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  1. Haven't been on the board in sooo long! Thank you for your birthday wishes... sending love and holiday wishes from Las Vegas!
  2. Thanks for your reply! I was going to ask if someone (who works at the clinic) might be able to stop in and say hi to him, but I think he'll be going home this weekend. How's that for recovery time! The medical care in Las Vegas is among the worst in the country. Thanks again!
  3. I know this is a long shot, but thought I'd take a chance! Have a very dear friend who just had open heart surgery in the Cardiac Unit on Euclid. Does anyone on the board just happen to work there? Thanks so much, Barbara Kenig
  4. Hi Eric, Don't get on the board much these days, but didn't want to miss the opportunity to wish you a healthy, happy birthday! Have some amazing new venues in Vegas that would love to do "Eric Carmen Unplugged" if you are ever interested! All the best, Barbara Kenig
  5. http://www.undercover.fm/news/14973-andrew-gold-dies-from-heart-attack-at-59
  6. Sending love and huge hugs from Sin City. xoxoxxx You're the best!
  7. What a nice surprise! Thank you for your wishes. Here's to everyone at ec.com... wishing you all healthy, happy years ahead!
  8. http://www.kshe95.com/musicnews/story.aspx?ID=1283422
  9. Stay strong Wendy... praying so hard xo
  10. Sending you birthday greetings from Las Vegas... Sorry I'm a day late (I've been on Jewish time since I married Howard). A Healthy, Happy wonderful year to you!
  11. http://streetsyoucrossed.blogspot.com/2010/06/1969-ads-electric-circus.html
  12. OMG... am I on Jewish time. Kiwi, I am so sorry I missed your birthday. Hugs - Hugs and xoxo from Sin (and I do mean sin) City!
  13. Here's a link to the music before it was recorded http://content.usatoday.com/communities/...dancing-demos/1
  14. Eric and ABM get mention in Philadelphia Inquirer article about Conan O'brien http://www.philly.com/inquirer/columnist...l#axzz0pejDbCeB
  15. When I told Billy I was posting this on the EC.Com board, here's what he wrote: "Billy Hinsche: Eric Carmen is a friend and one of the good guys, Barbara ..."
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