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  1. Lot of songs, the dude is in shape!
  2. I remember begging my Dad to buy me an AM-FM radio when I was little. He took his time, but when he brought it home I was in heaven....listened to it until I left home as an adult. I´ve bought several down here in Panamá (for offices, different rooms in my condo, gifts for others) that are of the same old style (wood, simple lay-out etc.). Love them. The design of stuff today is shit compared to then, ..I speak of cars, radios and so much else. I also have a local furniture guy/friend construct all my office and home furniture to my design and measurement specs...out of wood (teak, mahogany, cedar or pine)...the stuff is really good, and reasonable as heck compared to up there, where it´s pretty tough to have furniture custom made for regular joes like me anyway. Anyway, what was the question?... : )
  3. His version of "Up on a roof" is uber....competes for my #1 song of all time. Just a so-so fan apart from that song.
  4. Yeah, I loved Lew´s "Affair of the Heart" and "25 or 6 to 4" picks. Great picks.
  5. Lew, I read thru the thread...half the thread is post gig comments, so it did happen.
  6. Strange, to me it sounded really good. They honored the melody, and also honored the beauty and power of the song. It is 100 times better than Olivia's version imho.
  7. .. : https://rumble.com/veztur-worldjam4
  8. Dig it, like the sound, and dig your artwork Bernie. Lot of cool sounding and jangling guitars flying around. If an album is available on cd, I´d love to buy a copy.
  9. ...tune for me is this one. Don´t hear it so much but it´s uber. The chorus melody is a great one, and addictive.
  10. Yeah Matt, that one is a gem...should have made my list.
  11. I got WCFL (Chicago) at night as a kid in Columbus, Ohio. Listened to the Cincinnati Royals (Nate Archibald became my hero and still is my fave player of all time) and Reds on WLW out of Cincinnati, and the biggest hoot was listening to sports talk guy, Pete Franklin, out of Cleveland. Any of you Clevelanders or Midwesterners listen to Pete Franklin back in the day?
  12. ....jams. Mine: 1. Gary Richrath's ( REO ) in "Summer Love" live version 2. Gary Richrath, "Golden Country" 3. Alex Lifeson ( RUSH ), "Working Man" 4. Lindsey Buckingham, "I'm So Afraid" 5. Francis Rossi's ( Status Quo ) in "Blue Eyed Lady" live 6. Rod Price ( Foghat ), "Stone Blue" 7. Jimmy Page, "Stairway to Heaven" 8. Dewey Bunnell's ( I believe ) acoustic gem lead on "Amber Cascades"....America is the group. 9. Neil Young, "Like a Hurricane"....could be #1 tomorrow, especially played live. 10. Andrew Gold, Lonely Boy
  13. Nice job, and good choice by him of a song/artist to cover. HCW is an underappreciated gem that would be the best/flagship song of most artists' catalog.
  14. Another poor entity....I checked out the list of all inductees since the beginning (1970) and there are a bunch of half ass song writers....and no Eric Carmen, Gerry Beckley, Dan Peek, Francis Rossi etc and I´m sure a bunch more deserving writers that I didn´t have time to think of. But they have Barry Manilow, Maurice Gibb and many others who can´t hold a candle to EC. I love Maurice Gibb and Barry Manilow but neither were prolific or great song writers. And how did it take them until 2023 to induct Jeff Lynne??? Anyway..
  15. I got tears from that song at 9 years of age, today....and all the years in between. ...and chicks still dig James. An ode to Bobby Goldsboro, and one of my favorite James Harem members: Honey I miss you, And I´m doing fine, But you were over 19, So you were forced to resign. James, 2023
  16. Voice is strong, respect for him for staying in shape. I´d suspect he works hard at it. P.S. the production is weak, he and his music deserve better imho.
  17. ...how this song is so looked down on. The lyrics are tremendous, as is the melody. Hard for many not to cry when listening to it.....makes you feel, that says tons. The studio version is better, more powerful....but this live one is cool too:
  18. Cool story Bernie! I also have dug Danny Bonaduce throughout the years.
  19. Wish I could just live in the past, like Vinnie, but responsibilities ( harem etc ) call me, and so I do my duty, despite the burden it puts on me. Fortunately I have found the fountain of youth which allows me to serve my female beneficiaries sans reduced stamina or talent. But I still dream.....I dream of being over the hill, like Lew and Vinnie, living in the past, flirting with running for prez in 2024. That would be awesome. But I´ve been called for a different purpose, which carries with it a very heavy load, but I will do my duty.
  20. I may advise against him continuing, or may not....but what I do know is many people will always strive to be productive, to give to others, to do what they do or something else more feasible. This drive for most is much stronger than the need/desire for money itself. I am always inspired by those who never stop or quit. Neil Diamond, for one, was putting out his best stuff (imho) into his 70s, up until 2014´s "Melody Road", after which in 2018 he was diagnosed with Parkinson´s and retired. And many others. James
  21. I so wish I WAS over the hill, So chicks would cease demanding I give them a thrill, ...and causing my life to be so untranquil. But behold ! ... while today Lew must take the v pill, James is like a natural biological drill, Going in for the kill, So dames can say " Oh Jaaaames my needs are SOOO fullfilled". James, 2023
  22. Great stuff, Pat. Thanks for sharing that with us.
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