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  1. This guy obviously has major head problems. I'm surprised his superiors haven't noticed and taken appropriate action. Not to worry Darlene, you'll win.
  2. James

    United Nations

    If the UN (and its faithful brethren) really wanted to do some long term good for the poor of the world, it would aim its constant "denunciations" in a 180 degree different direction. It would stop berating the West, the wealthy nations, the successful etc.---- who have worked to develop their economies into abundant ones that offer their citizens a relatively high standard of living. But more importantly (at least in regards to this topic), these berated nations have worked to put themselves in a position to be "contributors to" the rest of the world in ordinary times and in times or crisis. As opposed to much of the destitute world where their leaders have created shackled economies, have created cultures of corruption, have stolen blind from their own people, have despicably oppressed their citizens and thus put them in the position they are in today: Dirt poor, destitute and requiring financial transfers from the productive economies of the world. Look at Haiti.... a tropical storm recently swept through Haiti and killed thousands and destroyed a multitude of homes, infrustucture etc. I've spent a lot of time in Florida and when a tropical storm hits there its nothing in regards to a serious worry. On the other hand in countries like Haiti, it's devastating because the criminal leaders' actions have worked against creating housing, infrastructure etc. that could withstand a basic a storm like this. My first thought when I saw Haiti's devastation on the news was: "Those Bastards"(leaders). If the UN really cared about the long term prospects for the poor of the world it would incessently shine the light on these thug leaders, call them what they are and use all tools available to get rid of them or at worse force reform.
  3. For 3 - 4 hours early Sunday some ideas: The Art Institute of Chicago Museum - a few blocks from your hotel on Michigan Ave.--neat restaurant across the street on Michigan & Adams called "Russian Tea Time". Field Museum of Natural History- maybe a mile from your hotel off Lake Shore Drive. Museum of Science and Industry - About 7 miles south of your hotel in Hyde Park. Magnificent Mile - Mile of high-end shops located a couple blocks or so from your hotel. Sears Tower - several blocks from your hotel.--neat view of the city and lake from the top. Or maybe look into a trolley tour of the city that should give you insight into Chicago's amazing history and character.
  4. Had never heard of her Tony..... but Googled her name and she looks pretty good.----and the language accomplishment is quite impressive! Got a new one for the list: Rachel Marsden... saw her on O'Reilly Factor last night for the first time. She is conservative and Canadian! Any girl that looks like her and has the brains to make it through the muck up there and still be thinking clearly, definately makes the "Stunning and Smart" list.
  5. An interesting perspective. But I believe when you have 150,000 dead and thousands still at risk, you use those resources that you have available.
  6. Marvin, great story and well told. A neat adventure!---Am glad for you. Thanks for sharing.
  7. IE: Outlaw religion. Terari (Carmen), the above post is disturbing evidence of what would happen if your segment of the Left were to gain power. We're fortunate that most on the Left are decent people who respect civil rights. But there are enough that think like you that we need to be watchful. You do have some famous company: Lenin, Mao, Castro.... they were "idealistic" like you claim to be and look what they begat.
  8. The idea of the United Nations was the brainchild of President Wilson. He was crushed by the ridiculously senseless slaughter of WWI and was committed to doing his part to reduce the chances of this slaughter ever happening again. He was an idealist and believed this could be accomplished by promoting democracy worldwide and establishing a "League Of Nations" (predecessor to today's United Nations) where nations would convene in goodwill and work together for world peace and prosperity. He in effect sacrificed his life to this cause as he sufferred a permanently disabling stroke while strenuously campaigning overseas and in the United States for the establishment of this League of Nations. The United States never joined the League and it eventually failed. But the concept was re-born with the establishment of today's United Nations after WWII. Wilson's idealism was right. An effectively run United Nations would contribute to world peace and prosperity. But he would be rolling in his grave if he could see what the dream he gave his life for has mutated into: Sudan - The government has promulgated genocide with relative impunity with the United Nations apprearing reluctant to step in. But to rub salt in the wound, Sudan recently was appointed to be on a United Nation's Human Rights committee! Rwanda - 800,000 Rwandans were slaughtered in 1994 as a result of the Hutu on Tutsi ethnic clash. Instead of beefing up its forces to avert the clearly imminent disaster, it pulled those troops it had on the ground out (the United States was very much culpable here also). Syria - Syria recently sat on the Security Council of the United Nations while at home it was funnelling resources to Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and the terrorist "insurgents" in Iraq. Iraq - In 1991 the United Nations imposed ceasefire conditions on Iraq, many of which were ignored by Iraq with relative impunity---a terrible message to send to the bad guys of the post 9/11 world from the organization that supposedly represents the civilized world. Oil for Food Scandal - Currently in the news, no explanation necessary. Anti-Semitism - It is apparent to me, given the U.N.'s positions/proclamations on the Israel/Palestine problem, that the U.N.'s culture is infested with anti-semitism. The United Nations does a lot of good. But the bad is so egregious that I believe it needs to be torn down/abolished and rebuilt into an organization that can come closer to the idealistic vision of President Wilson. I think it is time for the United States and other like minded nations to take the lead in this endeavor. Am interested in hearing other's thoughts on this issue.
  9. I know, I know---I'm completely ashamed.......she's smart but the underpinnings that drive her brain are a bit warped. Also I'm not sure she has any real ideology unless being negative against everything is an ideology. But I guess if Marvin and Poor For Life have the guts to list Henley on this thread , I can admit that Maureen Dowd does a little to me.
  10. Maureen Dowd,...........can't help it
  11. I likewise was a fan---thought he was a gutsy force for good.
  12. But it's highly likely that these kids will eventually gravitate back to the values they were brought up with and lead successful lives. Whereas the odds for kids that weren't given the fundamentals and values are not as great.
  13. Matt, WorldBook has nothing on you.....
  14. My sense is they peaked with "MainCourse", and took progressive steps down with "Children of the World" (liked the album though), SNFever--the songs weren't bad but were very weak vs. MainCourse and then songs like "Tragedy" which I thought was terrible. But I like Robin's "crying sheep" like vocals
  15. Who in the corps of celebrity types (actors, sports personalities, news people etc.) do you think "has it" in regards to looks and brains? For me: Allison Stewart - Newsreader for MSNBC who has a very intelligent auro about her and Tina Fey - Obviously cerebrally accomplished being the head writer for Saturday Night Live and is clever and witty in an interview.--and she's got it physically too.
  16. No matter how sound our society is there's going to be aberrant behavior. There always has been and always will. One difference now is that our media is so sensational that it devours these types of stories and thus we are much more aware of them than used to be. Also instead of accepting some degree of aberration, every time there is an occurrence we expect heads to roll, government to start a new program, institutions to reform etc. Having said all that, there's no doubt in my mind that the elements of our culture that have become putrid over the last 30 - 40 years do work against healthy minds in kids---and for that matter adults. Thought JuliaD said it quite well in her 2nd post and most of her 1st.
  17. James


    Think you give an accurate description of Yasser. I can think of nothing redeeming about him. Bush gets credit for taking the bold step of disassociation from Yasser when most of the world continued to revere him. It was the right signal to send: That peace can't be born from leadership that's tantamount to a cesspool. Hopefully his death will be an opportunity for improved leadership to emerge that will "lead" the Palestinians forward and hopefully to peace with Israel.
  18. "She's So Cold" "Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)" "Junior's Farm" "Hello Dolly" & "I Still Get Jealous" "Star Baby" & "Your Backyard" "Disco Inferno"
  19. I think it is a much closer call with Eric Carmen. But for my tastes, Burton Cummings' songs as a solo artist are solidly superior to his Guess Who songs. Listening to his solo music, you can feel the liberation from the constraints he must have felt within the group.
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