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  1. All good LC, Al is right on with his words.
  2. Here´s one - the coolest part here is reading the reviews of Eric´s 1st solo from Dec 1975. They were right on, sans exageration,...as that album can go up against any album ever. Eric´s 1st was a pop/rock masterpiece:
  3. Would love to read Al Jardine´s words, but FB wouldn´t allow me to as I don´t have an account. Anyway to copy and paste LC?
  4. The Soap Days of Our Lives chimes in, very cool they used "TWWUTB":
  5. Fun take by an accomplished author and journalist:
  6. This from a Daily Telegraph and SkyNews commentator and columnist:
  7. RE: "Amy´s sister", Mary Millben....my guess is after viewing the post up close, she is not Amy´s blood sister, but a great friend of Amy´s who sees Amy as a sister. Does not diminish her great post honoring Eric, nor my desire to buy her recording of "Boats..." when it´s available.
  8. Yeah, LC, and she states she´ll be recording "Boats..." before the end of the year. I´d like to remember to get a copy of that. Here´s another, not from a big time celebrity but from a normal Eric Carmen fan - though with 100,000 followers....her post points out maybe the best element of Eric as a person and that is his decency, she represents how he followed back many of his fans on twitter, which showed his humility and decency and lack of an unhealthy ego.
  9. From Eddie Trunk who is a big time radio and TV personality:
  10. From a Chilean lady on X, Eric´s influence was global: ( translates as: A small tribute to a great man who has left us, Eric Carmen "Hungry Eyes, 1949-2024 )
  11. And this from a dude with 300,000+ followers on X, an ex pilot and 2X NY Times best selling author:
  12. Here´s another stellar one, this time from Eric´s sister in law (Amy´s sister) ..who appears to be a well known singer in her own right: https://twitter.com/MaryMillben/status/1767712481122861284
  13. My little brother e-mailed me today of Eric´s passing in case I missed it, as he knew I was an Eric Carmen freako. He was not a fan like us, but in his e-mail he told me Eric Carmen´s music was great stuff, that he has several Eric Carmen songs in his playlist and thanked me for introducing him to Eric Carmen´s music when he was a little kid back in the day. Nice little tribute from my brother to Eric.
  14. Wow on John Stamos´ fave being the Raspberries. 2 General Hospital alums (RS and JS) have now chimed in in a strong way.
  15. https://twitter.com/Slash/status/1767401608714097087
  16. Very few artists would receive tributes as strong as Cherie´s and Rick´s. Bruce Springsteen - as we know - in the past has also honored Eric in a major way. As Rick S. stated in LC´s post above, it´s sad we wait till someone dies to show how important they were to us. Eric was a pop / rock phenom, and the world is confirming that today.
  17. Here´s a stellar one from Cherie Currie posted on X: "Hearing the news last night that Eric had passed I stopped breathing for a moment. It hit hard.. I loved him since I was 14 and I met him on the road with The Runaways in 76. He let me sit in Cherokee Studios and watch him do his iconic vocals. But it was on FB where he checked in on me often. What a talent and a huge part of who I am today by his amazing songs. Before The Runaways I would lip sync “All By Myself” in front of the mirror with my hairbrush as a microphone. *sigh* Thank you Eric for everything. You will be brutally missed."
  18. I saw that Slash posted a notice of Eric´s passing also. I believe he was a big fan.
  19. Great idea / thread LC. I was thinking about the same earlier today when I saw an outpouring on X of affection for Eric and his music. Many music themed accounts posted of his passing, and the huge # of responses surprised me, but also as you said LC, comforted me...and most importantly, honored Eric´s memory as it should be honored.
  20. NY Post quoting Paul Stanley upon Stanley learning of Eric's passing: "Awful news. Eric Carmen has died,” Kiss’ Paul Stanley posted on X. “Although known to many for writing radio hits like ‘All By Myself’ and others, Eric was a true rocker at heart. His voice had elements of McCartney and Steve Marriott. The Raspberries did shows with us. A killer band live & I loved their records".
  21. Crushing, earlier today I was thinking that it´s been 10 years since Eric posted here and that maybe he´d come back and post this year. Not to be. My thoughts and prayers to his wife Amy who must be devastated, especially as they seemed to really have a true blue love for each other. Take care up there Eric, you were the very best in my book, a loss for us, a gain for those up there with you. James
  22. Cool story, thanks Bernie! P.S. incredible epic we´ve lived thru over the last couple decades in tennis. Sampras became the greatest of all time,..seems like yesterday...and then presto, just like that, 3 other dudes have blown by him....with the 3 playing during the same time period/against each other. Incredible.
  23. James


    ....and this one, from their first album - though it´s hard to beat "Rock & Roll All Night" - could be their best: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7v05vm
  24. James


    This is, for me, their best, and flagship, concert opener: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x238wf
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