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  1. Happy BIrthday Donna L.!!!!

  2. Best wishes for a speedy recovery Muzza. I met you and your lovely wife a few years back when you were in the USA celebrating a birthday (if I remember correctly). We had a great time at BB Kings. I pray you heal mentally and physically from this horrendous attack and those responsible be caught. Your friend, Kathy Wayne, NJ
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY COUSIN !!! I'm looking forward to Sunday.. Talk to you later!
  4. I did say "personally", right? lol Yes DMB, and Definitely Black Crowes over The Stones... never been a big fan..
  5. Personally, 1.Led Zeppelin 2.Beatles 3.Queen the rest are tied Black Crowes Soundgarden Alice in Chains Dave Mathews Band Todd Rundgren/Utopia Scorpions Black Sabbath
  6. I'm sorry for the typos.. I was on the computer alllll day at work and my proof reading skills were over worked...
  7. I was great to meet all that came out in the rain yesterday!!! You are all so friendly and welcoming. I can't wait till the next get together! Don't worry about the "Don't Ask-Don't Tell" policy... It's all in the vault...lol.. Hugs to all!
  8. is LOL... you are TOO funny!!!
  9. Free will gets us everytime and answers most of my questions of horrid events... I have been a member of the same Catholic Church since birth...My 16 year old son completed his religious education at the same church last year and became a confirmed member of our faith. I have seen a 100% change in our parish. When I went thru CCD(religious education),we were taught more to fear God and our priest..Now I see a more "user friendly" approach which has helped draw in the younger generation. We CONFESSED to God,now we Reconcile..We GAVE UP candy for lent,now we SERVE our community... Children are not the future of our church, they ARE our church. I think things are changing for the better ... AMEN Sherry, " We aren't God".. we were only created in his image.. just as we were created from our parents...and our society.... I don't care what people believe as long as they believe in something other than themselves.. I find alot of people float from religion to religion looking for someone to say the way they live their life is right.. I don't agree with many stands of the Catholic Church but I don't feel it makes me anyless Catholic. I don't agree with many practices of my Italian heritage eihter but it doesn't make my any less Italian ... lol
  10. We're cousins that should have been sisters but thank you for the invite either way.. We're both very jazzed to meet you all!!!
  11. Glad to hear things are looking up.. I will keep you and Mom in my prayers....
  12. Love of Music is one of the primary gifts my husband and I share with our 16 year old son. We have great discussions on artists and lyrics which unleash rivers of conversations regarding life,love and everything inbetween. He's been playing guitar and bass for several years now showing much talent. I also feel this has occupied time that could have been spent doing much worse considering the condition of the world these days.
  13. Sorry I missed it also... Regardless of musical tastes, credit must be given where due. PBS tends to re-air these specials especially during Pledge Week so hopefully we can catch it again.
  14. Eric, Maybe you could give us a wink or an "ear lobe" tug to let us know you are remembering "us"... You never know, this could end up on VH1 or MTV someday soon !! .....Best of Luck and Love...
  15. The band is cool.....local boys... I live in Wayne....The place is closing down after all these years... it's a shame....
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