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  1. Lew, I think it´s so cool how you make a point to go to so many cool shows. Never stop, man...cuz it makes you happy!...and those of us who can live vicariously thru your adventures and hear about them!..
  2. Quality, classy...and as Susie said, clean page Bernie created. Great job Bernie!....Eric is smiling up there.
  3. I´m on board with that, Bernie, good idea.
  4. Don´t fret Rhonda, I know it´s hard to find currency where you live.....so I´m sure Bernie has a way to barter trade with you, ie: accept bushels of wheat, corn...or whatever you guys use there in Saskatchewan for money. : )
  5. Cool idea. Kids get help, in Eric´s name....and Bernie´s ec.com does some good and gets some deserved ink. Bernie, I just donated via Paypal. P.S. please leave my name off any publicity stuff. The James Harem is ALREADY OVERLOADED with membership requests, as it is...
  6. I tried it twice, first time it said I was Valentino.... 2nd time Casanova.... Just goes to show that the latest incarnations ( in my case, James )...are always superior to those from the past. Heh.
  7. James


    re "All through the Night" 1. wow, rocking version 2. wish it had lyrics a little less raunchy 3. what a great rocker, we rarely talk about it here even, but IMHO that song is so great it would be the flagship song in the catalog of 98% of the bands out there. Another testimonial to how great a song writer was Eric Carmen.
  8. ..she's beautiful, but ARGHH.... she forgot to button up her jeans!
  9. Happy Birthday Matthew C. Clark !.....
  10. Just went back up and read Lew´s post, ...maybe Lew is right....maybe the lack of knowing how he died makes this more difficult. P.S. One other negative of not knowing how Eric died is people will naturally ( and not irrationally necessarily ) think or suppose the worst. I hope his family considers this. James
  11. Nice post Bernie, we´re with you and support you. It´s strange for me also,...I´m only a big fan of his, but his death affected me much more than I would have thought. It´s kinda like I can´t accept/believe he has died. Not sure why the effect is so strong, a bit mysterious.... I´m a big fan, but that doesn´t explain it all. James
  12. She gives off a quality vibe, seems cool. Glad Eric found her and had several seemingly very happy years with her.
  13. "Before My Heart Finds Out" was a big hit where I was at the time. Kinda forgot about it but just listened to Kirk´s link and it´s really pretty great. And to boot I looked up Gene Cotton and he´s a paisano from Columbus, Ohio!....Beautiful song, I need to explore his music some.
  14. Agree with the author. And I´ll add: these guys - who had nothing to do with creating the band - but tour using the band´s name, are parasites mostly, imho. The word whore also comes to mind also as they sell their own integrity for money and some notoriety....at the expense of the real band´s legacy.
  15. I bought Dave's solo album about 20 years ago, and a nice little hand written note came with it. Classy. Dave hit his stride on Side 3 with "Makin it easy" and "Should I Wait"....both up there with Eric's songs, imho. ...and "Pop Art Live" is probably the best album I own.
  16. I still think of Al,Michael's as the guy who gave me the play by play of Reds' games via his voice coming out of my radio box at night. Good stuff, thanks Bernie!..
  17. Here´s them 5 years later where they´d matured and were at the top of their game live and in the studio. This is probably their best song nobody knows. They do rock on this one: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x108as6
  18. P.S. Agnetha´s fanny was so nice, I might have made an exception and allowed her to enter the James Harem even though she was over 19. : )
  19. I believe they won a contest in Europe via singing that song, and that was the spark for them taking off like they did.
  20. The 2 dudes ( Bjorn and Benny ) from ABBA who wrote and produced the whole catalog, are the 2 most underrated dudes in music history...probably. They were total geniuses in creating a song, and bringing it to life via the studio, and live. The chicks were (massively) rich icing on the cake.
  21. It was pretty clear OJ murdered those people. At the time I was managing a branch office in Chicago with about 15 employees. 2 black girls worked for me. Both were very good but the younger one, TT, was awesome. How disheartened I was when the radio we always had on announced OJ was declared not guilty and TT went nuts in celebration. That OJ was declared not guilty didn´t bother me a ton, as this happens in a strong legal system that puts the rights of the accused as a high priority and thus makes it difficult to find an accused person guilty. What disheartened me was that TT celebrated a man getting off free, knowing full well that the preponderance of evidence said he was guilty, and the obvious motivation for her celebrating.
  22. James


    Caring for a transgender, respecting him/her as a human being is honorable and what God tells my heart to do. Respecting adults´ natural right to mutilate themselves if they choose so, but not respecting the act of transition itself. Please note I say ADULT. But what we do today as a nation is a perverted abomination that is resulting in children being mutilated and women´s sports becoming on top of the most endangered species list Worse, we are governed by, entertained by etc. people who are part of this gender mob/cult, which is evil. Those who don´t stand against this are complicit in the evil that will be realized soon when these kids become adults and wonder how they were pushed to mutilate themselves as kids. And more evil that will manifest itself. But people want to feel "tolerant" and "inclusive" etc etc etc....so they allow children to be mutilated, and our Western culture to be perverted to high heaven.
  23. He and Gale Sayers were (imho) the 2 most talented pure runners I´ve ever seen. I´m not talking about strength running up the middle, blocking ability etc...I´m talking about taking the football from the quarterback and creating magic on the field. I was not a fan of OJ as I was a Buckeye and I saw him as our enemy out west in the Rose Bowls. And the events of the early 90s did not make me like him any more. But a magician with the football in hand were he and Sayers.
  24. Petula´s album "Lost in You", from 2013, made when she was 80 years old, is one I bought a month or so ago inspired by this thread. Just listened to it straight through and it´s very good. I thoroughly enjoyed every song. After a couple more listens I may see it as a great album. She does a cover of "Imagine" that´s even better than JL´s. Her more mature voice may be better than the voice of the 1960s, it´s awesome in 2013. Her team wrote and produced at a very high level also. She wrote the lyrics to 2 or 3 songs. Watchoo talkin ´bout Willis?? She was still putting out strong stuff for the world at 80 years old..that´s what I´M talkin ´bout. P.S. and she´s put out 3 albums since this one!
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