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  1. I browsed thru the top 300, ....and I allow a ton for the fact we all have different tastes, and just because I love an album doesn't mean it must, or even should, be on a best of list, but having said all that, still it's a sin the following weren't in the top 300: 1. Not one McCartney or Wings album made it, though the Beatles were well represented and Lennon had a couple albums there. 2. No Bee Gees MainCourse......and not a single BeeGees album on the list. 3. Sorry, but Eric Carmen 1975 is a melodic masterpiece and to not include it is just ignorant. Probably could just about say the same for Starting Over. 4. No 2112. 5. No REO Live nor Status Quo Live.
  2. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-lists/500-greatest-albums-of-all-time-156826/
  3. I used to think Hanukkah was a big deal, until I went to work for a company in Chicago where the owners and a majority of the employees were Jewish. I worked there 9 years and became close to my Jewish comrades. I learned a ton re understanding Jews, as some were Orthodox, others Conservative while others were Reform. We had a lot of fun, and developed trust to where I'd poke some pretty good fun at them, and they at me....and our respective religions/cultures. One thing I learned was that Hanakuh is actually a minor holiday for them, the big days were the days surrounding their New Year, and Passover. They also enjoyed the Christmas season almost as much as us Christians, as they "got" what was the Christmas spirit, the carols, traditions etc, and we all celebrated together at our annual Christmas get together. Pretty cool. My closest friend there was Phil. He was/is Orthodox but very open minded and cool. We had a little tradition every Christmas season where we'd carry out this conversation: James: Hey Phil, are we off work next Thursday (Christmas day)??? Phil: Yes, yes we are James. James: I forget, what's the reason we are off work?? Phil: Because it's Christmas day. James: Oh interesting. James: So what should you say Phil? Phil: Thank you Jesus. : )
  4. Possibly the most impressive guitar playing I've ever seen. Wow.
  5. My favorite George song, hadn´t seen this video till today, but for my tastes it´s world class and one of the best ever videos:
  6. Me too. Sad, cuz of all the actors I won't patronize, he was the best actor of them all. A great actor, a rancid public persona in 2021.
  7. And fwiw, I own a business and we pride ourselves on serving our customers at a level not seen down here. If one, just ONE, customer is unhappy it hurts me a lot, and I dig into the situation to sort it out and make it right. One customer being upset is a huge issue for me/my team. Every "vote" does count.
  8. Pat, love your take on boycotting..and I agree of course. One other benefit of boycotting, outside of not rewarding/strengthening bad actors, and one that people don't mention is the personal integrity angle. Who wants to sully their person via doing business with/supporting bad actors? It's about who you are and what you touch and what you associate with. It's about protecting your own character. PS Pat, you can share that with your detractors...and tell them it's from James....and it's free!!!...but only free this one time. : ) PPS always love your posts Pat, hope you stick around more! James ...
  9. Good job by him. One of my favorites. Was my fave from the album for many years back in the day.
  10. We got the power: 1. we stop patronizing the RH and the rancid music. 2. Some true rock & roll artists/entrepreneurs/etc. get together and start up a new Rock Hall, whose brand would be that it would honor rock & roll only, that it would use good judgment with zero politics allowed...and that it would be the anti-Rock Hall that is the current one in Cleveland. The world can change for the good, we got the power, but most of us would rather complain than do even the most simple things like not buying coke, Ben & Jerry´s, NFL, NBA etc etc etc.
  11. Welcome Rhonda, looking forward to reading your posts!...as you seem very smart and knowledgable. P.S. ..and now I can finally check off on my bucket list "meeting someone from Saskatchewan" ! ; ) James
  12. Well, to make a long story short. AOC was able to obtain a special presidential decree, forcing The James Harem to bake the cake (ie: allow AOC entry into The James Harem). A 2nd decree imposed an injunction forcing The James Harem to fire all of its members so AOC could have James all to herself. When told by The James Harem´s HR department, that AOC would have to apply and be accepted for entry based on merit, like all the other chicks. AOC laughed and stated she would be approved for entry because: she´s a chick, she´s Latino, she´s probably scudubied with another chick,...and most importantly, she´s screams and calls people false names louder than anybody else. The James Harem is a harem that respects reality, and had to agree thus that AOC´s case for entry was strong, so AOC was given exclusive membership. Then Hillary showed up!......(.. oh lands ..) ......she said she´d be damned if she´d allow some other chicks´ claws to draw blood from James´ back during scuduby time. So AOC scoffed, called her a dinasour and a carptebagger,...and told Hillary she ought to take her game to Panamá, where whales like her are appreciated... as whale watching is a big tourist attraction and the whales are given a lot of free food via propinas from the tourists. AOC further stated that given Hillary´s recent photos, it was clear she was requiring a lot of food to maintain her figure, and that the skim from the Clinton Foundation would likely not be able to finance that many calories, and that Hillary better, for her own calory upkeep, take advantage of the whale gig. AOC then bragged to Hillary about AOC´s record breaking time in the beer fetching trials at The James Harem´s most recent tryouts, to which Hillary had to concede defeat, as AOC is a very fast beer fetcher, and Hillary´s strong suit was always the toenail cutting event. Anyway, so Hillary acknowledged reality, wished James and AOC all the best, and finally mentioned to AOC to enjoy James´ gifts, and laughed, reminding AOC to remember that size is not important. So Hillary went off into the sunset guffawing...and guffawing....and guffawing, while, James and AOC got into the hot tub, AOC was looking very hot, while James was reminiscing about the good old pre-whale days with Hillary....and then....and then....and then.....oh lands.... As James began to put thoughts of Hillary to bed, and realize being in a hot tub with the smokin hot AOC wasn´t the worse thing in the world, ....MAXINE WATERS showed up !!!!!!....demanding SHE had seniority over AOC in all matters, including dibs on James´ "talents". OMG TO BE CONTINUED
  13. PPS .... when I think of a witch, I still immediately picture The Wicked Witch of the West in my mind's eye. That's how great the actress played that role. She's never been touched on that front.
  14. Love these adventures. PS I'm thinking Amy must have the flu...or something...cuz normally she launches some pretty great fat joke zingers at Wally, no? : )
  15. Of course Lew isn't James ..( though who is? )..... ....BUT Lew will still take the lemon, and make lemonade...( ..or possibly lemon wine and become rich with the invention?? )...and conquer all. Hey, before all you cynics scoff, they said people'd never eat pineapple on pizza! : )
  16. My answer is I also wouldn´t support that version of "The Raspberries" as without the other 3 (5) it´s not the Raspberries. Though it would be closer to the Raspberries than the version you presented in your first post of this thread...as Eric Carmen almost was the Raspberries via his song writing, leadership, singing, playing, vision etc. Eric could have had the same success with the Raspberries if he´d hired 3 other guys. I´m not poo pooing the 5 other guys as I´m a big fan of them.... I´m only highlighting the genius of Eric Carmen. James
  17. I would pass, because it wouldn't be The Raspberries without Eric Carmen, and thus they'd be diluting (at best) the dignity of the group. If they did what you mentioned under a different band name, I'd buy in for sure. James S.A.
  18. I attended that same conference, with the members of The James Harem. They love the song Little Willy cuz it reminds them that with respect to James, size doesn't matter. (at least that's what they tell me). Moving ahead, Lew, if you looked closely you'd have seen that Panasonic has transitioned into a female, and has changed his name to Panasonica. Good for him...he's got the guts to be his true self. I always knew he was a pussy down deep. : ) Anyway, when Panasonica saw me and the harem, he presented an application to join the harem. His application was turned down because he's a chick who's not really a chick. So he got mad, threw a fit ...and headed toward the local Democratic Party's headquarters, where he sat down with the local Dem brass, and AOC who happened to be visiting. He denounced me, and asked that the authorities take appropriate action. So AOC personally came for me, with handcuffs. I told her The James Harem was a monogomous institution, and that more importantly, we didn't need to play kinky sex games in order to...... Anyway, AOC was mad as hell that she was not able to have her way with James voluntarily. So she sucked all my power out of me by calling me a racist, a bigot and a homophobe, put me in handcuffs and chains, ordered a couple beefy concert security guards to haul me back to Dem headquarters, while she ran ahead to prepare for my arrival in chains. When the concert fans saw AOC running by they said: It's a bird? No it's a plane? NO it's a FOX ON THE RUN!!!. The Sweet heard this and yelled back at the crowd: We've already played that song"!!!!! Anyway... Where was I? Oh yeah, so I was pilloried in the town square by the Dem brass. The townspeople all showed up to see the sight and to see what would happen to James. AOC read out the charges against me: 1. That I was gay. She stated (as hot chicks often do when their advances are rejected)....that that was the only reason a virule male like me would turn down a smokin hot chick like her. 2. That I have not cared to learn the new language of gender fluidity. 3. That I once stated that Hillary was the hottest Dem chick. ...(to which I answered "Duuuhhhh"). 4. That The James Harem requires it's members to fetch beers for James while James times them with his stop watch. (..to which I answered: "Double Duh" ). 5. Multiple pronoun violations. 6. Rejecting Panasonica for entry into The James Harem cuz he was a fake chick. 7. Digging the Trump supporting apostate Eric Carmen s music and political opinions. 8. Creating torturous frustration in the world's 3 billion females by making known to the world's females that I have a harem, at the same time not allowing 99.999% of them to enjoy the benefits and talents of James via his harem. So those were the charges. Pretty typical for 2021. After announcing the charges to the town folk via a loud speaker, AOC approached me, whispering: "James darling, you may avoid all and any punishment if you were to change your mind, and partake in a little menage de 2 with me tonight ". I cried: Sexual harassment!!!!!!!!l......while AOC laughed stating only false cases of sexual harassment get traction in 2021. Being pilloried as I was is pretty painful and exhausting...and the coming punishment would be worse. What was I to do? Scudubii with the hot AOC?....and free myself from this nightmare? Or stick to my principles and suffer thru The Nouveau Inquisition of 2021? Would The Sweet finally play Love Is like Oxygen? If James is released and heads back to the concert, will the chicks on the field continue to take advantage of sardineville on the field and resume pinching James' heiny? Oh lands, now I understand the term "gnashing teeth". TO BE CONTINUED
  19. I had ordered it a week or so ago. But the disk is bad,...it won´t play. So I checked the packaging and saw some writing,...hard to make out but I tried, and my best interpretation is: Heh. Hi James, friend of Lew´s. Heh. Please send Lew my love, and enjoy the cd. Hahaha! Love, Panasonic
  20. Did Capitol also have control over publishing royalties?
  21. ...I've witnessed. I just watched the Ray Mancini Kim Duk-koo fight from 1982, where Kim was knocked out via tko in the 14th round, and minutes later went into a coma and died 5 days later. Some thoughts: While I'm not a boxing aficionado, and have come to believe the sport is wrong headed, I respect boxers and the history of the sport. There's probably no other sport that tests the will and heart of the athlete. It's a great sport, and it's Americana, but it's a bad sport too cuz the object is to damage your opponents brain to the point he is knocked out. Not good. This fight, up to the end, was the greatest fight I've ever witnessed. Very even fight where both guys were warriors and fought with ultimate heart. Kim even managed to get up after the final death blow....the dude showed throughout the 14 rounds that he had the heart of a lion. A couple related tragedies, were Kim's Mom committing suicide 3 months later. The referee, Richard Green, also committed suicide the following year. It's a double tragedy in that the referee called the match exactly right, but the guilt demons are strong sometimes, even when there is nothing to be guilty for. RIP Man, and RIP to Kim and Kim's Mom also. Any thoughts?
  22. ....and rock & roll isn't even her genre. Incredibly talented lady.
  23. You're welcome: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2spiw3
  24. Just noticed Lew and Señora Valentine have the same shirt on. Hmmmmmm.....
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