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    Dogs & Humans..

    Some photos of my dude, he´s the Golden Retriever..
  2. James

    Dogs & Humans..

    Kirk, I for sure felt I knew Cruz from your postings, and for sure knew how much you loved him. He WAS a rock star. It pained me to learn of his passing here today. One day you, Cruz, Cato and I will have a coffee together up there.
  3. On Monday I had to put my dog, Cato, to sleep. Some of you guys knew him from "his" fb posts via my account years ago, and from the time or 2 I posted photos of him here. I got him when he was 8 weeks old, and had him for 10+ years. He was an exceptional dog in virtually every way and we had a blast hanging together over those years. And given we live on, and spent a bunch of time on, the beach, he met, and brought huge smiles, laughs, affection and fun to 1000s of beach goers over the years to whom he, sans shame, would introduce himself, accept a zillion 'que lindos" and hugs, steal sandwiches, shoes, toys and even womens' underwear a time or 2....all while providing the people a blast of a time. He was a massive hoot ! He became a quasi celebrity on our beach. : ) I always dreaded the day I'd have to send him to God, but the grief related pain is more excruciating than I ever imagined. I'm actually handling it exceptionally well, and so no worries needed for me, but I'm finding it ponderable the level of pain induced by the loss of a "pet". I put quotes around pet as for many of us, whether we acknowledge it or not, our dog is truly a son or daughter to us and add to that an innocent being who depends on us 100%. Having to put a very very sick and in pain dog to sleep, especially when the dog is still full of affection for its owner, and neediness to boot, is a cruel circumstance I don't wish on anyone. My decision was right, and he went out as well as one could ever hope to..being loved, talked to and hugged by 3 of us as the doctor put him to sleep,.... so for that and for so so much more I feel grateful. He made me a better person and enriched life. A dog is truly man's best friend. Would love to hear you guys' thoughts, and experiences if you want to share.
  4. Coincidentally, last week I bought 3 or 4 more of his studio albums from his prime 70s years, as his sound was as great as any from the era. Very sad. RIP Mr. Gordon
  5. No. as it´s wrong for chicks to lower their standards ( eg: by entering Lew´s Lair )......it is also wrong for The James Harem to lower standards and allow old chicks (20 - 22) to enter. We will not over-react to this sudden influx of quality chicks into Lew´s Lair. The James Harem believes in its mission ( serve chicks not over 19, and serve the needs of James at the same time ). Win win....and accept no "Rin Tin Tins"......is our motto. Here, I have a new poem to emphasize the point. It´s pretty great: Roses are red, Rules are rules. Chicks still dig James, ... only over him they will drool. James, 2023
  6. MM and She Remembered are both also on my border list, on my least fave EC songs list, but given the greatness and consistency of his catalog, that certainly doesn´t mean they are bad songs, ...in fact they are both, overall, good songs, so I will not list them here.
  7. Eric is secure, I'd guess it would interest him what sings are his fans' least favorite. It would me if I were him.
  8. Gosh, Doreen chose "Runaway" AND "Cartoon World". But at least, as opposed to Lew, she had the guts to post Runaway, and didn't post "Everything". But still, even the gulag is too good for her. Better she be banished off to "Lew's Lair". Heh. You guys deserve each other. : )
  9. Many of the rejected over 19s have found refuge in Tommy Tunes' Tunesettes. Thankfully. Sometimes my conscience does bother me. But a harem owner has to be strong and make the difficult rejection decisions, knowing it's for the best. One cannot lower standards for sentimental ( or old hot chicks ) ..reasons. But it is comforting to know there is another outlet for those older chicks to find refuge, go out to pasture to eat grass, talk about old times while rocking in a rocking chair, dream about James..then dream about James some more. I really should though, set up a subsidiary of The James Harem to target only old chicks ( those over 19 ). Maybe Kirk could head up this project? Anyway, great job Lew. You are making the world a better place.
  10. The only 3 I could bring myself to write down are: "You need some lovin", "Almost Paradise" and "Tonight you're mine". The worst of the rest of the catalog are at least good songs. P.S. one day Lew will have to answer to his God for listing "Everything". : )
  11. ......have been named "The 12th of Always" ? Hmmm... Pondering important stuff this Saturday afternoon am I. Looking forward to some answers. I´ll hang up and listen.
  12. Interesting in that I knew zero songs from 2001 to the present, but knew basically every song pre 2001. Talk about turning on a dime !
  13. Good find Craig, good stuff. P.S. if someone asked me what the definition of power pop was, I'd send them off to listen to Side 3".
  14. It's ok Rhonda, I looked into him some, and went ahead and bought these albums: Lonesome Picker Rides Again Sunstorm Bombs Away Dream Baby I also bought 4 more K Trio albums....their 1st 2 and the first 2 they did with John Stewart.
  15. Nice, good for the soul type music. P.S. Rhonda, and / or LC, please give me a couple studio albums of his I should buy. I want to test the waters. Thanks in advance.
  16. Another great one from sround that time,...from 1975, ...this is a live version from 2007 where the writer and singer of the song, Hughy Thomasson, would pass away in his sleep this same year. "Stairway to Heaven" and "Freebird" rightfully often y get top billing for greatest rock & roll songs ever, or at least greatest rock songs with extended jams, but I may like this one better. Pure rock & roll from America´s southern soil. Pure Americana:
  17. Fun to go thru the list. Mortal sin omissions for me: No Francis Rossi leads....he may be the best I've heard at making the lead guitar sing, and rock at the same time. No Gary Richrath. No "Working Man". Also, I never knew Clapton played the lead on George's WMGGW !
  18. James


    The chicks are classy and natural.....and stiĺl are 1000 times sexier than the skank brigade of the 21st century.
  19. James


    And this one is even better.. https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x108as6
  20. James


    ...was underrated as a live band. The live execution of their songs matches their perfectionist fine tuned studio productions, and then add the passion and energy of a live performance. If you can put aside your need to be too cool for school, you'll likely appreciate how strong this one is:
  21. Rhiannon is one of those songs that is raised up 10 levels when played live, at least as they played it live back in the day. That MS version is awesome.
  22. Matt, that's how I first encountered "Elderberry Wine", ...someone in my family had purchased the 45 of CR 2 or 3 years prior to me buying the album, and I remember flipping the 45 over and listening to the B side and being impressed that a B side was of such high quality.
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