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  1. Actresses..

    Here's a link to the AE Mary Pickford episode:
  2. Actresses..

    I love Mary Pickford, she was the biggest name from the Silent Era, probably. She also became a power player as a founder of UA I believe. By the 1930s when talkies replaced silents, she was all but done. The American Experience on PBS did an episode on her some years ago you can find for free on video platforms. I think you'd love it LC. She's uber Americans.
  3. Boats cat-astrophe

    I enjoyed the heck out of it too. Good find Kirk!
  4. Actresses..

    This is my runner-up. She'll probably be my first choice tomorrow. She was the most classic of the classic beauties. And if you look her up, you'll see that she was also a genius inventor. When you look up the meaning of the phrase "beauty and brains", you'll likely just get a photo of Hedy Lamarr.
  5. Actresses..

    I've been watching movies from way back when as I've developed a real liking for them. Mostly movies from the Silent Era thru the 1950s, with my favorite decade being probably the 1930s. Anyway, I also really dig the actresses from this period, they just had it going on for me more so than the actresses that came later. So, from whatever time period, who was your fave? This would probably be mine, though I still have yet to see most of her movies. But she was the most beautiful of them all for me, and importantly she had aura of integrity when acting on the big screen. Watch at least 20 seconds of the video to give her justice:
  6. Righteous Brothers

    Sometimes it's the best song of all-time for me. Many covered it, some did very well (Leann Rhymes did a great version)...but nobody can touch Hatfield/RB's version. There was some smokin great creativity goin on in the 50s and 60s USA, on many cultural fronts. James
  7. Top 10 Elton John Songs

    Yeah LC, he put out 11 (12 if you count Friends which I'm not familiar with)...stellar albums between 1969 and 1976, on which he wrote virtually all the music. In the running for greatest music output/segment of time ...ever. During that time he also wrote and recorded non album singles that were massive hits in P Freedom and Don't Go Breaking My Heart. And for my tastes, he did the best versions of Pinball W and Lucy in the sky.. of them all...during those 7 years. Wow!!...to the 3rd power.
  8. Strong cover, very well done by that guy. And the "Lennon flavor" works!
  9. Gilbert O ..

    Cool !
  10. 2 of my favorite classic songs medley

    Strong version, Gladys has a special voice, it´s almost like she can´t sing a bad song. Love her. James
  11. He has held up awesomely. The newish album I´m listening to now is very good, every song is at least enjoyable to listen to. He rocks on a couple, and it works! I am, and will be, delving much deeper into his music in the next weeks/months. I believe he´s the real deal, ....way more than a guy with a few strong hits. James
  12. Let's Pretend Orbison?

    1. I dig the "Orbison" take of Let's Pretend. It's kind of a cross between Roy Orbison and the "Monster Mash". 2. I'd never heard that version of Let's Pretend that Kirk and LC posted of Eric singing with the Rs and solo. It is awesome!!
  13. Uber beauty + uber voice +..

    Yes sir, I have. ReidC used to like her a bunch also.
  14. Oh James...

    Well, Señora Laufey has applied to join The James Harem many times. She's actually applied (outside of DianeD)..more times than any female, and of course been rejected (her beer fetching time trials were poor). So in anger she wrote this bad song, and with it created the world's most irritating video. Having said all that, nowhere on her application did she indicate ownership of that scrumpdiliicious car! Man! I'm going to get with The James Harem's new member committee and suggest we make an exception for her,...if she's willing to sign over that car to the namesake of The James Harem. Ok, that's about it. Please carry on.......
  15. Wow, their take on Alone Again was decent, but their version/arrangement of ABM was strong!