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  1. Sorry about your pneumonia, allergic reactions, and other problems, but glad to read that you are recovering. Hope you can rest and take care of yourself. Please don't worry about anything.
  2. I looked up "schicksa" on a few dictionary sites (as I often do with foreign words) and thought it odd that Wiktionary has an oxymoron "non-Jewish female, implicitly one who is attractive and young" labeled as "derogatory, ethnic slur". Noun schicksa (plural schicksas) 1.(derogatory, ethnic slur) A non-Jewish female, implicitly one who is attractive and young
  3. Since I prefer not to feel required to login, and I don't always know in advance when I won't be able to, even one week is a restriction I don't need right now. Not for a game. I'd better stick to the less structured games that have no time contraints.
  4. She said Janey Clewer and Blues Gaitsch did the gig with Michael Sembello. I thought she was saying that Eric's songs were sung, not that he performed them. However, if he did perform, does anyone know what he sang, and if any recordings of his performance are available for purchase in the U.S. or on-line?
  5. I'm not a hockey fan, but I do usually like to play games. Hoever, I'd better not join since I'm thinking that if I did I would have to be able to log in every day.
  6. I incorrectly used to read "E-Cat-w" and thought she liked cats, then I finally figured out that "ECatw" is the first letter of "Eric Carmen all the way". (Pretty obvious, I know, unlike "angelina" for "jolie" or "Tiggsherby" for the combined name of two pet cats. I also used to incorrectly read "Adventurine" not "Aventurine", the gemstone).
  7. That's a good one - best wishes for a very long life. Happy belated birthday!
  8. I want to send my best wishes also! Sometimes I wonder whether users' posting names mean something to the users who selected them. I recently learned that user "angelina" is a fan of Angelina Jolie, and I wonder if "TIGGSHERBY" means something to you. Happy birthday!
  9. To one of the best cheerleaders on this board!
  10. I listened to this a few times and I must say that I actually do like it (even though not as much as the previous versions). It's still a beautiful song and I like Victoria Justice's voice. If it catches on with the young people maybe Glee will feature it!
  11. According to the Music Obituaries section of the The Telegraph in the U.K.: "He was forever modest, almost to the point of embarrassment, when anybody told him how much they admired him, and though this reticence cost him much in terms of financial reward, it was also a large part of why he was so widely loved." Also: "Bert Jansch, who died on October 5 aged 67, was one of Britain’s greatest folk guitarists, but had an influence that spread far beyond the genre, reaching rock musicians as diverse as Jimmy Page, Johnny Marr and Neil Young."
  12. Good thoughts that you have given. "Today is the first day of the rest of your life!" When a person has been taking life for granted, this can be a motivating motto, especially if someone has failed at something and needs to make a fresh start.
  13. He was so young, but aged quickly. Here's a 1996 picture: Rest in peace.
  14. It's difficult to guess without any clues, but congratulations to whomever!
  15. Don Krider commented on all the songs on the Tonight You're Mine album in his Epinions.com review: Eric Carmen: A return to rock music for "Tonight You're Mine", written January 6, 2004 (updated July 26, 2008) About "Inside Story", he wrote: As truly "cool" songs go, "Inside Story" is in the Top 10 of my all-time "cool song" list (currently maintained in a filing cabinet inside my mind's cluttered work place). I was working for Scripps-Howard Newspapers at the time after studying journalism in college when out comes Eric Carmen with a song that opens with the sound of typewriter keys called "Inside Story." Tying a love story to a news reporter theme was brilliant, I think, and the song (sounding, perhaps because Davey Johnstone of Elton John's band plays guitar here, a bit like Elton's "Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting") sizzles as a rock tune.
  16. One of my cousins had clipped out a chart from a newspaper in the 70's showing the "Top-100" countdown. I think it was either WABC or WXLO. "Go All the Way" was 40-something on the list. I kept that yellowing newspaper clipping in a drawer for the longest time (until I moved away, when I had too many things and so my belongings got mixed up.)
  17. I need to make a correction: The woman singing All By Myself in the movie Clueless at 3:44 is Jewel Kilcher (the video was removed from Youtube.) The version of All By Myself sung by Jamie O'Neal is in the Bridget Jones movie.
  18. I think I'll post the well-known Raspberries muppet video - Overnight Sensation - in response to your posting of puppets.
  19. Sometimes I need time for myself, and not having access to a computer is a great excuse. I could buy myself a small and portable computer, but choose not to. I prefer having the session limitations that the desktop sets for me - I worry that I already spend too much time on-line. Sometimes I do not log in for weeks, and then things change, and I have time again. Many people are different, they have to stay connected - like my husband when he insists on taking cellphone calls no matter where we are or what we're doing. (What's the point of voicemail then, I tell him to check the caller id and only take the calls that might be emergencies). The good thing here is, there are no formalities on this site, people leave and come back all the time, no explanations are required. We have all been moved by Eric's music, and can't stay away too long. I do want you to know that you're a fun person who will be missed during your absence. I expect you will remain, as I will, an Eric Carmen fan for life.
  20. That's when the Raspberries released the song Go All The Way (July 1972).
  21. With the cooler weather approaching, now is the best time to take walks through the woods, for foliage and fresh air. Anyone have any interesting experiences to share? My husband and I were walking through a secluded trail in the rain and heard scuffling in the trees and large bushes beside us. We couldn't see anything moving, but the thing that was making that sound was clearly alive. I wasn't sure if we could figure how big it was, but I was hoping it was just a chipmunk or other small animal. When we finally located where the sound was coming from I got nervous since my husband said there had been bear sightings in these woods. We started to walk more quickly but the animal got closer and closer, until, it came out in the open and we saw that it was just a dog, wearing a raincoat, followed by its master shortly behind. We were relieved, but felt a little silly. I was reading the conversation from last night in the shout box about cats and dogs and strollers and raincoats and that's what reminded me of my story. I couldn't resist posting some pictures I found on the web:
  22. I had to rush out the door right after I finished posting the link and never got a chance to write my comments. When I read the article I was surprised by how far science has gotten with mind-reading. If these brain scanning machines are safe, then they should be used to aid detectives when interrogating criminals. A few years ago I walked by a marketing exhibit at which people were lined up to try out a "mind-reading" device. I thought how cool it would be to have my mind read, but my friend and I decided to pass it up (since the staff said that we would have to wear electrodes and they would scan our brain cells.) I felt it wasn't worth the risk of adverse side effects, especially if the devices were still undergoing research. I feel the risk has to be justified, like if someone needs a brain scan for medical reasons.
  23. Posted yesterday on Discovery News, Titled: Now Showing: Movie Clips From Your Mind "Neuroscientists reconstructed blurry videos from brain scanning machine readings of people watching movie trailers" CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE LINK
  24. My best friend from school (who also was an Eric Carmen fan) told me that if we ever lost contact that we should have a pre-set reunion time and place. We picked a date in the year 2000, and decided to meet at a cafe that we often went to. She suggested 12 midnight and I wrote it on a scrap of paper. Then I told her that we should make the time 12 noon in case the place was out of business and I didn't want to be standing in front of "who knows what" at midnight waiting for her (being the practical person that I am, since she was frequently late). We disagreed because she thought that "midnight" was much more meaningful, but in the end she gave in. So I crossed out the word "midnight" and wrote "noon". I put that slip of paper in my wallet and always carried it with me. But this was a typical disagreement of ours, she wanted the later time so as to be more dramatic. We ended up losing our friendship years later, and it was not under happy circumstances, after we finally realized that we had little in common. But I never threw out the slip of paper, and, yes, I went to the reunion spot at noon. Needless to say she didn't show up. But then she called me on 9/11/2001, to see if I was okay but we only talked briefly. Later on I sent her a note and we did end up having a reunion at the cafe, but our different interests and values prevented us from continuing to keep in touch.
  25. There's always time for a musical interlude: "I went back to my class reunion, I was wondering how my friends have changed . . . "
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