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  1. I love when fans' posts cause me to re-listen to details in Eric and/or Raspberries' recordings.
  2. My mom passed away a few years ago, but I still remember things she taught me all the time. Here are two: 1. Don't follow the crowd; recognize dumb behavior. 2. Always clean spills right away because as time passes more and more effort will be needed to get the stain out.
  3. The comments by Eric that you refer to are on the longer version, that I saw on ETV (Eric Television.) After this Mike the host says the ladies in the audience would want to know if you guys are married, and after that they sing "I'm a Rocker."
  4. I also have been reading this thread and wondering how to play - I hope you get a response. btw, I also read the "next line, song title" thread, but never can respond in time, or never heard of the songs.
  5. I used to live in NYC and plan to return there for the summer. Aside from visiting friends and relatives, I intend to go to the outdoor concerts, and walk through the American Museum of Natural History (free admission at certain times) and the Metropolitan museum of Art (donate only what you can afford). It can become very expensive if you don't plan well. However, if you have never been to NY, you should take an all-inclusive tour of the highlights. I think the single most important thing to go to is the Statue of Liberty, because of the significance, if you have never been to it. I miss the cultural attractions, but I do not miss the litter and the expensive prices. I am curious to know if any non-New Yorkers visited there and what they recommend.
  6. Are you joking? No, there is not even a slight resemblance.
  7. Then shouldn't "Olay" be spelled Ole (accent mark) as in the bull fight shout?
  8. I am listening to "if you change your mind" from Fresh Raspberries over and over again, since it ranked so highly in this thread. "So walk away, leave me by myself, and let me crawl back into my shell, and be the me that I know so well, before I met you". Such sad meaning. Although the song probably would not make my top ten, it is definitely worth the re-listening. The lyrics, along with the tempo, build to the climax (as with other Raspberries' songs). The instruments and vocals are added as the song progresses into the tormented and crazed thinking which is typical after a breakup.
  9. Eric may take his time before performing again, but I hope that he will do something, ANYTHING, to satisfy his fans soon. At this point I would be happy if he just created a homemade video to send a message to his devoted fans. Even if he wasn't in the mood to be photographed, he could just do the narration, perhaps his thoughts on clips from old videos.
  10. The name "Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass" sounds even worse than DUMBO! I have seen other unusual new names in the Manhattan real estate ads "NoHo" and "RoHo", (NOrth of HOuston and Right On HOuston), "NoLita" (NOrth of Little ITAly), modeled after the old names SoHo and Tribeca (SOuth of HOuston and TRIangle BElow CAnal St).
  11. I agree about the element of eternity in "All By Myself". Eric's voice can be heard singing the climactic emotion-invoking line in the upcoming 3-D Shrek movie. (I saw the preview at the movie theater recently). It is a great song that fits into scenes about loneliness.
  12. Happy Birthday Eric! My husband is your age and the two of you are examples of staying great-looking. When I was very young my parents took me for the first time to see an outdoor performance of the Raspberries in Central Park in New York City - I will never forget! I've played your songs for my daughter and her friends - they love them. Your fans hope you perform again (with or without the Raspberries.) We also patiently await your posts on your web-site. from a Loyal Adoring Fan
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