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  1. Tomorrow we'll see the items that will be for sale. Exciting!
  2. Thanks to Jim and Marvin for doing the interview. I wish I could have gone to the sold out Raspberries' Carnegie Hall concert. All I can do is visualize the excitement, with the Raspberries playing "I Wanna Be With You" at the beginning.
  3. The song "Halo" is called "Eric Carmen-esque" in this recent cd review of the country album "Emotional Traffic" by Tim McGraw: http://www.startribune.com/entertainment/music/138166519.html
  4. Reading this makes me want to remind everyone there is no question "THE RASPBERRIES SHOULD HAVE BEEN INDUCTED !!!!!!!!!!". And those who have voted for them, be sure to recognize Eric's outstanding Raspberries' songs by voting for Eric also !!!
  5. I figured Andy was the creator of the audio work that had to be done to achieve the harmonies (using his voice for the singing). I should not have used such a confusing term.
  6. Hey, wow, that audio-voice creator did a great job with the singing of the title line in the chorus!
  7. Nice find, Wendy. Thanks for posting the picture. It's great that the band (and Paul Sidoti) had their picture in Vogue and that Taylor is on the cover. She is truly stylish and beautiful, both inside and out, and would enhance any magazine cover.
  8. I don't want to pressure Eric, because he doesn't have time to even write a post these days, but it would be a dream for Aventurine if Eric went to Japan and performed a song on stage with Bruce Gaitsch! I've never been to Japan but I know that Eric had nice memories of the country from his time there; maybe he could take his kids on a trip (during spring break?) Fans like Aventurine and Hossy would be ecstatic. By the way, nice picture of Gaitsch that Hossy posted.
  9. Excellent promo, whoever designed it did a spectacular job: http://www.ericcarmen.com/symphony.html Beethoven's Fifth opening the clip then transitioning into Marathon Man. Plus I love the lettering and the way it spells out Eric's name.
  10. He died too early, and I read that Hegyes, who played "Juan Epstein", had a father who was Hungarian-American and a mother who was Italian-American. It was mentioned above that he sounded like Chico Marx (in speaking voice, not musically). Since Gabe Kaplan did Groucho, here is the classic "Why a Duck?": I couldn't find it if there is a clip with Robert Hegyes showing this routine, but I hope he is resting in peace.
  11. Following is a post about Bruce Gaitsch by Eric on 10/6/2010 from the "Isn't It Romantic" thread: "All the beautiful classical guitar work on those tunes was done by my great friend Bruce Gaitsch from Chicago. Bruce lives in Nashville now, and is one of the tastiest, most brilliant guitarists I've ever worked with. He played on most of Richard Marx's great records, as well as co-writing "La Isla Bonita" with Madonna. He's a genius, and we had such fun recording these songs. It was an inspiration to work with him. It's amazing what can happen when you're in the studio with someone who TOTALLY gets it, and understands where you're coming from. He inspired me to think up guitar parts I never would have dreamed of with any other guitarist. I remember we had a great conversation about Claus Ogerman, the arranger of "It's My Party", and one the the heaviest orchestral Jazz arrangers alive, today. I don't think I've ever mentioned Claus to anyone but Bruce, before. It was a complete meeting of the minds, and musical instincts. I don't believe I would have ever gotten those fabulous guitar lines with anyone else. Thanks, Bruce! Your'e the bomb!"
  12. So sad, that "the Robot" died. Another line that is memorable is "That does not compute".
  13. Somewhere I read about him sounding like Elvis Presley in parts of this song. I agree.
  14. So is "http://www.ericcarmen.com". However, the Ebay and Amazon screens probably change to "https" at the point when you enter your credit card info.
  15. Thanks to those who voted; the percentage did inch a little further up. (I feel like a "Who" shouting to Horton "We Are Here!") Note to those who only voted for the Raspberries, remember that you can vote for both. If the RRHOF judges ever look at this, more votes for Eric would probably bring the Raspberries to their attention also.
  16. Everyone can click on Eric on the following webpage of artists eligible since the year 2000 for induction to the R&R Hall Of Fame: http://www.futurerocklegends.com/year.php?eligible_year=2000 Has everyone has voted? To see the latest tally, click on: http://www.futurerocklegends.com/artist.php?artist_id=Eric_Carmen
  17. Nice poster. Montreal is a beautiful city to travel to in good weather; however when I visited there once during a snowstorm, it was convenient to walk through the Underground. Good luck with the show!
  18. Sending best wishes your way - hope your birthday was fantastic!
  19. There are examples in Wikipedia where RRRYB was used as a metaphor for life's difficult choices, e.g. the song was sung by Kirk, McCoy and Spock at the beginning and end of the film Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989), reflecting issues about the need for self discovery, according to "Iaccino, J. F. (1998). Jungian Reflections within the Cinema: a Psychological Analysis of Sci-fi and Fantasy Archetypes. London: Greenwood. p. 28. ISBN 0275950484." Another example given is Lewis Carroll's Through The Looking Glass. Here are some of Eric's past words about his choice of intro when writing this song, from 8-29-2010: ". . . I liked the juxtaposition of the innocence of RRRYB and the last line being "Life is but a dream"......against the world weary, grown up BATC lyric."
  20. Calling on Eric! CALLING ON ERIC! ... Do you remember where the picture was taken? It could be anywhere, even some parts of Manhattan don't have many skyscapers; plus some rooftops on the westside overlook the Hudson River with a view of New Jersey.
  21. I have witnessed your excellent writing and editing and want to give my congratulations to you regarding your book. My memories of Mickey Mantle are from when I worked in midtown Manhattan and attended a few luncheons at Mickey Mantle's restaurant in the early nineties with co-workers (on or near Central Park South.)
  22. There are too many to read all at once but I did find that the Raspberries were mentioned. It is buried in the middle of the post.
  23. I know you like Laurel and Hardy but I hope you like animals too! Here is a clip with both:
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