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  1. I didn't think so. Hmmm.. : )
  2. ....seen LC and a hibernating bear in the same room together ?
  3. Tiny Tim´s voice is strong, not weak....and it´s pretty awesome, really.
  4. Happy Birthday Vinnie!...hope you have a really fun day.
  5. James

    Best vacation..

    Sounds awesome, Kirk.
  6. He nailed the stuff he sang from Grease.
  7. ...place you've ever traveled to ? ....and why ?
  8. "Charles" were awesome. Kettle brand is also very good.
  9. I like his vocals there...
  10. James


    A wonderful thread topic ("James"). My favorite. P.S. Lewisa says the topic is wonderful in other fireworks inducing ways..... also.
  11. It's probably been 40 years since I've seen the show, but she still seems like she's part of my group of friends, or something. Very sad, she still seemed youngish, energetic and vital. RIP Ms. Zeman
  12. One day we are "Let´s Pretending" an album of Eric Carmen covers. The next day we can make it happen via AI. But I don´t like it.
  13. "No Hard Feelings", Rolling Stones"....the lemme out climax with the electric guitars flying, with Jagger strutting and screaming.....oh yeah
  14. "Heaven Can Wait", Karen Carpenter...assuming God would lend her out for enough time to record the song. : )
  15. I like this book series that provides books of little histories and old photos of 100s of cities and neighborhoods throughou the USA. There is likely a book on your suburb. Anyway, this issue deals with Cleveland's rock & roll roots. I do not own a copy but if you hit the link and scroll down a bit to the book description you'll see Eric/Raspberries highlighted. https://www.arcadiapublishing.com/Products/9780738577869
  16. Ok, I'm going to add another: Rita Coolidge, doing "Boats against the Current". With the right producer, and if she stayed within the melody, she could knock it out of the park. Her voice is perfect for the song.
  17. I remember him hitting the MLB scene with a major bang. RIP Mr. Vida
  18. Hey Deanie - The Fendertones, - with their version being the one that finally realizes the full potential of that pop masterpiece.
  19. James

    Dogs & Humans..

    Have you guys brought on another dog since?.....hope so!
  20. ....as is their best, "Love is like Oxygen" , imho. PS "My Sweet Lord" would have been my #1. Also cool to see "Lake Shore Drive" on the album. Had never heard the song till I moved to Chicago in 1992....great tribute to a great road.
  21. Agree. The human race now has a ton more on its plate re dealing with how to handle this stuff, vs. it handling us, like social media seems to have done.
  22. James

    Dogs & Humans..

    Thanks for those wise and comforting words, Susie. And I can't fathom how difficult it must've been for you to only know life with a certain dog till the age of 16 or so, and then to lose that dog. Wow.
  23. 5 de Mayo is a famous day, but mostly for the fact it is Matthew C. Clark´s birthday!!....at least for us here at ec.com. : ) Have a great day Matt !
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