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  1. Agree, though I see a bigger picture, and understand that the "corporate bean counters" brought us the music from the 60s and 70s, and for that I'm say thank you, and believe they deserve a huge check mark in the credit column.
  2. James


    Agree. The site is on the way to becoming an obituary page. I love that deaths are reported here, and that we can comment, but they really do need to be isolated to a separate section, imho.
  3. Not too many guys could get away with using the moniker "Meat Loaf", let alone making it cool. RIP Mr. Loaf
  4. IMHO, can't take it seriously without including this genius 80s pop song:
  5. Happy Birthday Girlfan! James
  6. Psssst, Lew, it´s me, James!!!!......and....and....I think Karen is over 19, but I don´t want to hurt her feelings, .......what should I do??
  7. Karen contacted me after reading my post. Actually, she texted me a poem, here it is: Hi James of harem fame, My name is Karen Valentine. And I have a new goal. I want to make you mine. You see, Lew is cool, He can make chicks swoon, but I have loftier goals, I want to go to the moon. Hark!, James, you are the one, To be my astronaut, One look in your eyes, Get´s working my G-Spot. Behold! I demand, Entry into The James Harem, Your HR denies me? Heh, I dare´m. Karen Valentine, 2022
  8. Though "Mainstreet" is my favorite Bob Seger song, hands down for me his best sound was when he was rocking his earlier stuff live, ie: see his "Live Bullet" album. So great, songs like "Get out of Denver", "Travelin Man/Beautiful Loser" , "Katmandu", "Turn the Page".......that´s his apex, imho. Here´s a the live version of "Get out of Denver". ...it should have been a classic, but few even have heard it:
  9. It is a great song, I recently bought one of his albums inspired by the song. It´s one of those special songs from that period (late 60s-ish), along with some others, that had a sound you will never hear in any other time epic. My favorite music sound of them all. Hard to define. What a sound, what a song. RIP Mr. Dean
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