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  1. Even though I love the extended version of "Everything", I've always felt that Keith Barbour's cover doesn't emit the same thought-provoking mood that Eric gives. However Keith's version is better than the live Guns N Roses version that is posted.
  2. Hope you can enjoy birthday cake (here is one made by Black and White Bakery)! Have a great day!
  3. I had seen that criteria before and still think that much of it is subjective so supporters have to start a "movement" to get their artist in. And only five to seven performers a year are inducted so many of the greats are being missed and then will be forgotten. You've got money, you've got fame You've got coast-to-coast acclaim (and beyond) You've got everything That a man could ever want Everything EXCEPT the Hall of Fame recognition which is well-deserved!
  4. Never say never, no one knows what the future holds. IMO, they were skipped over in the past because some of the inductors worried they would be accused of bias. By the way, you had said "adopting" causes bias but I think only when you become related; lifelong fans can still make impartial choices. In your definition, even avid Beatles' fans would be considered biased. I agree that the Rock Hall should publicize a set of criteria for induction to make it more fair, maybe include things like number of times songs are mentioned in movies or on television (EC pre-Raspberries + Raspberries + EC solo) > Raspberries
  5. You're just joking around when you say "our 'berries bias" since you guys are not like relatives such as proud grandparents who might have such a bias. Raspberries' fans just know good music when they hear it!
  6. It's a beautiful song, "Long Way Home", sung by Vanessa Williams:
  7. In addition to deserving to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Eric is worthy of induction to the Songwriters Hall of Fame: http://songwritershalloffame.org/exhibits/era
  8. I enjoy Eric's version soooo much more. A youtube user posted a comment mentioning Eric, saying that the song reached the US Top 10 in 1988. It's always nice to read references to Eric - thanks for posting the link!
  9. The following post is dated 4/3/2011: It's from the thread that lists all Eric's songs in movies and TV.
  10. Hopefully many of you saw Billy Sullivan on TV with Herman's Hermits on Saturday night. We were visiting friends who had the TV on, and I didn't see the whole show (It was all 60's groups, and I heard that Davy Jones sang at the beginning.) Anyway, I did get to see a performance of Herman's Hermits with Peter Noone saying Billy's name to segue into Billy's excellent little guitar solo.
  11. It was PA Steeler Fan's birthday also! I want to thank her for pointing out the other birthdays, and to send best wishes to everyone whose birthday was missed - PA Steeler Fan, LC, Phil, and Kirk!
  12. You captured an impressive and realistic symmetric reflection in your Snake River Bridge photo.
  13. In Season 6, Episode 14 of The Drew Carey Show, titled All Work and No Play, a brief clip of Eric singing All By Myself plays from 2:30-2:43 to show that Drew was alone while his friends went out without him. The air date was January 24, 2001.
  14. Thanks Hossy for the posts. It was smart of you to record these broadcasts, to preserve the memories for future generations. "That's Rock and Roll" is my 12 yr old niece's favorite Eric song. The performance of Boats was very moving, as always.
  15. Thanks so much Hossy! You had told us the Budokan is where the Beatles made a Japanese concert debut. What a great place!
  16. Sending my best wishes to a fellow EC Fan - hope your day was a happy one!
  17. I also want to say thanks to Marvin and Wally for taking the time to do the interview and post it for Raspberries fans. This category (called "Go All The Way" on the "Forum") that is dedicated to the Raspberries doesn't get nearly as much discussion as it deserves. Such a great band that gave us so many lasting memories - I never tire of hearing them. Although there are no plans for a reunion, our discussions might cause that to change. Nobody knows. In this interview Wally talks about the ending of "If You Change Your Mind" - the Raspberries played this song at some reunion concerts, including the House of Blues in November 2007, which a friend of mine attended. Great underappreciated song, with a fantastic ending! (Guitar and vocal) Eric gave Wally the praise he deserves when he wrote "... He really is a GREAT guitarist, and not many people could do what he did."
  18. For those fans who didn't know or who might have forgotten, Jeff Porcaro also played the drums in some of the songs on Eric Carmen's Change of Heart album. (he had previously listed mentions of "Boats Against The Current", "Love Is All That Matters", "She Did It" and "She Remembered")
  19. Happy birthday, Diane! Best wishes to a sweet person who deserves the best. Hope you have many more!
  20. Instead of "diehard", I should have chosen a different adjective when referring to "Boats" fans, because I didn't intend to exclude those who strongly prefer Eric's other works. I became infatuated with every single "Boats" song, since they showed me more of Eric's dimensions. Yet, I still enjoy his earlier material just as much, depending on the mood I'm in.
  21. Back to the topic of this thread, it sounds like Eric could just do "Boats" songs in concert to satisfy his diehard fans (Wouldn't we all want to be in the first row?) I'd love to hear "I Think I Found Myself" with Eric singing alone on a dimly lit stage, and WITHOUT backing vocals. He could arrange it anyway he felt to fit the current mood. (We may have learned in human development class that the identity crisis occurs when we begin to discover our true selves, but we continue finding ourselves as we learn from our children.) Of course if he wanted to attract a more mainstream audience he would have to add songs from other albums.
  22. Thanks, Bernie, for keeping the memory alive. Here is a video slideshow I found on Youtube showing pictures from that reunion concert:
  23. Looks like another cat picture sneaking through the letter "o" in "doggone" on the tee shirt (looks like a cat to me).
  24. I also want to wish a big Happy Birthday to a celebrity member of this site. Hope you have a great day!
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