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  1. Eric and fans are quoted on MAGNUS TODAY: CLICK HERE
  2. Ira, the song Starting Over ends with second thoughts (typical of Eric's style that LC pointed out in other songs). Maybe to help move on in life, the song I Think I Found Myself might be more inspirational.
  3. I had not seen the ad; thanks for finding it and posting it! (but I had heard this cover of All By Myself before, which someone above in this thread called "generic".
  4. Hope your birthday is filled with great things and brings you joy!
  5. True it doesn't give oodles of specific details about the concert, but it certainly impresses upon the reader about the impact that the concert had and the significance of the Raspberries' reunion.
  6. Maybe "You Need Some Lovin'" was Eric responding to "Baby, I Need Your Lovin'"
  7. I could be wrong, but it appears to me that Eric was trying to stop the photographer from taking the photos. (In Eric's usual polite manner!)
  8. Great, and looking forward to seeing the new ad! I'm almost as happy as I would be if I were eating Raspberry-flavored M&M's!
  9. Yes, Eric looks like he is having fun. Bernie, thanks for posting, and I wonder what song Eric is playing on the piano. Eric, can you recall what songs you were rehearsing when that photo was taken? (I know you are very busy but we fans really enjoy reading your posts!)
  10. It would be impossible for me to rank the songs. Every single one on your list is so great - thanks for posting !
  11. I also want to say I am sorry for your loss. Hopefully knowing that some of us here have been through a similar experience when losing a parent (or other close loved one) provides you with some comfort.
  12. When we moved, even though it was not to a smaller space, I realized that I had to throw away many un-used items. They were neatly stored away so I thought there was no problem with keeping so many things and I had felt it was wasteful not to try to recycle them. I also decided to unload many personal treasured belongings that I wouldn't want my family to have had to worry about sorting through someday. Instead of being sad afterwards, I moved on to a wonderful free feeling, ready to move again if I had to. I have no regrets (I only wish my husband would stop his collecting...)
  13. The following clip on youtube shows 1978 Eric performing three songs (Change of Heart, All by Myself and Never Gonna Fall in Love Again). The name of the show according to the curtain rising at the beginning and later at 8:40 is The Alan Hamel Show, a variety show from Canada.
  14. Thanks for the info. Here is the youtube clip which previews the soundtrack for the motion picture Super: (Eric can be heard starting at the 1 minute mark):
  15. Our Marathon Man (just thought this picture needed to be posted in a thread titled "Born to Run"):
  16. Your 10 choices above are excellent, but why not Hey Deanie? Also, Never Gonna Fall In Love Again would not have to be delayed.
  17. I love having in-laws, my siblings' spouses have enhanced our family greatly. This is one of those things that is only possible via marriage - you become related to another entire family! And it's really great when the families get along. My love and respect for my husband's parents are what have gotten us through the hard times. (If I was really mad at his immature behavior, his mother would start telling me stories about his childhood, or whip out those darling baby pictures.) It made me sad when I read Eric's prior post that he no longer believed in marriage. Sadly, that is the trend nowadays.
  18. Sorry to hear about the accident and that Muzza had to go through so much pain. It sounds like he didn't land on his head (thank goodness for that!). Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
  19. This is a great Youtube clip of Eric performing "I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips", which looks like it was broadcast on T.V., but I don't know the date nor the show:
  20. For a preview of SONGS FOR JAPAN, in case you haven't heard of all of them ==> CLICK HERE FOR LIST OF SONGS TO PREVIEW On a separate note, Eric loved Japan when he was there and this youtube video shows their beautiful scenery, with Eric's All By Myself playing . . .
  21. Children were my entire life - from baby sitting and tutoring friends and relatives when I was young, to years later when I worked with an autistic 6 year old who was a darling to reach out to and made me appreciate all the abilities we take for granted. My husband wanted to wait before we had children for a few years so that we could travel more easily and have more time with each other alone. But my intense yearning to have our own kids was too great so he gave in - and afterwards he said he regreted ever wanting to postpone it.
  22. The ABM clip that I posted on 03-09-2011 won't let me edit or add to it now so I will identify it here. (and I now see that the Ira post that I refer to is not easy to find since it is on another thread.) It was explained there that the show was broadcast on that very same day (3/9/11). The clip's title already identifies Pia Toscano on American Idol.
  23. All By Myself - a love song? or a terrorist's tool? I found this broadcast of ABM starting at the 3:46 marker, and later at 6:26 on the tape recorder the man plays for her, and at the 7:32 mark when he is finally "all by himself". It was great to hear Eric's voice , but at first it seemed the song was playing when a love song would normally be playing. (The man doesn't speak English or Italian - he points at a map to indicate what country he is from) so I erroneously guessed at first that whoever made this didn't understand English either and couldn't know the words or meaning of the song to have placed it at the 3:46 mark. But then I figured out that the song might be meant to be foreboding at that point, since he is thinking of her leaving on a flight. I watched it again and realized that the plot takes a turn when he hears the TV news announcer say there was a terrorist attack on the plane. I think the bomb was found in the tape recorder so he was only using her!! The clip identifies itself as Senza parole (Without words) from the Italian "I Nuovi Mostri" ("The New Monsters") in 1977.
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