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  1. Such a wonderful intro to a great show. ..Eddie's Father is representative of what we were back in the day. It's so real or something. Don't think our narcissistic society has the capacity to create this type of organic beauty today, outside of a few fringe exceptions. But the good thing is we can work to change this dynamic.
  2. Great stuff, as usual...the older child is the spittin image of her Dad.
  3. She has an opinion, that's great. She being an asshole in how she opines? ...that's the opposite of great.
  4. Elvis did a strong job, but instead of rolling with, and honoring, the melody he Elvised it up to much resulting in a choppier and inferior version. Elvis is one of the very few who had the voice fo compete with the RB but it didn't happen. IMHO
  5. What a song, what perfect production,..and what a voice. Probably the best of the era, imho.
  6. ..well known as a Cowboys´ standout back in the day, has died. Appears he had a rough time of it for most of his life, but I saw this quote today from him, and now will forever be a fan: Text: In the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl against the Broncos, running back Robert Newhouse threw a pass to Richards for a 29-yard touchdown to cap off the scoring in a 27-10 win. Richards: “People always think of that game as the highlight of my career but it wasn’t,” Richards told the LA Times in 1993. “Every game I played was the highlight. Having my mates hold me up in the huddle when I had just gotten nailed and the wind knocked out of me, that was the highlight. The camaraderie of the game, every game, that was Richards:the highlight.” RIP Señor Golden
  7. Fun video....though some of the chicks appear to be over 19 : (
  8. It´s really a function of integrity, imho. If Bev Bevan listened to his conscience, he´d not have toured ELO without Jeff Lynne. But he listened to something else not as deep, whored out a little, and thus worked to cheapen the ELO name.
  9. IMHO, even if they perform live better than the original guys, they are not the Guess Who, it´s phony what they are doing...likely for financial reasons...I don´t like it. Same happened with Foghat...when Lonesome Dave died and Rod Price soon thereafter, Foghat was done. But for years a band called themselves Foghat, sometimes with the original drummer also...they toured, even put out some records.....and some of the players were stellar well known players...but it was phony because they were not Foghat. I do think if a band gradually changes its line-up and after some years has evolved to be very different than the original line-up, ....for me it could still be legit. Example the Eagles of today. Only Henley exists from the original line-up but I´ll still see them as the Eagles, albeit not my favorite version of the Eagles. REO Speedwagon has only its keyboard player from the original band, but also has Kevin Cronin who joined in the mid 70s and has been its co-leader and then leader throughout the years, and their other players have gradually replaced the original members. REO is clearly legit....though I prefer the classic line-up(s) from the late 70s. Good thread Señor LC.
  10. The 1970s is my fave decade for music, but the 1960s´ music had the best sound....other worldly sometimes for me. Even though this one was released in 1970, it´s an example of the special sound of the 60s. Remember it ?!!... https://www.dailymotion.com/video/xb3up2
  11. Do Ya, ELO Where do broken hearts go?, Whitney Houston Is it True?, Eagles - one of Meisner´s best Do you know the way to San Jose?, Dionne Warwick Does your mother know?, ABBA Should I wait, Raspberries Do you wanna dance?, Beach Boys Has anybody seen my Sweet Gypsy Rose, Tony Orlando & Dawn Hey won´t you play another somebody done somebody wrong song, BJ Thomas Are you lonesome tonight?, Elvis Have you seen her, The Chi-lites Which way you going, Billy, The Poppy Family
  12. Comments on some of the most hated songs by posters on this thread: "Afternoon Delight" - it bored me back in the summer of 1976 when it was played constantly, but listening to it recently, loud, on my player, musically the song is a gem. The theme is kinda wierd/dumb maybe, but musically they hit it out of the park. "Which way you going Billy" - not listed much on the thread, but still, incredible to me it´s listed at all...on any given day it could be my fave song of all time. What a melody, what a performance. "Convoy" - Eric listed it. I love it. Part of my love is probably nostalgia for those times, and it represents the CB craze we went through, which was fun. P.S. I drove my family´s Chevy Blazer back then into which we installed a CB....my handle was the "Blue Arrow"....which evolved into the "Blue Hornet". : ) "Honey" and "Watching Scotty Grow", Bobby Goldsboro - both can produce watery eyes. Mac Davis wrote some great stuff.
  13. ...2 of the greatest rock & roll bands of all time performing "Fun, Fun, Fun" together. Pretty friggin awesome: youtube.com/watch?v=1UooD6GN9Gs&list=RDOPfzy15DOnw&index=6
  14. I have it blasting in my office...my general manager, Kelvin, just stopped in to ask me who this is, I told him the history of the song etc and that this version is by the Rolling Stones....he plays sax and was kinda floored at how great the Rolling Stones´ version of the tune is.
  15. ...ever is the Rolling Stones´ take on "Just My Imagination". On any one day it´s my favorite song by them. For sure imho it´s the most overlooked and underrated cover of all time. They took this song to new heights, and put their own flavor on it. So great: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x8ncorc
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