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    I love this thread. It deals with my favorite topic (me). : )
  2. Oooops, sorry about that, Rhonda, it was a typo, but I´ll leave it as is per your instructions. : )
  3. Rhinda, you are (real) cool beans, and the site is very fortunate to have gained such a high quality member in you. P.S....and we have learned geography from you, ie: there is actually at least one person in Saskatchewan!!....who´d have thunk it !! ; )
  4. Kinda dumb in that he only included songs that were released on 45s, and he stated there were 10 solo albums.
  5. Yeah Bernie, I was thinking the same as I went down the list.
  6. The guy has never listened to a full Eagles studio album...is my guess. They´re a bit like Eric Carmen in that there was never a filler song on any of their albums, and virtually every one of their songs, from every one of their albums, was good to great, heavily weighted toward the great side. I disagree with others on the list, but putting the Eagles there is moronic. P.S. he said Boston sounds just like America?....jeez y peez y.
  7. Ahhh, the piano - the fountain of so much of my favorite music. Very cool, thanks Kirk.
  8. I can hear a piano based artist that rocks, open their show with this little instrumental song, lights down, and then as it ends seg with the lights blasting on into a rocker, ie Eric Carmen / No Hard Feelings, Elton John / Saturday Night's all right for fighting, Burton Cummings / Charlemagne etc.
  9. ....but for me a gem. It's the opening track to her album of the same name. A highlight of the 1990s:
  10. My fave song from the 1980s. And the music video may be the best video from that decade also. Greatness.
  11. I mostly always listen to courses I take via cd or sometimes have downloaded to my phone. They are from the Teaching Company and are pretty great, and so I never feel that traffic is wasting precious hours of my life.
  12. For me you put the best songs on the album, no "quotas" . The last 2 albums while very very good, were inferior to the first 4, and thus fewer songs represented. Having said that I agree with you guys that "I´m thru with love" should have made it, ...I´d also add that "...hear it from your lips" should have made it, as well as "Cartoon World". It´s a travesty that "Foolin Myself" didn´t make it as it is in the running for Eric´s best song of all time. It´s a masterpiece, and I´m not alone in thinking this. To make room for some of the above, I´d have kicked off the album "Tonight You´re Mine" (one of a handful of songs I don´t like of his), "Nowhere to Hide" (I know I´m in the minority here as many love this song) ...and "Marathon Man"....just an ok song that doesn´t deserve to be on a "Best Of..." type album. I´d also have kicked off "Hungry Eyes" as it´s just an ok song, and not written by Eric Carmen. "If you change your mind" and especially "I can remember" are major omissions from his Raspberry stuff. But Craig is right, an impossible job to choose what goes on a "Best Of..." album when 90% of Eric Carmen´s songs are "Best of..." type quality.
  13. Deleted my above long post as I realized it´s best for the site if I don´t add to the crap here.
  14. Lew, you should have 1 million likes on this, and the others, but like many greats of history, you likely won´t be appreciated until future historians have written their histories of our times, and given your material the due it deserves. Don´t fret, you are in good company: Cato the Younger Cleopatra the Hot Claudius - first nerd in history, 4th emperor of the Roman Empire Joan of Arc...and also the Hot Jon Hus King Henry VIII.....(my mentor in how to handle chicks) Machiavelli Wilt Chamberlain - King of Notch-land Lewis J. Bundles....the lifeblood of ec.com Heh.
  15. He lived in my neighborhood while I was growing up in the 70s. Never met him though. He was a man on the golf course, and off. RIP Mr. Tom
  16. How can you do something wrong, when you write something innocently that never has been communicated to you that the person you write about didn´t want his first name revealed? Answer: you can´t. Forget about it, Lew. As I said earlier, I was friends with 2 of the 3 characters Batman came on here as, though I never knew they were one and the same. Which I can live with. But truth is if anyone deserves an apology it is us, as it was us who were deceived. Time to move on.
  17. Interesting and coincidentally my new love of my life (I have a new one every week) - Marie Prevost, who is mostly known for her work in silent films and who like many had a tragic end to her life - was the subject of a Nick Lowe song from the 1970s. Pretty weird and untrue take is his. It would have been cool if he´d celebrated her like many rockers do when writing about old school movie actresses. P.S. "Oliver´Army" and "Peace Love and Understanding" were early regulars in the rotation on MTV, and credit to MTV, I probably wouldn´t have been introduced to those great songs nor Elvis Costello if it wasn´t for MTV taking risks and playing stuff more than just the top 40. Echo and the Bunnymen, and some of The Pretenders tunes were also stuff I really dug but wouldn´t have heard without MTV playing them frequently. James
  18. Truth is as I scrolled down Lew´s story, very slowly, reading every line closely to make sure I took it all in, ...and Neil Diamond was mentioned....then as I scrolled a photo of Bernie came up.....I almost fell out of my chair laughing. Don´t know why exactly, I guess it was because Lew´s timing on that was perfect !
  19. ...oh, and you can enjoy the ec.com forum with a clear conscious ..whereas this is not the case with facebook. ec.com - unlike facebook - is not corrupt and does not use cheating tactics to sway elections as does fb, Google, twitter....virtually the whole lot. Thank you ec.com.
  20. Facebook will never have anything as brilliant as these sagas of Lew's. Heh. Viva ec.com,viva Lew Bundles!
  21. It's my least favorite EC penned tune on the album, but I still like it and don't skip it when listening to COH. It's actually quite good and a testament to the fact that Eric Carmen has always been a "filler free" artist and that his albums have always been filler free music zones.
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