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  1. Since you are posting about "Last Night" and "Carson", I have to add: "I waited for the phone to ring. And when it didn't. I turned on the Carson Show." "I think I'll stay at home tonight, just play some records and catch up on some sleep."
  2. * * * WARNING - Don't read this message if you prefer waiting to see the movie. * * * Otherwise I want to share this from youtube:
  3. I just looked up the answer and am so excited!!!!!! (So not to give it away too fast I "didn't say what I wanted to say".)
  4. So true. It is the source of all things Eric. Both from the past and into the future. I haven't started a Facebook account, but it seems like I'm not missing too much.
  5. I know the song and have always liked the repeating melody of "your eyes had a mist from the smoke of a distant fire."
  6. It's nice when fans have pictures to share with other fans. You had a good idea to do a comparison with the album cover. This makes me hope you or others have even more pictures to share. Thanks for posting.
  7. So far 122,730 views of the song from this videoclip on Youtube
  8. Hopefully Dick Clark also had the pleasure of interviewing Eric Carmen again. The latest listing I could find was that on January 9, 1988, Eric performed "Hungry Eyes" on American Bandstand (Season 31). Many generations loved Dick Clark and remember American Bandstand. May he Rest in Peace.
  9. Dazzling performance. However I think in this case that the lyrics, right over the screen, are much too intrusive. Partly obscuring the images. Plus the poetic Eric Carmen/Dean Pitchford sound can lose a little when translated, e.g. in the opening "Me peino" meaning "I comb my hair", doesn't bring the same visualization as "I RUN a comb THROUGH my hair".
  10. Happy Birthday to a sweet person who holds the unbeatable record for Top Poster on EricCarmen.com (16914 as of this post!)
  11. I want to add my praise of this live recording - it certainly deserved the nice comments that it received from the fans. Listening makes me imagine that I was there in the audience. Another treasure to enjoy among all the threads. I'm quoting it so it gets re-displayed.
  12. I'm glad that The Plastic Waffle chose Eric as the featured artist last week, but not too happy they didn't spend time researching for a more up-to-date summary. I've seen that write-up somewhere else, but can't remember where.
  13. Here is an episode of a TV series called "Living Single" that uses ABM. The person at the guitar uses the song while trying to get the attention of a man, telling him "Don't wanna be, All By Myself". Since embedding is disabled, click here ( http://youtu.be/d-nsOCdvHBk ) if you want to view the clip.
  14. When someone here mentioned Winter Dreams, I thought of the romantic "Almost Paradise", which the public may have preferred (and I love also). My favorite songs from WD also include the touching "I Was Born To Love You", "I Wanna Take Forever Tonight", and "Someone That You Loved Before", along with the addictive "Top Down Summer", and "Everytime I Make Love To You". Heck, why don't I just list them all? I also seriously enjoy "I Could Really Love You" and "Isn't It Romantic". Plus "Cartoon World" is perfect when looking for something much different. Speaking of "Cartoon World", I want to give special mention to the melody, which can be overlooked (the chorus has such a pleasing tune, much better than the verse tune, IMO*). Coupled with the lyrics, this should have been a hit. This song deserves a re-listen. In the past I've listened over and over, enough times so that it stayed with me the rest of the day, causing me to hum along while the tune of the smooth and catchy chorus played in my mind. *That mariachi sound of the verse is not my favorite (although it is loved by others, and I do think it enhances the song meaning.)
  15. Maybe a tiny vestige of LIATM is discernable starting at about the 1:30 mark, but otherwise this "techno" version totally destroys the romantic mood:
  16. I DO like Mondays! The Plastic Waffle website honored Eric Carmen as the "Mondays Featured Artist". (last week) The write-up they show was copied from somewhere else, but it's important to see references about the influences on other groups by the Raspberries and Eric with lines such as the following: "(it wasn't long, however, before other groups began translating the Raspberries' sound/approach into their own hits, especially Cheap Trick and the Knack, among countless others)." Here is the link: http://pwaffle.blogspot.com/2012/03/mondays-featured-artist-eric-carmen.html
  17. Getting back to the subject of this thread, I didn't know that Little Anthony covered Eric's song, so I did a google search. I found that Eric Carmen is mentioned in a review of another concert of Little Anthony and the Imperials, from mid-February. They also opened that show with "All By Myself", a song that adds the perfect dramatic effect to the start of a concert that focuses on the lead singer. Here is the link to the review: http://www.examiner.com/local-music-in-n...nstein-s-review
  18. Well-thought out and good use of visuals in Hossy's video at the start of this thread, which follows the action of the audio, showing pictures of the artists as they are introduced, including translations, etc.
  19. Despite the fact that it's on the garish side, this is a good find. I had read about this T.V. scene but never actually saw it before. Shouldn't this clip be added to the thread that lists Eric Carmen songs in television shows, movies, commercials, etc.? (although I'm sure there are still many more that need to be found)
  20. I just noticed that "It Hurts Too Much" was put as number one on the following list of 15 songs given new meaning in 2011: http://rebirthoftheflesh.blogspot.com/2011/12/film-2011-fifteen-best-uses-of-pre.html The description of the list posted by Interface 2037 is: Film 2011: The Fifteen Best Uses of Pre-Existing Songs Here, in ascending order, are the best instances of a film taking a song we may or may not have known and granting it some new context... The list is in ascending order so scroll to the bottom to see number one, "It Hurts Too Much".
  21. And now he's won the Oscar for "Best Original Song". In the following link, Bret McKenzie is quoted as saying "I hammered it out on the piano, imagining I was Eric Carmenâ€: http://rezirb.com/2012/02/the-muppets-wins-oscar-for-best-original-song/
  22. That lucky actress! P.S. Although Sharen has been posting very nice video's, my post was meant to be in response to Aventurine (it shouldn't say "Re: Sharen" at the beginning). But who really cares - I'm just repeating myself).
  23. Maybe the higher shipping fee deterred the bidders away from that one. That caused less of an impact on the red lips phone, which ended up costing the highest bidder $100 ($85+$15 shipping). However, for the items costing hundreds of dollars, the shipping becomes insignificant.
  24. This Thread's all about self speaking, so I'll introduce myself: my nickname's MM. My musical interests include Powerpop, everything Eric, and all Raspberries' records. I'm irrevocably happily hitched and also a fitness fanatic. After actually writing weirdly, marathon maniac, "my head's in a haze but I must keep up the pace" posting: Wild welcome to this fantastic forum!
  25. That was nice of you to tribute many of the men on this board, Monica.
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