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  1. I want to send a crazy greeting to our precious and spectacular idol on his upcoming birthday: Appyhay irthdaybay otay ouyay! All the best, Eric!
  2. Sending wishes to my special star, who is a diamond in the moonlight - have a fantastic birthday!
  3. Certainly a very nice video slideshow, I love the cartoons that I recognized, along with that addictive song (especially the melody of the chorus).
  4. I hope they will succeed at keeping their parents' music alive for future generations.
  5. It's two days late for your birthday, but the Ipsy Bipsy Bake Shop had nice desserts with your name:
  6. Another song of Eric's in a movie! Click here to see the Song Credits: http://www.soundtrack.net/movie/people-like-us Scroll down the list to see "Sunrise" Written and performed by Eric Carmen Courtesy of Arista Records, Inc. By arrangement with Sony Music Licensing
  7. Thanks for posting the never before seen photo and the news clipping from Hamburg! It might be a "joking caption" or it might be true, but the text from the newspaper says that Customs in Hamburg thought the packages were suspicious when they heard ticking! I typed the words into a translator and I don't expect that all of the meaning is accurate, but here is what I got: In the packages there was ticking ... With boxes under the arm yesterday the members of the American pop group "Raspberries" got off the plane in Hamburg (photo). The Monner? by Customs, however, were suspicious, as it was ticking in the packets. There was uncontrolled laughter: The Raspberries had bought a Cuckoo in Baden Baden.
  8. Hope everyone is spending time having some fun! Since today is Independence Day in the U.S. I want to wish a Happy Birthday to the wonderful nation that I live in (plus I feel bad I missed the chance to send birthday greetings to many ec.com members who had birthdays in recent weeks, or has it been months?) Happy 4th of July! (Enjoy the fireworks at the end of the long hot day)
  9. I'm jealous of those who were able to get there. Lucky audience!
  10. I also want to wish you a happy birthday (a day late).
  11. I don't get to post often enough but I want to thank you for telling us the songs that Eric sang that afternoon. (after all it was me who had asked ) Also it was kind of you to take the time to give us more of the details, which was very interesting for me to read. Now you have many of us looking forward to the next surprise!
  12. Thanks for sharing your fantastic news, Rachan. Becoming a grandma seems like such a great joy!
  13. IWBWY is a perfect song to be selected in this show featuring couples!
  14. Thanks. I also hope everyone had a nice three day weekend and a Memorial Day filled with love, parades, picnics, and cherished thoughts. All of us need to work together to make a better future!
  15. Instead of thinking: "When I was young, I never needed anyone ... those days are gone" Try: "Why remember all the old times when the new times look much better"
  16. I too hope your birthday was a happy one, filled with good things!
  17. It's super of you to tell us that a sensational Raspberries' song was playing. Many of us fans wish we had been there. Thanks for posting!
  18. Since I didn't get to wish you a Happy Birthday, hopefully this post is better late than never. Happy belated birthday!
  19. I hope the voting committee realizes that Eric should be inducted and notices the word "legendary" in the recent article about his visit with the Cleveland students preparing for the Footloose production. It is from the second sentence: "The students were thrilled to be able to talk with the legendary singer and songwriter."
  20. Thank you, BlondeVelvet, for finding and posting this! I wonder what song (or songs) Eric performed for the students?
  21. Good timing with the Killers' cover being used in the Dark Shadows movie.
  22. This article about the song from a few days agon in SPIN magazine by Marc Hogan says (at the end): "But for now, you never know: They could ... go ... all ... the ... way (and, while we're dreaming, could they please bring Canadian power-pop torch-carriers Sloan on tour with 'em?)" I think we are all dreaming.
  23. Here is another Youtube clip of the "Dark Shadows" version of "Go All The Way":
  24. I don't think fans should "overpay", as you said, but instead should give whatever amount is within their budgets at this time. There is work involved with running this website and we can show our appreciation.
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