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  1. Maybe these Facebook changes will cause some of the lost members of this site to come back! If they want privacy, they can just use the "send a PM" feature (I think you can put multiple usernames in the address box).
  2. Was something removed? I am having trouble finding an article after clicking on your link.{note:Problem was fixed.}
  3. Both can play piano but dogs sing along! Note: Regarding topic tangents, they can make it difficult to look things up, but it's usually interesting to see how topics evolve. Regarding topic counts, it seems more people post condolences to a relative of the deceased. It's not easy to think of something appropriate to say when you don't expect the relatives to be your audience. When I read about Bob's death I decided it wouldn't seem repetitive to new board members and posted a comment with a bit of information already known here.
  4. Lines from the second verse of I Can Remember are the first thing I thought of: I can remember autumn skies and goodbyes Hurting so badly that I thought I would die But the more things seem to change The more they stay the same
  5. Great to read whenever someone shows their appreciation to the Raspberries' influence! And it is first on Eddie Trunk's list! Thanks for sharing what you found. However, when I looked at the article, I noticed that it makes it seem like "Go All The Way" is the name of an album. No big deal though.
  6. This thread brings back memories! I love this song!! So well-written, words and music, perfectly placed sound effects. I found a youtube clip to share the experience with those who may be new to his music: P.S. I don't get how the pictures in the slideshow of this video fit with the song, however.
  7. These past few months I didn't have enough time to send greetings to those celebrating birthdays (except I made sure to make time for Eric's). Now I'm sending a belated Happy "BIRTH"day to T.J. and congratulations to missm! I'm so glad that (in the end) you and your new baby can enjoy each other! Here is a cute cartoon that I found to share and put a smile on all our faces: Are you playing Raspberries music for him? (though I think young ones gravitate toward nursery rhymes with children's voices in the vocals. Even my dogs objected - they only loved classical music (they would literally grunt and walk out of the room when I played rock on the stereo!
  8. Your website is excellent! The "Then and Now" photo section is especially well-done. I also like the home page quote which seems quite meaningful for you and Brad: "I think people who truly can live a life in music are telling the world, ‘You can have my love, you can have my smiles. Forget the bad parts, you don’t need them. Just take the music, the goodness, because it’s the very best, and it’s the part I give most willingly." ~ George Harrison One suggestion I thought of, if it is possible, would be to have your upcoming venue always appearing somewhere on the screen, so people will be sure to see it!
  9. I am not a Californian but I agree that for a short time it can be nice. One time a few years ago all the neighbors were forced outside due to the stifling heat from no air conditioning and it was like one big block party. But, it can be dangerous in the long term, worrying about food spoilage, especially when there are young children involved, or the elderly.
  10. Oooh! Eric Carmen was the Aug 11 Rock Flashback on WNEW.com! ==> Rock flashback:Eric Carmen
  11. It was in another thread, I think in response to fans asking about Eric's plans.
  12. Then why did Bernie post "Move along..."?
  13. Excellent sound quality, feels like you're right there; every squeak of the microphone and murmur from the crowd can be heard. I was listening through my headphones and the tapping sounds made me think that someone had entered the room behind me. And after that closing, the band must have had to take a break! Superb performance by all, especially Eric's vocals. Also nice to see an unpublished photo. Thanks for posting!
  14. Thanks for bringing this to our attention - cool photos and very brief "highlights" (definitely sounds like a show that Raspberries' fans would not want to miss).
  15. The headline of this thread caught my eye although I haven't been on-line as much as usual this summer. Misfortunes of others make me feel sad and I'm not sure what to say. I feel guilty that I've been oudoors taking advantage of these "long hot days". Missm seemed to always offer a kind word, and be friendly to new members, often with helpful or inspirational advice. She didn't complain much about her high-risk pregnancy, and I hope she gets well soon. Her favorite ec song is "Someday" from her profile page, this song is one of my favorites also. Maybe if I play it for her it will bring her some joy:
  16. ... and also of Eric solo, is the "false ending". Here is a recent article from the UK Guardian about false endings which mentions the Raspberries and Eric Carmen , Overnight Sensation and All By Myself ! CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE ARTICLE
  17. I've been trying to sing along with this addictive summer song - thank you, Bernie for posting the full lyrics below!
  18. On 2/27/2004, a TV show aired called Hope and Faith that played part of the song Almost Paradise at 16:30 and 19:52 during the episode titled "Prom and Circumstance" Season 1 Episode 17 CLICK HERE TO WATCH FULL EPISODE (30 minutes)
  19. Eric - I wish I could send you this piano cake for your birthday: We're lucky that you've worked hard to share the musical gift that you were born with. Stop by and say "Hi!" to your appreciative fans coming to the 2011 ec.com get-together at the Union County Musicfest in New Jersey on September 17-18!
  20. I love Eric's version of "Boardwalk Baby"! And even though it was recorded by another artist, I still think it has a shot at being a big hit song by Eric. I also like other songs that Diane Warren wrote, including "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" recorded by Aerosmith:
  21. This was a touching thread; I finally had a chance to read it since I am still trying to catch up from my month away. Although I didn't have time to use the computer, not a day went by that I didn't think of you guys. Some of the posts above express my thoughts about the nice people here.
  22. I enjoyed reading your poems, you should post more of them.
  23. Hungry Eyes could not be performed well by just anyone. The way Eric does it is fantastic - he took it over and made it his own. It is also a fun dance tune.
  24. He is only 67 years old - so young to have had a stroke. Sad that he hit his head so critically.
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