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  1. Another great talent from back in the day. Often had a greatest hits collection of his, but in the last year or so I acquired 2 or 3 of his studio albums in my attempt to acquire a lot of the greatness from that era that passed me by at the time.
  2. Not sure why, but the link/video is there when I post my reply, but after it disappears. Anyway the song is "Don´t Let Go the Coat" by The Who.
  3. Yeah, it wouldn´t post after I edited for some reason. Here it is:
  4. This is a cool melodic Who song that I only became familiar with because it was spun regular on MTV in its infancy. A lot of others also were introduced to me via MTV, including Elvis Costello´s "Olivers´Army" and "WSFAPLAU" and some of the Pretenders tunes that were current back in 1981. MTV had the huevos to play a lot of stuff not played on the radio, but then mutated into something else. Anyway, here it is:
  5. Was going to post this song on Kirk´s thread, but I posted "Fat Bottom Girls" which I figured covered "body positivity" police. : )
  6. Good thread Kirk. Mine: You're 16 Dude looks like a lady Lola Come on by (Burton Cummings, written by Bob Seger) Fat Bottom Girls Under my thumb Some Girls Brown Sugar Hands on You Stay with Me The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia Does Your Mother Know This Girl is a Woman Now ....some of these would probably be given a pass if a Black or female artist sang them. But White dudes ..don't think so. That's where our culture is at. Also, I dig all of them.
  7. Saw this on twitter and thought it was time to do this here again. What are your top 10ish favorite albums of all time? ....limiting to 1 album per artist and no greatest hits albums. Live albums are legal. Mine: 1. Boats Against the Current (tomorrow it will be his first album) 2. Hotel California, Eagles (appreciating this album more than ever today for some reason). 3. Maincourse, BeeGees...could be #1 tomorrow 4. 2112, RUSH....based on the greatest concept piece and album side of all time ("2112"). 5. Blue Moves, Elton John (based on the 7 best songs from this double album that would have made a spectacular single album). 6. REO Speedwagon, You Get What You Play For (live 1977 album) 7. Status Quo Live, (1977 album). 8. Side 3, Raspberries 9. America, America....great songs, great sound. 10. Neil Diamond, Hot August Night....could be #1 on another day, ferociously great live album. 11. Dream of a Child, Burton Cummings.... not wall to wall great, but has several good to great songs on it. 12. She waits for the Night, Uncle Earl.....great all female string band album from the mid 2000s. Wall to wall great, maybe should be in my top 5. You guys?
  8. Stunningly beautiful are those photos.
  9. That one hits kinda hard, not sure why as I know none of his music apart from the 2 hits, which I liked. Probably hits hard cuz his songs were big on the radio during the peak of high school fun years. RIP Mr. Gary
  10. Rumor has it there was nothing wrong with Rod´s vocal chords,....it was just that his bus driver couldn´t find Saskatoon on the map. : )
  11. Gentlemen don´t kiss and .....show.
  12. Great song is LSN....he had a ton of great ones. Not just the hits. Very talented song writer and entertainer, and a decent guy. Really I see him as pure Americana. Lifting a "Boat Drink" to the man. RIP Mr. Jimmy
  13. Facebook is a dirty enterprise, but we don´t care about that kind of stuff anymore. We are like the Romans who just want free tickets to the colosseum 4 days a week, anything else be damned.
  14. Muse #1. I was listening Thursday to the soundtrack from The Sound of Music film. Of course we all know all of the songs well, but I listened closer and in a more absorbed way than I´d ever done in the past. My educated guess is that the marriage of those songs with the production team and the singers/players in 1964, was the apex of melody with respect to melody quality through the the history of our world. My gosh was Richard Rodgers in a zone when he wrote the music to those songs! A zone, imho, that has never been matched on one album of songs. 2. I had a thought for #2, but now it´s exited my brain. Gosh. 3. Chicks dug, dig and will always dig James. This is an axiom and probably not necessary to state. 4. Audrey Hepburn was beautiful, like an exquisite piece of art is beautiful, but she lacked sex appeal. 5. No matter how nasty the world has become, or will become, happiness is fundamentally a function of what we create in our own minds, lives etc, so no matter how bad things get, we are the masters of our happiness - nobody can make us unhappy unless we allow it. It´s all on us. 6. The cream of 19th century chicks were hotter than the same in 2023. If you don´t believe me, check out some of ole Renoir´s paintings. 7. The tide is extremely high this evening where I live and is bashing hard against our seawall. Last time this happened I woke up to a mermaid chick on my balcony. She was really hot. They say Pacific Ocean mermaids are the hottest of all. I´m not sure. Anyway, we took a romantic dip in our pool which is below my balcony. For obvious reasons I was the one who had to do the straddling. 8. I am reading my first Herman Wouk book. It´s called "Youngblood Hawk" and it is awesome. The dude can write, entertain and educate. I will read more by him. I did love the Winds of War mini-series, and Ali McGraw´s character was for me the most attractive screen character of all time. 9. I watched the Winds of War in early 1983 from a crummy hotel room I was renting while waiting for an apartment to be ready during grad school. I also remember during those days watching a show called "Madam´s Place". Madam was a puppet surrounded by various human characters. She was a friggin hoot !!! Any of you guys´s ever seen it? Anyway, that´s about it. You guys want to comment on any of James´ musings?....or offer up some musings of your own?
  15. Careful Lew, Kirk looks to be wanting to shanghai the James Harem retirees from Lew's Lair. Not for himself as he has a great wife, so my theory is he is acting as a secret front for Tony Cartmill. Hmmm.. I'd prefer the Lair win out over sneaky Kirk and Cartmill, but then again: All's fair, re harems and lairs. James, 2023
  16. My best friend in early high school was a Bruce Lee fanatic. He dragged me to a couple of Bruce´s movies, which I actually enjoyed a bunch. My friend bought the numchcuks (sp?)...and became very good at using them. I loved the Green Hornet, so he and I went to a high school Halloween party as the Green Hornet (me) and Kato (him). I was a badass Green Hornet, but I suppose that would be assume and a given. : ) Good times!
  17. Good stuff, Matt. The Tony Orlando & Dawn version was really good.
  18. Happy Birthday to a class act! James
  19. Good stuff, though I expected to see Henry Gross ( "Shannon" ) on the list. ..oh, and Edison Lighthouse for "Love Grows" also.
  20. Left the office 30 minutes ago and the barbecue restaurant accross the street was blasting "Hungry Eyes" for all the world to hear.... hopefully in honor of your birthday, Eric. Have a very Happy one!
  21. Chores = clicking the stop watch on and off. All is fine.
  22. Cool. That´s one of my favorite songs of all time. Didn´t know Bobby S. did a version. His version is good.
  23. ( other than the fact I have The James Harem ) .....I´m so glad I´m not cool. Am listening to Bobby Sherman´s greatest hits while I do chores, and it is a thoroughly joyous and uplifting music listening experience. I´m also glad I was born into the music era most of us were born into. Anyway, that´s it, thanks for listening. : )
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