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  1. I don't live in the south but I did tour many of the places that you will be visiting. (It was before Katrina when I saw New Orleans.) If you are an Elvis Presley fan you probably look forward to Graceland. Nice area of the country to see; the southern hospitality and the home-style feeling is very welcoming to visitors. I remember being impressed with the full-scale replica of the Parthenon and the 42-foot statue of Athena in Centennial Park in Nashville, but you may not have time to see it.
  2. Hope it's better late than never. I want to wish a Happy Birthday to one of the nicest people who posts on ec.com.
  3. Happy belated birthday! Gosh, what was making that sound coming out of that Little Rascals cake!
  4. Interesting topic. Thanks, Marvin. Also, thanks to Marty, for the memories about Eric on this thread. And to Bernie for the Marathon Man book. (Although it was posted in the past, I must have had a memory block, cos it just clicked for me that he is THAT "marty" who was Eric's best friend and bandmember from Sounds of Silence.)
  5. That is so great that Bill Keane autographed the comic strip for you, Bernie. Thanks for posting it. RIP, Bill Keane.
  6. Here is an excerpt from a fan on the very first day that fans started posting to this site (May 29, 1997): ...Being a Raspberries fan since Jr. High, it was a real honor meeting him (Eric). We talked about 20 minutes and he asked me "Did you like the gig tonight"? OF COURSE! It shows that sometimes we have not been aware that even a superstar like Eric can forget how much we love and appreciate him.
  7. Thank you to Bernie for posting the links to the archives - it is fun to read old posts! I still haven't caught up with more recent ones, though (but its my fault 'cause I haven't been doing it in an organized way.)
  8. Wow, ask and ye shall receive! I would love to hear more about the fond memories of others who worked with the Raspberries. The following types of questions were my favorite, thanks to Marvin and Billy: Q: As someone who grew up in Cleveland, getting to play with the re-formed Raspberries must have been a thrill. Some of their songs are very complex. Is there one that was more difficult to learn either vocally or instrumentally, than the others? Billy: Songs like "Let's Pretend" and "If You Change Your Mind" was a challenge vocally for me. Not because it was out of my vocal range,, just because of the repetition of the vocal part, and that particular range in my voice. I remember after the 4th time around on the ending choruses of "Let's Pretend",, I'd be exhausted! Q: What was the anticipation like for that first Raspberries show in Nov 2004? Billy : It was very exciting indeed!! A lot of changes was happening with me professionally at that time. I knew going in that this was going to be a one shot deal, but deep down,, I was hoping that this would have been an ongoing gig. At least we were able to tour a bit, and record a live cd. It's definately one of my career highlights.
  9. When I read the title of this thread I felt I had to make a comment since I believe GATW is the Raspberries' "trophy song", it can be played to "show off" the band to the broadest audience. I re-read the 1973 article "INTERVIEW WITH ERIC CARMEN - Is He Dead? Play "Go All The Way" Backwards." which says the song had been banned by the BBC, according to Eric. The interviewer asked about the Beatles stereotype, and Eric said "It was supposed to sound like the Who open it up, and when it goes into the verse the Beach Boys are playing back-up and the Left Banke are singing back-up with Brian Wilson singing the lead. When it goes into the bridge, the Who come back on guitars but Steve Marriott's doing the vocal. I mean, the Beatles didn't enter into that song at all." "...that little "C'mon" section...” which everyone chalked-off as being "Please Please Me" or something—I got the idea for that progression from a Bread song. I thought "Gee, that's nice, I can change this and that around"—I mean it's just like any normal person writes songs." The article is dated 6/28/73, from Cleveland Scene and is posted on ericcarmen.com.
  10. Definitely some great stuff. Thank you to Pat and Bernie. Touches the core of this site - I hope that more people come forward with their memories.
  11. You have a great knowledge of music and also can write very interesting posts. I personally would love it if you could do more interviews (with Eric or any of the other Raspberries, or Billy Sullivan, would be great. Do you know if there are other famous board members? Anyway, please keep posting and just ignore any threads that don't interest you. Members have lots of other interests and they may be interesting to others. Also, sometimes even music posts can raise emotions (threads with topics such as Dan Fogelberg vs. Elvis Presley, for example).
  12. That's sweet. I would give my husband a big hug for saying something like that!
  13. If I expect to be stuck all day at a sedentary job, then I often go to bed early so I can get up even earlier to exercise. The best way for me to be sure I fit it in is to schedule it, either with a group class like yoga or with a non-competitive sports partner (I don't play many sports very well, I just try to have fun and do it for the exercise.) I'm glad I determined that the best time for me to exercise energy-wise is usually after a full night's sleep and some breakfast. However, if I don't sleep well and wake up too tired I postpone exercising until I feel up to it. Even though others tell me they force themselves (and maybe even some feel better afterwards) I don't like to do things that might be a shock to the body.
  14. So handsome - and the matching father-son Buzz Lightyear costumes seems like a cute idea.
  15. Welcome back Eric!!!!!!!!!!!! At times like this when I am filled with emotion, it's difficult to think of something intelligent to say. Absence may make the heart grow fonder, but "I can remember" sometimes I was "hurting so badly that I thought I would die." You know you have been missed!!! I hope 11/11/11 will be lucky for you!
  16. She also sang Almost Paradise with Eric on Winter Dreams.
  17. That's discouraging to hear. Especially about such a nice guy.
  18. Even though I know there is a sort by "update date", it still amazes me how quickly some Eric fans find Youtube clips after they've been posted there! I'll bet many were looking for this one. Great catch, Aventurine!
  19. What, no Raspberries or Eric songs? Hopefully the article's poor writer just overlooked mentioning them, and that Steve Jobs was not deprived of their music.
  20. Paul Maul makes an atypical comparison, and although I was never a fan of Batman comics I agree that the pictures were the result of a talented artist. I certainly agree with his praise of Eric Carmen when he says that some of Eric's best songs ". . . feature incredible detail and workmanship. Yet the melodies are so universal and appealing . . ."
  21. Hearing Eric on these recordings "shines down a little love" and will certainly "chase my blues away" To think that since this was before he wrote so many more songs, wonder if he still would have room to include Go All The Way in a solo concert.
  22. I find it difficult to pick a choice for BEST anything since there are so many songs of Eric's that keep coming to mind. Right now I'm connecting with the emotional meaning of the lines from the song Marathon Man that keep playing in my head "I've been searching so long but the answer is finally at hand"
  23. Thanks Elle, for pointing out his speaking to the Japanese audience. His voice, whether speaking or singing, stops my heart momentarily from normal beating as the sound floats into my ears.After listening about 10 times I can't help but try to write down his spoken words: "This is my new single, it's out only in Japan - just for you! (applause)" Then I'm guessing at the spelling, but it sounds as if he said: "Myumi! Uhhh, Yoko! ... Midore! .. Joonka! I tell you, I'm trying to think of all the names I know. Anyway this song is called It Hurts Too Much."
  24. LIATM a popular choice for a wedding song. Just saying.
  25. Happy belated birthday! Glad you were able to go to Cleveland.
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