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  1. Just saw this post online. Walton loved Coach Wooden, despite a little friction at times. Classic: : ) Post: Coach Wooden loved to tell the story of Bill Walton’s hair. Coach had a rule that hair could be no longer than two inches and there could be no facial hair. Walton, the star of the team showed up for the first practice one year with long hair and a beard and announced it was his right to have long hair. Wooden agreed and said: “That’s good Bill. I admire people who have strong beliefs and stick by them, I really do. We’re going to miss you.” Walton raced to a barber shop to get his hair cut and beard shaved.
  2. I liked the guy a bunch...great player, played hurt....great broadcast guy, out of the box thinker. Very sad. RIP Bill
  3. Lew, I think it´s so cool how you make a point to go to so many cool shows. Never stop, man...cuz it makes you happy!...and those of us who can live vicariously thru your adventures and hear about them!..
  4. Quality, classy...and as Susie said, clean page Bernie created. Great job Bernie!....Eric is smiling up there.
  5. I´m on board with that, Bernie, good idea.
  6. Don´t fret Rhonda, I know it´s hard to find currency where you live.....so I´m sure Bernie has a way to barter trade with you, ie: accept bushels of wheat, corn...or whatever you guys use there in Saskatchewan for money. : )
  7. Cool idea. Kids get help, in Eric´s name....and Bernie´s ec.com does some good and gets some deserved ink. Bernie, I just donated via Paypal. P.S. please leave my name off any publicity stuff. The James Harem is ALREADY OVERLOADED with membership requests, as it is...
  8. I tried it twice, first time it said I was Valentino.... 2nd time Casanova.... Just goes to show that the latest incarnations ( in my case, James )...are always superior to those from the past. Heh.
  9. James


    re "All through the Night" 1. wow, rocking version 2. wish it had lyrics a little less raunchy 3. what a great rocker, we rarely talk about it here even, but IMHO that song is so great it would be the flagship song in the catalog of 98% of the bands out there. Another testimonial to how great a song writer was Eric Carmen.
  10. ..she's beautiful, but ARGHH.... she forgot to button up her jeans!
  11. Happy Birthday Matthew C. Clark !.....
  12. Just went back up and read Lew´s post, ...maybe Lew is right....maybe the lack of knowing how he died makes this more difficult. P.S. One other negative of not knowing how Eric died is people will naturally ( and not irrationally necessarily ) think or suppose the worst. I hope his family considers this. James
  13. Nice post Bernie, we´re with you and support you. It´s strange for me also,...I´m only a big fan of his, but his death affected me much more than I would have thought. It´s kinda like I can´t accept/believe he has died. Not sure why the effect is so strong, a bit mysterious.... I´m a big fan, but that doesn´t explain it all. James
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