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  1. That was very disturbing. I feel sometimes like we've been thrown into the pool with our hands tied behind our back. Nancy
  2. I loved her in West Side Story!!! She was gorgeous and a great actress as well. Her death was such a shame at 42..... Nancy
  3. This is a really great show tonight!! Jason Mraz, Rod Stewart, Carlos Santana and Keith Urban were just amazing. My poor cat's ears were twitching during one of those awards though-the girl that Simon said sounded like a cat going off the Empire State Building!!! GO KRIS!!!!!!! Nancy
  4. Better Things-Kinks Words-Bee Gees Concrete and Clay-Unit 4 Plus 2 We Gotta Get outta This Place-Animals The Kids are Alright-Who I think I lost my avatar
  5. OMG I could watch that endlessly! Eric's voice gives me chills Thanks
  6. I didn't realize it was them back in 1971, but I recently heard Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling by the Fortunes on WCBS!!! Love that one.
  7. I'm new, so hi everyone!! Ok, Elvis Nassau Colisseum 1973 Beatles Forest Hills TS 1964 Faces Capitol Theatre Port Chester NY 1972 Bruuuuce Giants Stadium 8/85 Bon Jovi Boardwalk Hall 2/03 Rick Springfield Playland Rye 8/04 Nancy
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