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  1. I may advise against him continuing, or may not....but what I do know is many people will always strive to be productive, to give to others, to do what they do or something else more feasible. This drive for most is much stronger than the need/desire for money itself. I am always inspired by those who never stop or quit. Neil Diamond, for one, was putting out his best stuff (imho) into his 70s, up until 2014´s "Melody Road", after which in 2018 he was diagnosed with Parkinson´s and retired. And many others. James
  2. I so wish I WAS over the hill, So chicks would cease demanding I give them a thrill, ...and causing my life to be so untranquil. But behold ! ... while today Lew must take the v pill, James is like a natural biological drill, Going in for the kill, So dames can say " Oh Jaaaames my needs are SOOO fullfilled". James, 2023
  3. Great stuff, Pat. Thanks for sharing that with us.
  4. I didn't think so. Hmmm.. : )
  5. ....seen LC and a hibernating bear in the same room together ?
  6. Tiny Tim´s voice is strong, not weak....and it´s pretty awesome, really.
  7. Happy Birthday Vinnie!...hope you have a really fun day.
  8. James

    Best vacation..

    Sounds awesome, Kirk.
  9. He nailed the stuff he sang from Grease.
  10. ...place you've ever traveled to ? ....and why ?
  11. "Charles" were awesome. Kettle brand is also very good.
  12. I like his vocals there...
  13. James


    A wonderful thread topic ("James"). My favorite. P.S. Lewisa says the topic is wonderful in other fireworks inducing ways..... also.
  14. It's probably been 40 years since I've seen the show, but she still seems like she's part of my group of friends, or something. Very sad, she still seemed youngish, energetic and vital. RIP Ms. Zeman
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