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  1. The very drinky-groovy Harry Nilsson wrote the theme to "The Courtship Of Eddie's Father," but before that he wrote a song for The Monkees called "Daddy's Song" with a very similar musical feel and lyrical topic (father-son relationships). Check em out: The original theme with some opening dialogue that reminded me why I loved this show so much. "Daddy's Song" — unfortunately the only version I could find on youtube of the original studio recording. It's muddy, but I think you can hear the similarities. Nilsson's own recording (nowhere on youtube) is even more similar—practically the same backing track. BTW, tons of Courtship of E's F stuff on youtube! I, too, await the DVD release of this show.
  2. I'm still recovering from the weekend gorge. We had an organic, spiral-cut ham with the pineapple and the whole production. We've got lots of leftovers on hand, but I may skip dinner entirely tonight... I had a late lunch anyway. But tomorrow....
  3. I just think that it's important for Eric to remember that he actually has a community of supporters out here—people who rejoice in his triumphs and commiserate in his struggles. I'm not interested in judging him. This does suck, but the whole thing could have played out so much worse. I'm glad that no one was physically injured and that these consequences are, comparably, as light as they are. I'll still be here when this is all over and I know all of you will be too. Until then all we can do is cheer him on. He'll definitely get through this. It may be a gift in disguise—a personal event that springboards him to the next level... Best wishes, Drupelet
  4. Peace and healing to you, your friend, and all that know and love you. Drupelet
  5. Thank you ladies. My point exactly. "Passion" was precisely the word that eluded me.
  6. Tony, if you read the whole article and past it to the comments posted below and read Eric's and everyone else's comments, you'll get it. By the way Eric, I don't know John C Hughes, so I don't know his history with you & Raspberries or his motivation, BUT I totally get what he's saying about the bridge in "Let's Pretend". It always made me feel a little squirmy because the emotional pitch of you repeating "Hold me! Hold me! Hoooold MEEE!!" sounds like a literally orgasmic moment—almost too intimate for pop/rock music. (I've never been totally comfortable with overt sexuality in music... I was raised in a Victorian household.) To your credit, you manage to achieve that intimacy, that emotional fervor, that few could. I don't see that as a negative. It's a testament to the courage of your writing and how willing you are to be vulnerable. In Hughes's estimation maybe Lennon could go that far. Think of "Mother," "Give Me Some Truth," "Working Class Hero," "God" even "All You Need Is Love" — Lennon was willing to go to revealingly intimate emotional places in his songs. Take it as the compliment that I think may have been intended. All that being said, Hughes ain't such a great writer. I don't think he's able to say what he means—and therefore he can never mean what he says! Drupey
  7. Sorry, what's the "lets pretend" article.
  8. Just ordered it from amazon. Please stand by...
  9. Always the curmudgeon, I must say that...ummm... somehow, she just doesn't... nope... not even with your... She ain't got it. Never dug her. In interviews the poor thing seems as dumb as a stump. Ira, she's yours. Gimme Scarlet Johansson or Terri Garr for that matter.
  10. Just as in New Zealand, the prices run the gamut. Maybe a tiny bit cheaper outside of the bigger cities. Check New Jersey and Nashville locations. Here are some national and New York area chains. Shop around. http://www.macys.com http://www.josbank.com http://nordstroms.com/ http://www.c21stores.com/ These next 2 are a little more expensive, but they'll take pretty good care of you.: http://www.barneys.com http://www.saksfifthavenue.com
  11. What city will you be staying in?
  12. Hey! I just thought of another question about "Change Of Heart" that's always hummed in the back of my head: Was the song "Heaven Can Wait" originally written with hopes for inclusion in the 1978 film with Warren Beatty? ...or have I got my dates mixed up?
  13. Eric, you mean twenty days mixing the one song?!! $65, 000.00?!!! Yeeowtch! C'mon, really?
  14. Hey Eric, I kind of walked all over Angloberry's question here by "answering" it with my own assumptions. Any chance you might say a few words on this matter?
  15. Thanks Darlene, I am having fun! I do hope somebody answers. Of course, they'd have to have both the early '90s editions as well as the new ones to make the comparison, but yes, I too believe that there must be at least a few folks on these boards who have the bird's eye lowdown on this caper. Whatever that means...
  16. Chicken Pot Pie (yep, from scratch). No pot in it though, so I guess it's just Chicken Pie. Get healthy soon Julie!
  17. 10CC were great. It's funny, I don't recall what it was about, but I was going to post something about them a couple of days ago. I love just about everything they did, even after Godley and Creme left. Ever hear "Consequences?" When Godley & Creme left 10cc they developed this guitar attachment that allowed the guitar player to lower little spinning wheels to touch the strings. The effect was much like bowing on classical stringed instruments. They also were able to create lots of extreme sound effects with it. To promote it, they recorded a 3 record set called "Consequences." The album plays like a movie with forces of nature as major characters in the story. Pretty amazing and, remarkably, available on CD. Naturally: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consequences_(album) Unfortunately, I don't believe that their invention, The Gizmotron, ever went into mass production. The closest thing to it was the E-Bow, which, if you've ever tried one, is a pain in the wrist to use and not as versatile. Buy their music and then listen to it a bunch!
  18. Tilapia tonight—I'm cooking—not sure what to do with it or what to serve it with to bring out it's maximum Tilapia-ness.
  19. Thanks Jay52!! It sounds like they're worth the $ investment. I really appreciate you going into some detail. Much obliged. PS: Glad to hear that Starting Over comes with the poster!
  20. Well, maybe there aren't. The main page says they are, but I don't know if those are current rehearsal shots or past ones. Sorry gang, maybe one of you know...
  21. Stuck with leftovers last night, had Indian for lunch... tonight I'm flying solo for dinner. I'm feeling steaky, but I'm not going to spring for Ruth's Chris. Maybe a local neighborhood steak and a pint. Salsa dancing late tonight. Not crazy about the music, but the little woman loves it. (Besides we took lessons so...)
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