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  1. http://www.cnn.com/2012/01/13/living/brian-wilson-creativity/index.html?hpt=hp_c2 This is a great article from CNN about Beach Boys Brian Wilson.
  2. Diane...I feel your pain. We have bought our third house in 10 years this summer. Also, we had to move to an apt for 3 months just before this last house. We have been married 37 yrs and three daughters. They are obviously gone but the junk is not. I made countless trips to Goodwill in the past 1.5 years..thank goodness! I have said that we are going to be fertile ground for the next episode of Hoarders! I do not know what we would have done without throwing out or donating to charity. We still have our basement family room and bedroom with too much stuff. I have been making lots of shelves for the garage and many boxes have gone onto them...Its great! The shelves are up high and the boxes are stacked on them so it works like a charm. As far as throwing things out.....I now throw books much easier since getting a Nook and going to library. Really the only true things to keep are photos and personal momentos connected to people. Everything else can be replaced or done without. I am painting our kitchen today and once it is done I dont have to revisit that for years... You will be fine. Just keep at it and it will improve.
  3. Thanks so much to all my ec.com friends for their birthday wishes. Happy Birthday to LC and Debbie and Kirk. Dar...I guess you got me on that post!!! Going to a nice restaurant for dinner and it should be fun!
  4. http://www.cnn.com/2011/US/09/03/near.death.decisions/index.html?hpt=hp_c2 This is an incredible article about 9/11 and how several people had things gone on like in the past would not have been here today. But because of some unexplained sequence of events....they did survive. The woman who took a cigarette break, the flight attendant who reversed two numbers while trying to schedule her workday And a guy who was late to work.... What is also neat is the way things have worked out differently for them since 9/11. Just a great story!!!
  5. http://www.npr.org/player/v2/mediaPlayer...amp;m=137470454 Here is an article and audio tape of Rave On a tribute album by 19 different artists (including Paul McCartney) with their versions of Buddy's songs!!! Great stuff! Enjoy, Phil
  6. Many Wishes for a Fantasic Birthday Eric and it enjoy it will your family and friends!! Phil
  7. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/celebrit...cy-Shevell.html Take a look at Sir Paul's fiancee Nancy....Is it just me or does she look like Yoko Ono???? We wish Sir Paul and Nancy all the best! Phil
  8. Martin Wilbury: I assume you are Marty Murphy a band member of Sounds of Silence. Thanks so much for your memories of your band and the dance that was in the photo. It would have been a real treat to have heard you guys. We also were blessed in our high school and city to have some very good bands that were probably somewhat similar to your band. Those bands were so good back in the day and played cover songs so well. But then back then in the sixties we had so many great great cover songs of the day to play!!! Thanks again Marty, Phil
  9. Happy Birthday Ira!!! I hope it has been a really good one! Phil
  10. http://www.npr.org/blogs/allsongs/2011/0...ly?ps=mh_frhdl3 Here is information about a new release on June 28 of a 19 song CD that has many different artist doing a Buddy Holly song. Here is a sample with Patti Smith doing her version of "Words of Love".....just outstanding!! Phil
  11. Bernie, Thanks so much! That is really cool! 1967 was the year I graduated from high school...same year as Eric. Its too bad the Sounds of Silence didn't play at our school! You can tell it is a semi formal dance with all of the guys wearing suits and the girls and their corsages!!! Black and white photo....it really brings back memories! Phil
  12. http://www.spinner.com/2011/02/11/buffalo-springfield-reunion/ They are said to have had more influence on the folk rock movement than any band except the Eagles. They will be touring this fall for the first time in 43 years. Neil Young, Stephen Stills and Richie Furay the surviving members are doing 4 more warmup concerts in California in the next few days before embarking on a tour. Not sure when or what sites but it has got to be a good one!! Phil
  13. Larry, I am glad you liked it. Yes..that is the Michael McDonald..the blue eyed soul guy way back in his early days. I only saw the Guild once and it was October 1969 at my college's homecoming dance. They did this medley of Beach Boy songs and just blew me away!!! Try to visit the "Come Around and See Me" thread with the Wheezetones Beatles medley. They are from Lincoln, Nebraska. The medley is 6 Beatle songs from 1964 and these sixty something rockers do a great job of energy, harmonizing and replicating these early Beatle classics!! They play a gig about every 2 months at Duggan's Pub in Lincoln. On June 10 they do one from 6:30 - 8:30. We're hoping to make it on this Baby Boomer friendly time!!! Wish you could make it too!! you would love it! Best of luck. Phil
  14. Try this: http://www.stlmusicyesterdays.com/Guild.htm There that should get the job done. Hey can you do "I Can Hear Music" on this medley as one of your shower numbers? Your shower songs are so awesome....problem is you might need a wall of sound and several more harmonizing singers....Yes I am glad you like the medley...You are right it is fantastice!!! Phil
  15. http://www.stlmusicyesterdays.com/Guild.htpm Just scroll about 3/4 of the way down this page and click on Beach Boys medley. This audio clip is of a group called The Guild They were from St. Louis, Mo and this medley absolutely kicks ass!! Michael McDonald a very noted musician was in the band and they play these classic Beach Boys songs so well!!! Enjoy!! Phil
  16. Of course it was Babs Streisand that was in that choir class with Neil Diamond. My mother in law graduated from Ft. Hamilton HS in Brooklyn...could that have been in Flatbush?? don't know but she did live near a bridge that was not the Brooklyn Bridge. Wish I could have been to Brooklyn especially Ebbets Field and seen America's team....Them BUMS!!!! the Brooklyn Dodgers. Phil
  17. http://www.npr.org/2011/05/16/135930718/neil-diamond-the-earliest-days-of-a-solitary-man Here is an article about the "Solitary Man" and his early career. Interesting that another Brooklyn native and Neil were in the same high school choir class at Aramus High School in the late fifties..
  18. This Day in Rock History The Raspberries Play Carnegie Hall September 26, 1973—In perhaps the highlight of their career—a moment that would pass all too quickly—the quintessential Seventies power pop group The Raspberries made their New York City debut at Carnegie Hall. Ah, The Raspberries! They have been the subjects of one of those before-and-after arguments that periodically divide devotees of Seventies rock ‘n’ roll like myself. Specifically, was Eric Carmen better as a solo artist (“All by Myself,” “Never Gonna Fall in Love Again”) sometimes given over to emotional weepies, or as part of the tougher Raspberries, where his bandmates could keep his lyrical side in check? (Similar battles have raged over whether Grand Funk Railroad was better before or after producer Jimmy Ienner, or whether Bruce Springsteen’s best work came before or after Darkness on the Edge of Town.) I came of musical age during Carmen’s solo career, but after repeated listening to his work over the years, I’m now more inclined to lean toward his output with this quartet that never really got its due until it was too late. The group from Cleveland had waited several years for its big New York show, and had been bitterly disappointed when a 1972 backup tour gig with the Hollies had fallen through. Now Eric Carmen, Wally Bryson, Jim Bonfanti, and Dave Smalley made the most of the opportunity in front of a standing-room only crowd. You want to know what makes me chuckle about this show? The boys started with some chords from The Beatles’ “Ticket to Ride” before ripping into their high-energy hymn to teenage lust, “I Wanna Be With You.” What made that move so unusual was that a number of critics had taken them to task for what was seen as overly heavy indebtedness to the Fab Four, a perception undoubtedly enhanced in their early days by management’s decision to put them in matching outfits, just like the Liverpool moptops. (See what I mean in the photo accompanying this post.) This time, in the same performance venue that had launched The Beatles’ invasion of America in earnest in February 1964, Carmen and Co. were, in effect, giving the finger to the critical powers that be by invoking the memory of the British musicians that had transformed their lives. It didn’t matter—their fans loved it, as hit after hit from their first three albums came from the group, including “Go All the Way,” “Let’s Pretend,” and “Ecstasy.” It all ended so soon afterward. Smalley and Bonfanti left the group by the end of the year. Though the LP that Carmen and Bryson made with two replacements, Starting Over, won critical acclaim (particularly for what might have been the group’s production masterpiece, “Overnight Sensation (Hit Record”), the sales just weren’t there, and it all ended up messily in a parking lot brawl. From then on “it was Ricky and the Tooth,” Carmen noted in “No Hard Feelings” (“The Tooth” being producer Ienner, who went on to make Carmen’s first solo album). Among rock ‘n’ roll musicians, Carmen might have the greatest affinity for my literary hero, F. Scott Fitzgerald, as witnessed by the fact that two of his song titles were inspired by The Great Gatsby author: “Winter Dreams” and “Boats Against the Current.” It is ironic, then, that in the last five years, Carmen’s career disproved Fitzgerald’s observation that “There are no second acts in American lives.” In 2005, after 30 years of going solo, Carmen reunited with Bryson, Bonfanti and Smalley in what was originally supposed to be a one-shot gig at Cleveland’s House of Blues but that soon ended up creating a small concert tour. The affection that had belatedly welled up for the group over the years was best illustrated by one of their greatest admirers, Bruce Springsteen, who referred to these fine musicians three different times in his summer 2005 concert tour. —A Boat Against The Current, September 26, 2008
  19. phil

    Good Advice IMHO!

    If something you have is broken and it can be repaired or replaced then don't fret about it. In trying to manage a budget, its the every monthly hits that do you in. (Starbucks every workday, a gym membership not used, too much cable TV costs, etc.,) If you have doubts about a relationship(dating, marriage) or buying a certain house then don't do it.
  20. Ira, Good to hear about your efforts. You certainly are doing an outstanding job of working with your kids and taking them to the next level. I admire those efforts to say the least. And sometimes you need A Little Help From Your Friends. It sounds like things are going fairly well for you. I am working at Abraham Lincoln High School but not the one in Brooklyn, NY. It is in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Great place to be and I do enjoy the students. My Land of Lincoln (Illinois) license plates are very fitting in the parking lot! I am a counselor and am enjoying all of the new experiences. It is a little different adjusting to it after teaching in the classroom the past 39 years. Almost went to Lincoln, NE to see a really good band called the Wheezetones play at a pub. They are boomers like us and play tons of music from 60s-80s. They have a website. Well take care and keep up the good work. Shalom, Phil
  21. Larry, Thanks for the great post and Bernie for your post as well. Well done guys! I am thankful that I was able to see them 3 times in 2005 and they were all very good concerts. The Chicago HOB was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. The band was always well rehearsed and very tight. They put their heart and soul into the whole performance and yes it was critically acclaimed. As far as the reasons...who knows? But it is their personal business and no one else's business. We do have the Sunset Strip concert on CD and DVD and that is a real joy. So thanks Berries you have made many of us richer for the experiences. They went out on top and did put some closure to all of it. So that is a good thing. Phil
  22. phil

    blonde joke

    A blonde is driving down the highway and is pulled over for speeding. The police officer is a blonde female also. When the blonde officer gets to the car she asks the speeding blonde" May I see your license?"..And the blonde driver says"What does it look like?". The officer says it is a rectangle with her picture in it. So the blonde driver takes out her compact and gives it to the officer. The female blonde officer looks at it and says "Hey if I had known you were a fellow officer I would not have pulled you over!"
  23. Anyone ever been to this Cleveland Bar? They had a segment on the Food Channel about it and said it is what a bar was like in the 30's - 60's. They showed a Lime Fizz being made. http://www.velvettangoroom.com/
  24. http://www.usatoday.com/life/music/news/2011-01-10-harrisonguitar10_ST_N.htm Here is a great article from USA Today about George Harrison's first real good guitar a Gretsch Duo that will be replicated with 60 guitars at $20,000 each!!
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