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  1. Yeah I recently ordered hgf and will make a point to watch it soon. I've also recently become a little familiar with Rosalind Russell and like you Susie, others say she was fantastic in that movie. She also seems to have been a class act off screen also.
  2. ...by an actor or actress? I'm not sure what mine was before, but now it's Constance Bennett's performance in the movie "Topper" from 1937. Awesome. You guys?
  3. Pretty interesting, cool...and a trip back to the start of senior year in high school for me. Thanks Craig. I remember the Wild Cherry song being big during the summer, well before school started at the end of August?.....but obviously my memory is offk, or maybe the song hit big in Columbus a little differently than it did nationwide. I also remember hearing "Sunrise" maybe just once or twice on the radio, and on WTVN which was kind of an old folks am station that did play some good songs FM didn´t play. I remember also hearing "Amber Cascades" on WTVN....an America song from "Hideaway" that got no airplay anywhere else in Columbus. RE: "Sunrise", I don´t have a clue how it didn´t go way up the charts, given the first 2 hits from the album paved the way...and also "Sunrise" was a perfect pop tune, even more perfect for radio, so imho should have charted higher than the first 2. James
  4. One more: Ac-cent-tchu-ate the positive, Andrews Sisters and Bing Crosby
  5. Good thread Lew! I´ll take these over the above 9 ( I don´t count George´s / The Beatles´ WMGGW as a collaboration ): 1. Bad Blood, Elton and Neil Sedaka 2. Don´t Go Breaking My Heart, Elton and Kiki Dee 3. You Don´t Bring Me Flowers, Neil Diamond and Barbara Streisand 4. You´re The One That I Want, Olivia and John Travolta 5. Summer Lovin, Olivia and John Travolta 6. Xanadu, Olivia and ELO 7. Then Came You, Dionne Warwick and The Spinners 8. Nada Fue Un Error, Coti, Julietta Venegas and Paulina Rubio.....of the 8 on this list, this one is my fave, it´s genius pop, link is below:
  6. I don´t know what a "cowl" is, but I´m pretty sure the James Harem members scratch it for James, so he doesn´t have to. Point: harem. : )
  7. Before moving to Panamá I used to sometimes listen to Pandora Radio, where you create your own stations,...one I created was an Eric Carmen station and they´d play Eric Carmen type music, and they did a pretty good job. This list is not so on target, I´d give it a D+. I think they should have listed Beach Boys, Paul McCartney, Burton Cummings, Elton John, ..maybe The Bangles, ...John Waite was a good call by Mr. Algorithm.
  8. I like Kiss, but that´s gonna make me think again. Kinda fraudulent. Though I guess when we created the slippery slope of lip syncing on tv, and then "producing" live albums via additions and subtractions to/from the actual show....this Paul Stanley type of thing is almost to be expected. Also if the video of Paul McCartney singing "Maybe I´m Amazed" last month live is representative of how he´s singing on this tour, if he were my friend and asked my advice, I´d have told him not to tour anymore.
  9. McLean: American Pie Vincent Crying Castles in the Air
  10. Days gone down (You´ve still got the light in your eyes)....my fave of his Bakers Street....justifiably seen as a classic Get it right next time......cool tune Right down the line....I didn´t like this one, but it was a bigger hit than Bakers Street
  11. Which of my list only had one hit? Answer: none.
  12. Impressive he has the stamina to put on a show that long, Wow. I love Junior's Farm at #2. My additions would be "Beware My Love", "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey" and "Venus & Mars / Rock Show". Have a blast LC!
  13. James


    I remember watching it when it debuted in 1997. I was changing careers and looking for a job, so I was at home in the morning often. It was pretty decent. The Debbie girl was hot and likeable. Barbara Walters and Meredith were cool. But the show has mutated to putridity. But even worse than its mutation is the fact enough Americans watch it to keep it going. That is another major indictment of us as a people.
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