-word on television, as well as the Lennonesque forgetting of the lyrics at 4:53.....great TV all around!
  7. The fact that something this good was shown on broadcast television is enough to make me long for 1974, though there are plenty of other reasons.....
  8. No one ever said Rush are great songwriters. Just like no one ever said the Beatles are virtuoso musicians. I appreciate great songs, moreso since discovering EC and the 'Berries. I admit that if you try to play a Rush song on a single guitar or piano, no one will be impressed. It's not their strength. The strengths of Rush are instrumental mastery, amazing arrangements and (at least in their early days) cool ideas. As soon as I hear the opening chords of "Hemispheres" or "Natural Science" I'm hooked. I lasted a little longer than James, I'm a big fan up through Moving Pictures and portions of Signals. After that, I too jump ship. I just can't see how anyone can listen to the instrumental break in the middle of Tom Sawyer and not be floored. But to each his own. The fact that the critics dismissed Rush means zip to me. The idea that critics could pan Rush while slavering over Sid Vicious says all that needs to be said about critics.
  9. Just watched the new documentary on Rush. I know most here are not big fans, but this was tremendously well-made. Much as I love EC and the boys, it's all very new to me. Rush was what I was listening to when I was 13 years old, and it still really speaks to me. Anyway, I learned early in the documentary that one of Rush's first big breaks was getting airplay on WMMS in Cleveland. Apparently, their song "Working Man" really spoke to the working class Cleveland residents, and Rush were on their way! As a relatively new fan of the Raspberries and a long-term Rush geek, it's hard for me to believe that Rush's career was just beginning as the 'Berries' was ending. But I love 'em both today!
  10. As much as all of us love these tunes, it's hard to identify underrated ones, but here goes: 1. Rose Colored Glasses I think this is a great song both musically and lyrically. I especially love the passage: "As I grow a little more, wondering what this all is for, and the brass ring is slipping away..." What a beautiful description of the way we all feel a little later in life when we finally have to acknowledge we're really never going to be a major league baseball player, a rock star or whatever. The chorus reminds me of "Pictures of Matchstick Men." I think it's a little underrated because it's not an EC song. 2. I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine I remember someone else on the board touting this a while back. Sometimes I neglect songs simply because I like to listen to albums in order, so tunes near the end of an album sometimes get buried. This is another great EC vocal performance, blockbuster chorus, a fantastically composed lead guitar part. A little underrated I think because of being on the last album and buried toward the end. Others?
  11. I remember pull tabs, but I don't remember them being on the bottom of the can....
  12. How come the Pepsi can looks like it's upside down?
  13. I wasn't aware EC was a big Natalie Wood fan. Must have been a real bummer losing John Lennon and Natalie in less than a year.
  14. Sounds like my prayers have been answered! I'm glad I didn't pay huge money for the first album, which I was tempted to do. I'm putting in my pre-order today! PS: Liner notes, yippee!
  15. I don't want to go into excessive detail, but I do like to know whose work I'm admiring. So, in the opening chords of "Change Your Mind", the use of the added G-sharp on the A and B chords was your invention? And ditto for the use of the same B/G-sharp chord on Tonight? I really think these touches add immensely to already great songs.
  16. I've always wondered which band members contribute to the "writing" of a song within a band setting. After Eric's recent comments suggesting he is "hands on" when it comes to writing and arranging, I wonder it specifically about Raspberries songs. Take "If You Change Your Mind" as an example. I assume Eric composed this song by himself on a guitar (piano?), creating the basic chord structure and the lyrics. Now, the guitar work on the verses of this song is phenomenally creative. Does Eric bring the song to practice, and Wally creates these guitar parts? Did Eric create these guitar parts, or co-create them with Wally? I imagine the answers to these questions in general depend on how much control the songwriter wants over the finished product. We've all seen the segment from the "Let it Be" movie where George gets fed up with Paul micromanaging his playing. So, "Who Writes What" in an Eric Carmen Raspberries song?
  17. Every time I happen across one of these I end up watching the entire half hour. I love the video clips from the pre-video era, and I love watching the painfully scripted performances by the hosts. In fact, it was a few years ago that I saw an infomercial for a '70's collection that included All By Myself. I had always loved the song, but I was only 10 when it came out and never really knew who performed it. This infomercial was the first time I ever heard of Eric Carmen by name. (Hard to believe I know, but I was into heavy metal in the '80's and never heard any of EC's hits from that era.) That may have been my first step toward Carmen addiction.
  18. I love the White Album too, but let's be honest. There's a lot on there that could have been dropped with no ill effects. Wild Honey Pie? I'd have to go review the track list, but I think this would have been an absolute class of a single album with some strategic surgery. The period was one that definitely didn't promote discipline.
  19. He also insists Taxman is his favorite superhero....
  20. The debate over which Beatles album is the best is an interesting one. I find it impossible to make a single choice, since their early work differs so markedly from their later work, and I love both. Many people choose Sgt. Pepper. I can't do it because I think Revolver is by far the strongest album from that period. However, I feel like Sgt. Pepper could have been their best ever if it were released a little later, when single releases started to be included on albums. Picture this version of Sgt. Pepper: SIDE 1: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band With A Little Help From My Friends Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds Getting Better She's Leaving Home Strawberry Fields Forever SIDE 2: Penny Lane Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite Within You, Without You When I'm 64 Good Morning, Good Morning Sgt. Pepper Reprise A Day in the Life I think Lovely Rita and Fixing a Hole are two of the weaker tracks on the album, so I replaced them with the two classic single cuts. Seems like Penny Lane has to open one of the sides, and the way the album begins and ends seem kinda sacrosanct. This album would have given Revolver a run for its money. How would you tweak Sgt. Pepper if these two tracks were available?
  21. I agree! I've been sharing the Beatles' and Raspberries' music with my 3 year old son (named Eric!) for the last 6 months. I figured he wasn't really paying attention, but then one night while he was taking a bath he started singing "Let's Pretend!" Sounded pretty good, even....
  22. I have a two hour commute 3 days a week. So I keep listening to Raspberries CD's over and over again. I was starting to get bored, so I played the Greatest Hits CD all the way through, ignoring everything but the guitar parts. It's really amazing to listen to songs this way. There's so much you don't hear unless you're listening for it. I have to say Wally's guitar parts in "If You Change Your Mind" are nothing short of brilliant. I'm only an amateur guitarist who fools around on my porch, but the guitar parts in this song starting with the line "Let me leave now before I cry...." are so beautiful, yet understated. You really can listen to the song without hearing this stuff, and yet it is so wonderful. This guy has to be one of the most underrated guitarists out there. I feel the same way about Lindsay Buckingham. Nothing too flashy, but the fills he does seem to be perfectly designed for their purpose. So Wally, even though I'm not Guitar Player magazine, consider your ass duly kissed.
  23. One Billy Joel song I can listen to over and over again is "The Entertainer." It's a great one to sing along to, you have to keep listening to remember all the lyrics! Kind of a companion to "Overnight Sensation" in terms of polemic on the record industry (came out at pretty much the same time too, I believe).
  24. Waitaminnit -- you're not talking about Jets-obsessed caller "Ira from Staten Island," are you? That's not "our Ira" is it? I think it can't be, Ira from Staten Island wouldn't have time to listen to a Raspberries record amidst 24/7 Jets activities.
  25. Yeah, I guess not, I was just watching "The Last Waltz" last night and it struck me, but it's probably just the clothes and hair.
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