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  1. Scott McCarl and Mike McBride were part of the Raspberries during this performance, weren't they?
  2. Eric's voice is so smooth on this recording. Other than spelling Agora incorrectly, this Youtube user made a great post. This live performance is from a concert venue I've seen mentioned many times in the past. It was just put on Youtube on March 22 - you must know someone to have found it so fast!
  3. I very much like the live version of "Should I Wait" from "Live on Sunset Strip" (much better than the Side 3 version). Softer, less cowboy-sounding guitar - I would get misled by the intro on the Side 3 version, and then it goes throughout the song. But I love the tune, the voice and the lyrics. (I know others like that twang; but I guess I am not partial to country music sounds as much.) But the "Sunset Strip" version is such a good song all over.
  4. Missm, I have not seen you post for awhile; you used to post daily so I hope you are okay (and the little one too).
  5. Here is another version of ABM that a Youtube user posted recently that was broadcast on TV in 1981: The Youtube user writes: "LOVELY SONG BY TOM, WRITTEN BY ERIC CARMEN. ALSO RECORDED BY BING CROSBY, KAY STARR, BOBBY DARIN, ELLA FIYZGERALD, FATS DOMINO, AL JOLSON, PAT BOONE, CONNIE FRANCIS, JOHNNY BURNETTE, CELINE DION. ETC............ FROM THE 1981 U.S. T.V. SPECIALS." More hunting will have to follow...
  6. I should have phrased my post differently since you guys are knocking that English professor who was giving me helpful criticism (instead of my saying he "tore apart" my poem). He was very inspirational and helped me improve my prose writing. I love reading poetry but never really wanted to write it. He was very careful to give me an honest objective and experienced opinion. When I reread the poem I realized that he was right. I over-reacted by never writing poetry again, but I don't blame him at all for it. I never wanted to write poetry really.
  7. I wrote a poem that my Engish professor tore apart saying to replace the cliched phrases such as "love with all my heart" to more original and unique language. I found that difficult to implement and therefore haven't written poetry since then.
  8. I once worked in a cubicle in an office near a loud and messy co-worker who used to eat smelly tuna sandwiches and stella doro cookies and drink fizzy soda at his desk very noisily (chomp chomp, gulp, slurp, etc.) and then often hiccup and belch. If it was subdued I might have been able to ignore it, but it was a very quiet office! {although it doesn't top the stories that you guys posted.} I tried to avoid interacting with him since the mess was unsightly, his clothes and desk were covered with crumbs. The office cleaning staff would try to vaccuum it daily, but I don't thing they would be able to get at the crumbs that were building up in his desk drawers. And not just crumbs, he used to put unfinished food in the drawers, unwrapped. I once spoke to the office maintenance department and they asked me if I wanted the exterminator to come (but I said I hadn't seen any vermin yet and didn't like poisonous chemicals, even though they routinely had exterminators visit, so I guess everyone was already exposed to the toxins). BTW, I actually felt very sorry for this co-worker who had an ulcer and used to take pepcid and all sorts of medicines.
  9. (I read Ira's post so I just had to login to add this here!)
  10. "I screamed my heart out But how I loved it . . . " Hossy, it is fantastic that you have these rare pictures of Eric. Thank you again for posting them for his fans!
  11. Your choice of the Beatles' I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER is a nice song that brings a smile to my face:
  12. I'm thinking all of us must wonder what he is doing. But after the thrill of being in the limelight it is understandable to crave privacy at times. The last post of his that I recall where he mentioned his current activities was late last year when he said he was working out with his trainer (remember he said he had to wear loose shorts?) and I think he said he will never retire. I think Bernie said there would be an orchestra concert, and I hope that it is still in the works. Yes the record and entertainment industry seems very cruel, and travel is hard, but I was hoping he could make a video directly from his hometown. (Jerry Seinfeld made the "Bee Movie" utilizing videoconferencing, since he didn't want to be far from his kids.)
  13. I guess you are comparing the "outro" at the end of Sunrise with the part of Funeral for a Friend that starts about 3 minutes after the dirge-like intro, which transitions into Love Lies Bleeding. There are similarities, yet each one is unique enough to fit the theme of the two very different songs.
  14. It was kind of you to make this video of ALL BY MYSELF for Eric. I think your piano playing is excellent, and the mood of the singer fits right in with this song.
  15. Hey, postponing dating is very different than switching teams! I didn't officially date in high school, but that is because my parents were strict, and I had nosy neighbors. Once a boy I only knew as a friend drove me home late from a party, and the whole neighborhood was gossiping the next day, saying that I had a boyfriend, since the driver was observed by the neighborhood spies at their windows. After that I became paranoid of whoever I might be seen in a car with!
  16. I'd like to hear Eric singing a solo version of any or many of the Raspberries' songs in an orchestra concert!
  17. Here is another movie that All By Myself was in, titled Celine: Through the Eyes of the World, which was released to theaters in February 2010:
  18. My most fun jobs were the ones that did not require credentials: I used to baby-sit and tutor, and I got "service credits" by working part-time in the high school library. During summers I traveled a lot and mostly just read books at the beach (before I worried about skin cancer), but later with my cousins I worked at a daycamp having fun on outdoor trips. The summer before I started my freshman year of college, I got an all-day job as a receptionist on one of the high floors of a skyscraper (I remember seeing the clouds below us), replacing their regular staff who were on vacation. But since it wouldn't do much for a future resume, and I hated being stuck indoors in nice weather, the following summers I mostly traveled, and later started taking more career-related jobs.
  19. "The song is soft and graceful, elegant and neat and beautiful . . ." So true!
  20. It is definitely not enjoyable to read a book when you are not in the mood for it. Some of my cousins had to read The Great Gatsby and Atlas Shrugged for school, but I only saw these books on "recommended" book lists. After I was married, my girlfriend, who used to invite us to her summer house in the Hamptons in Long Island, NY, inspired me to read The Great Gatsby when she told me that a "mansion-like" house we saw that had parties every weekend reminded her of the book. Then I read it and joined a 'classics' book club that discussed it, and found that I enjoyed reading some of the short stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald.
  21. "More than half" of that audience were very smart fans, not the only time that people attended just to hear Eric in person!
  22. Thank you, and your wife, for spreading Eric's music - Desperate Fools, such a great song!
  23. I love Don't Want to Say Goodbye (the words, the tune, Wally's voice, as well as Eric's voice singing with him.)
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