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  1. Bump. I just read thru this thread again after seeing LC post a link under the ELO thing thread, funny as heck. Lew was on fire, as was Eric Carmen. Panasonic was pretty funny too, gotta give credit where credit is due. Wendy translated : ) ......and much more! If you have not seen this thread, do give it a shot. You´ll thank me.
  2. On a given day it could be his best song for me. It just oozes with his genius melody talent. Also a perfect prelude to "No Hard Feelings" on the album. It´s one of the reasons Eric Carmen resonates with us, ie: he was a genius artist from the era, but also he never lost that sense of himself as a basic guy from Ohio who still sees the world as the rest of us basics do.
  3. I LOVE "With You In My Life"....I skipped it back in the day, but learned to love it sometime probably in the last 20 years. Lot of stuff going on and it´s all brought together to create a fun and melodious little gem.
  4. I´m in the mood for Lew.... ....................................................in 2022! .....................................................................oh, and Vinnie too! ........................................................................................oh, Vinnie, I forgot, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! James, 2022
  5. That´s her best song, and one of my favorite songs of all time. So great.
  6. Fun thread, thanks for renaissancing it LC. Tony showed guts standing up for his poor choice of IYCYM. : ) I never listed my clunkers it appears, so here goes: Get it Movin Rock & Roll Mama It seemed so easy (though the live version was kinda cool) Eric Carmen solo: You need some lovin Tonight You´re Mine
  7. I read a somewhat recent interview that RStone did with Ann. She described her career as if it was tantamount to being in a concentration camp with maniacs interned with her. I exaggerate to make a point, but the truth is she had a fantabulous career, making great music, making great money, always having a classy reputation and image, getting to enjoy and accomplish all this with her sister, providing music lovers with great music etc etc etc. Of course there were negatives in her career, but on balance it was a career 95% of the population would die for. But in the interview, the overall summary/sinopsis of her career came off as putridly negative, as is so often the way in our whiny times, I guess. Give me a Kevin Cronin type upbeat and appreciative attitude any day of the week over the wallowing in (mostly false) victimhood stuff.
  8. Fake news Vinnie, I believe. He stated, if I understood correctly, that one of the contingencies of the deal was that after post deal due diligence, certain facts assumed when making the deal would be confirmed via post deal due diligence, and that during the due diligence a question regarding the % of bots that make-up the membership of twitter has arisen, and so that is an issue that needs to be reconciled.
  9. Yeah, I almost added her to the list, she had a tremendous voice.
  10. With the new curfew in Chicago for young people, I´m glad I left. If I was still there the cops would be stopping me constantly (because of my fountain of youth appearance). And worse, the female cops would be ginning a bribe from me in order to not be taken to jail, the bribe being (as usual) a little amor from James. : ( P.S. what was the question? : )
  11. I also think Melissa Manchester could have done a great job covering Boats, and maybe Rita Coolidge could have knocked it out of the park. Coolidge may, along with Karen Carpenter, have the best female voice of the era, for me. Coolidge not only had a great voice, she had the judgment to respect, and stay within, the melody of a song. Her voice is kinda the female Eric Carmen voice, both had that certain sound that I can´t really define.
  12. My story is a ditto of Kirk´s. I was a sophmore in college and was not into buying Olivia albums then (I´ve got a bunch now)....but in the record store I somehow (probably cuz I wanted to see her hot album cover) saw that she´d included Boats on the album, so I bought it just to hear her version. I was a wacko freako, just like Kirk. I don´t like her version. I think she had the potential to knock it out of the park with her voice etc., but the production didn´t do her potential justice. The album ended up being pretty good, as are the several others of hers I´ve picked up over the last few years. I was wrong when I figured her to be just a 2 or 3 singles/album type artist. John Farrar was a great song writer and did a strong job producing her stuff also. James
  13. TO BE CONTINUED.. : )
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