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  1. James


    EC is happy Susie, I believe. One reason must be that he has such a cool, and good, person as you as a fan of his.
  2. James


    Good stuff Susie. You know Lew has a professor chick friend who used to analyze the meaning of my ( James´ ) poems. I wonder if she could figure out the meaning of your dream? Lew??.....hey Lew, tell the professor chick if she´ll figure out Susie´s dreams for her, I´ll give said professor chick a weekend pass, free, to The James Harem.
  3. James

    A musing..

    You guys have a musing to share?...
  4. James

    A musing..

    I loved the simpler days of halftimes where Punt, Pass and Kick contests were featured. That´s all. : )
  5. Smokin Christie B ...I want to time travel back in time and steal Berniez's job from him!...!
  6. Incredible no "Overnight Sensation" listed yet. I´ll go with that one today. Tomorrow probably "I Can Remember". I also love Bernie´s choice.
  7. It´s a live album played/produced incredibly well, with a fantastic selection of songs. In the running for greatest album of all time for me given these 2 elements. I think even we here underrate this gem. James
  8. Happy belated Birthday Kirk !..
  9. Happy Birthday Señor LC !....hope you have a fun day.
  10. They say we get better and wiser with age, and I know some of us do....but many don´t. Look at all the break ups and fights between band members in their golden years. Fleetwood Mac´s Stevie & Lindsey (though I´m a huge admirer of Lindsey B as a creative force, hard worker etc. but it was probably his fault there as he can be a real asshole if you´ve read anything on their history), H&O, Eric Carmen and Wally Bryson, Heart, REO (Gary forced Kevin to fire him in their mid 30s)..and many more. It´s sad....I´d hope people could have more love and less bs, especially in their later years. Also, Daryl better have a good reason to get a RO against Oates, as he with the restraining order has all but painted, to the public, Oates as a psycho. If he doesn´t have a tremendously good reason for doing the RO, then he is a bastard, imho.
  11. Great scoop Susie,..I will for sure get this flick. Sounds great...I´m excited to see it. I bought the silent film from 1927 based on your recommendation some time ago. I´ve studied that time period and place (French Revolution and Napoleonic reign) pretty much. I do think that France´s help we received during our Revolution made the difference in us winning. But Louis´ motivation was solely to get a dig at England, and to pay England back for England´s recent crushing of France in the 7 years war, and in the New World and kicking France out completely. Louis XIV and XV contributed to the French all but bankruptcy, and XVI closed the deal. (to me Louis XIV is the most overrated big guy from history). XVI helped us, for motivations of vengeance, and probably stupidly as his helping the Americans contributed to his downfall with respect to the money he spent (as Susie mentioned) and with respect to him helping a republican revolution that was the opposite of him and his monarchy, with the Americans´ victory also providing spirit and motivation to the French republicans in their bringing of XVI down The French Revolution was, in the end, a violent bloodbath created by France´s version of Woke in the very early 1790s. They started off with noble ideas as our Wokesters mostly did, but went crazy irrational, became a cult, and then paranoid, filled with hatred. Very much like our current day Woke, but a different flavor for sure. It´s a lesson of history that applies to our times but historians today either are woke themselves, or are afraid of the Woke, so historians of today are negligent in their responsibility to teach us the lessons of history on this front. Having said that the original ideas and beliefs of the French who started up their revolution were of liberty and quite noble. And because of the wars and France being the center of culture etc. at that time, many Europeans caught on to these noble ideas and thus these noble ideas spread throughout Europe and within a century would transform Europe into a basically classical liberal continent, where a healthy form of nationalism and sense of national self also took hold, for the better overall. No century in history (with possible exception of the 20th) has moved humanity forward faster and more impressively than the 19th century and it´s not even close. The pollinating of new ideas of justice and liberty accomplished by the French Revolution was one of the principal reasons for this.
  12. If you check out Vanna's above photo, you'll see the truth as to what's going on there. You see, I ( James ) was on vacation ( then and there ) walking the streets in my bathing suit, a little lost...and mistakenly walked into Bernie's studio just as that shot was being taken. Bernie owes me a commission I think... P.S. It gets tiring always being seen as no more than just a piece of ( choice ) meat..
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