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  1. Thanks for sharing, Ira; sounds like you did some partying! Look forward to when you're able to get the pic up!
  2. Happy Birthday Eric--hope it's a great day for you!
  3. Where there any photos taken of this gig/get-together?

    Meetin' Wendy

    Wow that's very cool that you're going to meet Wendy, Ira! Tell her I said hi and please take pics, and I look forward to hearing all about your visit when you get back!
  5. Oh ok--thanks for sharing. Sorry to hear about Christine, too. I can't imagine how tough that must be.
  6. Where and what is Alan Green? A Ohio venue?
  7. That is SOOO cool that you got that stuff and put it up, Bernie! I LOVE nostalgic stuff like that. Thanks!
  8. LOVE the upbeat, uplifting sound of this song AND the colorful video. Thanks!
  9. Well while it would be great to see new pics of Eric, whether professional or personal, I also don't see anything wrong with us sharing our own photos with each other either. It helps us get to know each other better and puts a face with the posters and who we're talking to--I enjoy looking at member pics as well as ones of Eric, myself.
  10. Yes it would be great and interesting to hear something from Eric and what he's up to these days. I'm curious myself to know how he spends his days. But as for me right now, I'll actually be leaving for the airport in about 2.5-3 hours to go up to PA for a seminar/vacation. I have 3 cats; maybe when I get ready to put an avatar up it'll be a pic of them together; I believe I have one.
  11. Yes I never noticed before that the word American had "Eric" in it--very cool and good eyes!
  12. Wow she had a NICE, pretty MS page; if it's not too out of line to ask, what happened to her? BTW Pat I checked out your page too to see if it was you so I could put a face with the name; I LOVE the song you have playing on it--beautiful.
  13. Wendy, thanks for sharing. I LOVE stories like this that tell of people's history/background; it makes you appreciate them more!
  14. They're there now. That was right before I was given some.
  15. Thanks Wendy--LOL! Except I thought I'd get some stars with it; my name is still "naked". I'd put an avatar up but all my pics are too big.
  16. Oh well it sounds like I may need to bake some and bring them, so everyone can have some. Yes I was wondering how many posts it took to be a member, so I'm almost there.
  17. Yes--I've never heard Eric perform live so it would be cool. Oh and Wendy I'll take one of those cupcakes if I may. YUM!!
  18. Wish I was there, all though I will be briefly for a weekend in a couple of weeks.
  19. Yes I think animals know when they've been rescued and are loved and will return the favor. Thanks for sharing!
  20. The first is of me and my friend Dozer at a friend of mine's sanctuary. The cow is a rescue named Maybelle whom I took part in saving at an auction.
  21. I kind of gathered that but was just checking.
  22. Gosh, that's 5 now within a short time--scary and sad.
  23. I read the tire on the plane blew out upon landing, making it a rough one and something hit him on the head. Don't know yet if that may have had something to do with his death, though.
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