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  1. Thanks, Elle, for posting the M&M's clip; I've been waiting to see it ever since Eric said it would be coming. I love Hungry Eyes and it's great to hear whenever it's used in a commercial. I'd also like to thank Eric for letting us be the "first to know", but I wonder if he will ever read this since he has been absent for so long.
  2. I must say that the listeners in the Netherlands who are Raspberries fans sure have great taste in music!
  3. That is why this website is so great to me, I always like to know where Eric's music is played, and I first heard about this movie from another user's post not too long ago. I have been unable to log in for awhile and really missed it. (Now I have to try and catch up.)
  4. Wow, 92 years old; I read about her in the "Eric Carmen Press". The LA Times website says she was 45 when she was assigned to cover a Beatles show in 1964.
  5. You guys always plan fun-sounding get-togethers! And this event seems like such a perfect venue. Keep it simple, and make sure everyone gets posted on the plans - you might have some last-minute surprise guests. To be honest, my schedule is not my own these days, but if I attended it would be wonderful to actually meet everyone in person. And for those that met each other already in the past, it seems like it will be a sensational reunion!
  6. Sounds of Silence was a trendy name for the group. I would have loved to hear them perform. Thank you, Bernie, for posting this picture.
  7. Here is a Beatles recording of the old fashioned version of the "Happy Birthday" song:
  8. You are too funny, you could sell that joke for use in a stand-up comedy act!
  9. Your welcome. But you should not say you are worthless because you may not realize that you are valuable. And please don't let Eric make you sad - he has other things to do and I for one try not to expect him to post as often as we fans would like!
  10. Here is a Kiwi Beanie baby for you: Best wishes for a great birthday!
  11. Can anyone guess who are the young Raspberries in the "Yardbirds" photo? (I am still holding out from getting a facebook account but I do check it out when the pages are open to public view). On the Raspberries "Wall Photos", number 19, it shows Wally, Jim, and Dave with the Yardbirds. Wally is easy to spot sitting on the floor in the front. But is Jim standing at the left with his arms folded, and is Dave the one with the white sleeves, squatting on his feet, maybe sitting on a ledge, to the far right of the picture? Am I incorrect?
  12. Welcome back Marvin! I hope you are able to keep posting; I know I speak for others also when I say that you have been missed.
  13. You're welcome, but I posted them because I also couldn't find the lyrics elsewhere (so I jotted down the words as I listened to the song a few times) And I agree with and love how you say the last line in your post: "The piano and Eric’s voice – and nothing more, there’s no need"
  14. His music reviews were exceptional, and I enjoyed reading his posts on the Boats Blog and Epinions. His words truly indicated how much he loved the Raspberries. He was quite young so the news of his death is shocking. (He was still posting on this board not too long ago.) His favorite Raspberries song was "I Don't Know What I Want", and I hope his spirit is reading this thread. Since the Raspberries cannot sing for him right now, I found a link on Youtube to the song, which is also one of my favorites:
  15. The first time I knew of her was when she started posting after returning with the "2" account. She was one of the sweetest people on this board, and I am sorry to hear of her passing. Her troubles seemed well-hidden from her posts, which were often witty, and she always offered a kind word when the opportunity arose. May our dear friend rest in peace.
  16. I had not heard the terrible story you posted about the 14-year old who committed suicide due to fear of the rapture. It makes me wonder what her parents taught her about the horrific "end times".
  17. Excellent post! Memorial Day is all about remembering those that died so that our babies could sleep peacefully.
  18. Great lines from poet William Cullen Bryant: Ah! never shall the land forget How gushed the life-blood of her brave -
  19. The re-titling (from "A History of You") that Eric did was smart. And definitely a great song, both melody and lyrics are just perfect together: They say that time heals all wounds, but they don't say how much time. So I'm waitin' for tomorrow every day. Your photograph no longer smiles now that you're not mine Oh the past it seems is always in the way. Chorus: And the days turn into weeks, while the weeks turn into years The years turn into memories, and the memories to tears and I wish just once that you could feel the emptiness I do 'Cause there's nothing left but lonely after you. Once or twice I had a dream that things were still the same. Oh I close my eyes and think of things we did. But now that I am waking up I know you're not to blame, For taking most of me along with you. (Chorus repeats)
  20. I enjoy reading your posts and hope your day is a special one!
  21. Eric wore a tuxedo for the occasion: I sent it to you with the hope that seeing him play and sing on the video helps you to celebrate your birthday!
  22. Hope you and your loved ones are surviving reasonably well with the destruction all around. May God give your neighbors the strength to begin again.
  23. ¡Feliz cumpleaños! P.S. I did not make this card myself; I want to give credit to the website that I found it on: lostfreak.tumblr.com
  24. All the songs on this album were hits with the public, so it is a must to hear them and play them for others.
  25. Clever location for the spies:
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