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  1. The book. "Marathan Man" is a good song, the book was better than good.
  2. Agree, on his first 8 albums (4 Raspberries, 4 solo).....every song he wrote was good to great, with the great majority leaning towards great. And his last 2 albums were very good overall, with some of his best stuff represented......both albums head and shoulders better than the average album you'd find in a top 40 list from back in the day. For sure Eric Carmen wrote at a level as high as anyone with respect to the quality and consistency of his songs, IMHO. James
  3. Yeah, listened to it, it's his best song for me, at least for tonight, and maybe tomorrow too. Man, what a ballad....has to be the greatest ballad never played on the radio. Possibly the greatest ballad ever, period.
  4. Funny, even before reading Kirks post I was running at full speed to chime in that, for my tastes, the setlist was horrible. All my favorites left out. Every one. Also I'd have thought that if anyone could stand up to the mob, Jagger would be one...so it's hugely disappointing he gave in and left out "Brown Sugar". On a positive note, pretty impressive that they can put on a long show like that at their stage in life. James
  5. Probably not...Lewisa would be turned around..facing me.....and begging me for a "treat".
  6. Cool post. Funny, I probably consider "In your backyard" Burton's signature song, the epitomy of his boogie woogie, and at many stages of my fandom the song I see as his best.....so I'm kinda shocked it's not on your list. "We just came from the USA " has cynical (or worse) lyrics from my perspective, true, but it rocks, thus my high rating. Another one I loved and agree with on your list is "Come on by". A Bob Seger penned tune that I used to rock to back in the day, but felt a little guilty back then even, given the lyrics, but a great song it really is. He'd be tarred and feathered if he sang that one today. Others that come to mind that I like that didn't make my top 10, nor even your playlist are "Never had a lady before", "Roll with the punches", "Guns, Guns, Guns", "Dream of a child", "My own way to rock"....and "Shiny Stalkings".
  7. "Dream of a child". Lot of strong tunes on that album.
  8. Nice rundown, thank Craig.
  9. Interesting. I like his solo music better than his GW stuff, though it was good. If did a top 10/15 of Burton songs and we could pick from his solo and GW careers, only 2 GW songs would jump into my above list, "Star Baby" and "Clap for the Wolfman". "Star Baby" may be #1. It´s a song no other artist of the era could write and perform. It´s pure Burton Cummings at his best.
  10. Not sure, Kirk, I can continue talking about how the James Harem clips my toe nails and at the same time doesn´t block my view of the tv. ......given Lew´s foot fetish. : )
  11. I´ve got the book on my Kindle along with about 1000 other books, most still need to be read. I read the soft back version of MM back when it came out. I loved it. I probably should give it another go, but there is SO much to read in this life and so few hours in the day! : )
  12. That video is great, Bernie, and the song is, per me, the best song of the 1980s.
  13. James


    Already looking even cooler!
  14. That writer gets it, smart guy.
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