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  1. ...real country music.

    I heard this one for the first time when I was walking around Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1993 during the Santa Fe Fiesta in September. Some couple hundred yards away I heard (then saw) an all girl Mexican (maybe Mexican American) band playing this song. I had to make my way over to see these girls rock this thing up there with Patty Loveless´s version. I´d never heard it but was floored at how great it was. 

    Anyway, for me one of the greatest pure melodies ever:


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  2. She's a new talent and she's really got it. Though she's part of the "angry young girl" genre" I'm not particularly into,  and she throws some unnecessary F bombs into her lyrics.....the 5 or so songs I've  heard are pretty awesome. They rock, with a cool different type of melody.

    The song "Vampire" is my favorite. She also has versions of these songs where she sings them accompanied only by her on piano...and these versions are as good as the fully produced rocking versions....which is the sign of a great piece of music as we all know.

    Check her out !

  3. I met Anthony in 8th grade, we became close friends very quickly. He is full blooded Italian and a was a great athlete. When he ran, to me he looked like a Choo-Choo train chugging along, although in his case chugging along very fast. So I nicknamed him then and there "Chooch"....and it stuck like glue, and is what I and many others still call him to this day.

    Funny thing, his grandma who lived with his family and was straight out of Italy and barely spoke English....when she heard us call him Chooch she got really pissed as I guess Chooch in Italian is a pejorative. He calmed her down and explained the situation, and she and I became pretty tight. Also when we took that trip I mentioned above, we stopped in Chicago for a couple days to hang with my Mom´s side of the family. When Chooch´s grandma heard he and I were going to Chicago she sat us down and explained to us in very broken English that we had to watch out for the Mafia cuz it was strong in Chicago.  : )    ....Chooch and I still have a laugh at that one. She was the absolute best.

  4. Gosh, the parallel universe is even more parallel. My first name is James and middle name Jeffrey. In most venues of my life I have always gone by Jeff.

    So in the summer of 1975 my family took a vacation to Sister Bay, Wisconsin where my Mom´s family had a cottage. We took along my best friend Chooch. We had a blast. 

    Anyway, we had the album "Band on the Run" at the cottage and I played it for Chooch and my little brother (he was 9 at the time). When "Jet" came on (they weren´t familiar with the song, I was), I told them both that McCartney was singing "Jeff". They kinda bought it for a few minutes, then got wise to my BS.

    P.S. LC, say hi to your brother Jeff from me!

    : )

  5. Hello LC ! ....I´ll check out the show, never heard of it but sounds great.

    More importantly, welcome back!.....we were worried about you, I even posted somewhere "has anyone ever seen LC and a hibernating bear in the same room?"   : )

    Hope all is well, and again welcome back.


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  6. Good review, thanks Craig.

    I can't criticize the set list, as maybe it was optimal given their fan base, current members and the fact it's their final tour. But it's essentially a greatest hits set list, and for me the greatness of the Eagles is ,overall, their album cuts.

    If I created their set l for my druthers, of the hits, only New Kid, Hotel C, Lying Eyes, Take It Easy, Already Gone and maybe Witchy Woman ( as it's pretty cool live )....would have made the cut.

    I'd have subbed "Heart of the Matter" ( a remarkably good song, as good as anything the Eagles did ) for "Boys of Summer" re getting a Henley solo in.

    The Joe Walsh tunes probably need to stay given that they're pretty good, and given his own following is strong.

    Album cuts I'd have included: Take the Devil or Tryin from their 1st album, Desperado/Doolin Dalton Reprise, My Man and Ole '55 ( Vince Gill singing both ),Too Many Hands, Hollywood Waltz, Try and Love Again, Last Resort, Do Something and Waitng in the Weeds.

    But surprisingly Henley didn't call me for my advice. Oh well..

    Anyway..     : )

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  7. Yeah, Rhonda makes a strong point that without Frey the Eagles aren't the Eagles, hard to refute...though I'll stick to my above post guns that the current group is legit Eagles. I can't say the same for Foghat, it's a tribute band, even though the post classic band members are talented.

    Without Freddie Queen isn't Queen. But AC/DC was still AC/DC when Bon Scott was replaced. REO stayed legit when Gary Richrath was kicked out even though Gary was the soul of the group.

    Those are just some of my takes....just my opinions...I guess there's no formula to determine which bands have stayed legit after big changes....a lot of it comes from the gut, I think.

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  8. Felder was an assnole to Henley and Frey....for sure....an unappreciative false victim...but given his greatness as a guitar player who fit perfectly with the Eagles, IMHO it'd be right to get above the acrimony and honor his contribution. Henley doesn't need to like Felder, but to give him credit would be cool. Leading also.

    Cool what they did to honor Buffet.

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