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  1. Over the years she's been effusive in her praise for Eric Carmen. She's cool beans also as I've become familiar with her on X.

    Anyway Kirk or someone may have posted this, but I was a little stunned when I learned she and her twin sister did a version of "Overnight Sensation"....and wanted to make sure you guys were aware.

    IMHO she did a good job on this arguably greatest pop song of all time.

    Very cool...


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  2. Gross. But consistent with a world that is becoming untethered to the truth, reality, beauty, and human-ness.

    I´m listening to the albums Sunflower and Surf´s Up by the Beach Boys tonight. Beauty still exists!  Glad I bought 100s of cds over the last years so I´ve got the real deals in case they all become molested with auto-tune etc., or some even banned.

    P.S. I´ve watched that dude you posted Susie, I dig him also.

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  3. I saw him for the 2nd time ( on purpose vs. my 1st time seeing him live backing America who I went to see it was prior to me being a fan )....in Dallas, Fall 1977. I was never more excited to see a concert as I´d become an Eric Carmen freako a little more than a year prior....I loved the concert but remember being disappointed in a way as he was wearing a muscle shirt ( I guess it was inspired by the Boats album cover given what Susie said )...and twirling the microphone....to me it seemed he was trying to be cool like a metal rocker, or something, instead of just being his class act self.

    Anyway, I still loved the show, he backed Hall & Oates.

  4. re: his "Starting Over"....of course - possibly because of age or a medical condition - he misses on carrying the tune perfectly....but I actually really enjoyed his performance of the song. It was charming with a dash of passion for this great song....and I liked the sound despite the imperfections.

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  5. Obla di is a great song, oozes writing talent, great fun melody.

    The fact Lennon didn´t like it is obviously fine, the fact he had to mouth off about it translates into he had a bunch of nasty in him.

    It´s so often those who preach about "world peace" , "brotherly love".....from atop a celebrity mountain ...who are the nastiest in their daily lives.



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  6. Back when Helena Bonham-Carter was 22 and early in her career, she wanted to date me. It's true. Date James.

    But, you see, she had not done her homework and didn't consider MY feelings,..i sure could've used the Me Too movement if it had existed. Or at least a safe space..

    Anyway, Helena mistreated me. Yeah she is stunning and smart and a great actress and all that....but that doesn't give her the right to ride roughshod over my sensitivities ...via her not considering the fact I already was committed to The James Harem...and, even more egregious, was how she ignored The James Harem's age limit ( 19 ) !! 

    Not sure who she thought she was, ...probably like so often is the case, she was exercising her hot-chick priviledge.

    Anyway, I survived  it....

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  7. ..died a few days ago. I was waiting for Matt or someone to post it, but it didn´t happen so I´ll do the deed.

    He was a big time forward for the Chicago Bulls back when I started following the NBA as a little kid. He teamed up with Bob Love at the other forward spot to constitute
    one of the greatest forward duos of all time. As I was a Chicago fan, Chet was probably my first NBA hero...along with Bob Love.

    RIP Señor, you gave me some cool memories during my juventud.

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  8. But, on the other hand, recently I´ve realized there is a major negative with e-readers, and that is what you do on it can be tracked by the company you purchased it from, and your data shared. Also the selling companies (amazon, kobo etc.) can (supposedly) legally remove any book in your e-reader if the company wants to. I will be dealing with this in the coming weeks as it is a problem from my perspective.

    I´m trying to take the privacy issue seriously, but it´s pretty hard. I did switch recently from my smart phone back to an older fashioned flip phone sans applications.

    Anyway, pretty impressive is the price "Marathon Man" is going for on e-bay today.


  9. I´m an e-book convert, big time. They have so many advantages over a traditional book ..

    1. Easy on the eyes
    2. easy on the fingers re: turning pages.
    3. much more comfortable to have on your lap
    4. Can read at night ..in the dark sans needing to turn on a light or have an attached light to your book.
    5. prices lower for the purchase of a book....and there are thousands of old classics that are free or cost pennies.
    6. can look up words instantly by touching the word.
    7. I own about 1100 books...all on my little e-reader that I have with me at all times.

    But I also get those who like trad books....but for me the advantages of an e-book are overwhelming.

    P.S. I read "Marathon Man" originally via my soft cover version. Now have it in my e-reader.

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