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  1. Sorry for the loss of your friend Matt. It´s a difficult part of life. Will say a prayer for him and his family. James
  2. Scared the crud out of me, and I didn´t even see the movie. The song "Tubular Bells" on the radio 24/7, people talking about the movie, publicity clips....that was all it took. RIP Mr. Friedkin
  3. If there´s a will, there´s a way. Just sneak in Lew! : )
  4. That was great, thru talking about TCB, they hit on a lot of cool stuff over a good spectrum of time.
  5. ...and some others from 1976 that are stellar, to me, that aren't on the list: America, Hideaway Foghat, Night Shift Burton Cummings, Burton Cummings Status Quo, Blue for You Bee Gees, Children of the World .....yeah, a pretty great music year it was.
  6. https://twitter.com/lancecheek/status/1685934124161204224?s=20
  7. Sept 1999 ....good story Lew.
  8. I think they were a very much underrated band. They rocked hard, and rolled also...their music was straight forward blues based rock & roll....honest rock & roll. I remember seeing them in their heyday once where they opened with "Fool for the city". "My Babe", "Drivin Wheel" and "Stone Blue"....back to back to back to back. Anyone familiar with these tunes knows that that is an EXPLOSION of an opening salvo! I also remember seeing them in a bar in Ft. Worth in 1983 or '84, as their commercial stardom was fading, just a year or 2 after they were headlining large venues. Just a regular old rock & roll bar from back in the day where the chicks wore leopard pants etc. You guys remember. Anyway Lonesome Dave gave it all he had, as if he were playing Carnegie Hall and not a run of the mill rock bar on the east side of Ft. Worth. It was inspiring as heck. Lonesome Dave Peverett was an awesome frontman. This video is Foghat playing just a couple months before Dave died of cancer. You can see he's eaten up with the stuff here, but still - remarkably - rocking at his best. He was the real deal and, for me, the definition of integrity. https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x89qex6
  9. Loved the song ! .... and love her voice. Who wrote the song?...did it come from an album? ...can it be purchased? Who wrote the book of love? ....Anybody know?
  10. Really good, and she put her own stamp on the vocal while honoring the melody. Also his lead jam towards the end was strong.
  11. Randy Meisner was my favorite Eagle, and one of my favorite singer-song writers of the era. RIP Randy
  12. I also thought Chi Coltrane was very good there live. And that Tom T. Hall song was awesome country music from a better time period for that genre.
  13. Sad. Thought she´d overcome the stuff and live to old age, for some reason. She had 2 songs both of which - for me - could be classified as the best song of the 1990s. The Prince tune she covered and "The Emperors New Clothes". The ladder was unbeatable live. RIP Sinead.
  14. ...while this band put out some remarkably strong music, and fits right into the wheelhouse of the druthers of an ec fan ( imho )....I don't recall there ever being any discussion of Counting Crows here. Anyway, this is a beauty from their 2nd album, live on Letterman: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x9zpf3
  15. I´d guess Kansas, Styx and Journey were formed organically by the group members, and not put together by an empresario type. I know Styx wrote their own songs, and I´d expect that Journey and Kansas did also. So I don´t see why they´d be diminished to the classification of "corporate rock", even though I don´t like Journey at all, and never got into Kansas either. I´d classify as corporate rock the Tony Burrows bands, ditto Ron Dante, Partridge Family, The Monkees, the boy bands of the 90s and after, the stars who took off after American Idol success, and more. Just my view.
  16. "Rollin on down the Highway" is so awesome, and should have made my best lead guitar list. "Give me your money please" was good. Wasn't a big fan of the rest of their hits, but did like their sound. In my mind I always classified them as "Fat Rock"....not in a pejorative spirit, but in a positive spirit.
  17. P.P.S for me, Elvis Costello was the best of very early MTV. OA and WSFAPLAU ruled !
  18. I remember on some "cool guy" music forums it was chic to classify the Eagles as a sell out corp rock band. Jeez. Anyone familiar with the Eagles' full catalog will know that there is virtally no weak song that they recorded, and though they are not my fave of faves, there probably is no band that put out so consistant, and almost wall to wall, good to great songs. But yeah, cool guys have to be cool guys and point their noses down at the mortals/ masses who appreciate a good melody matched to good lyrics that are understandable to us average joes. P.S. these same cool guys, mostly, like to diss on Eric Carmen solo also.
  19. What is corporate rock?....and what bands represent this "genre"?....and do they deserve to be dissed with this pejorative label?
  20. Awesome. More similar to The Isley Brothers version than S & C's..but still very much their own take on the song..and again, awesome stuff. If anyone hasn't heard the Isleys do this song, look it up, it's uber. Great share Vinnie!.... thanks...I'd like to check out more stuff from this band.
  21. Listened to him in Chicago, late 90s. RIP
  22. Has anyone ever seen the chorus of "Your Smiling Face" in the same room with the chorus of Eric's "Haven't We Come A Long Way" ??? Hmmmm... : )
  23. Some people are quite active anonymously in their later years.
  24. "Ricky Don´t Lose that Number" probably should have made my list. The song is good, the lead is awesome.
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