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  1. That's a great idea (of course, anytime would be). I actually forgot all about noting when it turned 6pm but afterwards it would have been fun to play "End Of The World" from the Change of Heart album.
  2. I feel so bad for those misguided souls who are actually taking this seriously. This article shows a Camping's follower that spent $140,000 of his personal life savings on an ad campaign to warn people: CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE
  3. 'I Can Remember' is brilliant! I can't rank Eric's songs since I love them all so much, but there are certain characteristics about "I Can Remember" that are undeniably magnificent, and deserves a long response from me. The following you tube video shows a practically perfect performance of the song live, even though the camera misses the other Raspberries through most of it:
  4. Hello, 2 番目の満月 It was nice of you to think of Eric; I am glad to see that you are still posting when there is a full moon. I hope the charity event went well. P.S. I hope that the Japanese wording is correct (I used bing translator.) I always find it interesting when languages that use different symbols for letters require us to use the same digits to communicate numbers. (like the translation for "second moon" contains the digit "2")
  5. I like him much more singing rock music, but here he is paying a tribute to Frank Loesser in this video:
  6. Sad that I never read about certain people until after their death. He also produced Badfinger (Say No More), The Irish Rovers (Wasn't That A Party, Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer), and other artists' albums.
  7. The bronze statue in her honor:
  8. He seems like the perfect actor to fit into that show, considering the kinds of characters that he plays. I saw him in the romantic comedy "What Happens in Vegas", which was a hit with the public, (although not with the critics). I enjoyed it, I usually like plots about unlikely match-ups:
  9. I often forget that they sang "Let's Pretend": Their arrangement has a more pronounced beat, and doesn't have anywhere near the emotional effect of the Raspberries' version.
  10. The show has good writers, who create cynical yet profound comedy. Here is a quote from the character Frank Burns: "I'm sick of hearing about the wounded. What about all the thousands of wonderful guys who are fighting this war without any of the credit or the glory that always goes to those lucky few who just happen to get shot."
  11. I have had prayers answered many times, but after giving it a lot more thought, I changed what I pray for. For example, if your loved one is about to go on a dangerous trip, you pray for God to keep them safe on the trip. Then you think, what if they get home safely and then later they might have an accident, so then you would pray for their continued safety. But, what if then a different friend of yours has an accident, you might then tell yourself, "I should have prayed for them too". So in the end you might want to just say "I'll pray for everyone". I am in a rush right now but I hope this explains what I am trying to say.
  12. Definitely, no amount of scientific analysis and preparation will ever be a sure thing. (Although I agree with "God helps those that help themselves", so we need to try our best to learn and prepare, then stay faithful and confident.) And though it is comforting to pray for loved ones that are ill and for the souls of the deceased, we will never know what plans God has for them. All that we can pray for to obtain sure results is for God to help us keep our strength to handle whatever happens and to help us understand that we will not always know the reasons for the outcome.
  13. Yes, very lucky. His eyes looked "dreamy" even when closed (and lit with greenish lighting).
  14. I'll bet Eric would say you are very close. Maybe he will see your post and respond. (I like the crisp sound of those vinyl recordings, btw.)
  15. The recording of the Raspberries performing "Be My Baby" live at the Palace Theater on November 7, 1973 (along with the taping for Don Kirshner's Rock Concert) is number 7 on this link from Wolfgang's vault: CLICK HERE FOR LINK
  16. When you call a support telephone number, wait a long time, then they tell you that you need to speak to a different department, then you get connected to that department, and wait an even longer time for someone to answer, only to have them tell you that the original department is supposed to handle that!
  17. It is best to be glad for the happy memories, not dwell on the bad ones, and anticipate the future. Not to over-analyze when one is uncertain, maybe just try to take each day one at a time is best, counting one's blessings. Children will sense unhappiness and instability, whether divorcing or deciding to stay together. Divorce is so common these days that children will have others to relate to at school. Plus books, movies and television seem to specialize in dysfunctional families. Stability is important to them so during this time of change they need to feel loved and important to you.
  18. She is the second American woman that he has fallen deeply in love with, and I wish them all the best! (She is younger than him (NTTAWWT); he will be turning 69 years old next month.) P.S. Thank you Gman, for spotting my mistake in your post below. I have corrected it. (However please note that I am not Barbara.)
  19. Great idea - and I am convinced that there are others beside you and me who would LOOOOOVE new versions of Eric's songs!
  20. I also lost my mom, and my mother-in-law, who was close to me. But in their memories, and for the many mothers out there, they'd love to hear:
  21. Eric Carmen DEFINITIVE COLLECTION would be a good choice (refer to the home page of this site to link to a preview). And Welcome!
  22. I had to look this up, but when I saw the image I recognized that I have tasted these desserts before. Delicious. And welcome to the new member!
  23. The obvious, Another Brick in the Wall, probably needs no mention.
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