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  1. thanks so much Eric, for sharing all the details about it.Can't wait!
  2. I NEVER heard Celine Dion's version.
  3. Big fan of Jack Klugman,got the odd couple and Quincy on dvd. He sure will be missed.Amazing actor.
  4. The midnight special, was my favorite music show. It had alot of integrity. It had high standards,the artists actually did perform live. And were up to the challenge.
  5. Tracy, all the best to ya, Happy birthday
  6. G, thanks so much, for sharing that story.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rd22keHlqhQ&feature=fvsr
  8. sounds just as good as the studio version, it's all about great musicianship folks.
  9. Hi Sharen! so true, he has a broad vocal range that gets overlooked at times also. Nice to meet ya!
  10. I have Here's Lucy on my amazon instant video collection. Her real life son& daughter were on the show! Remember that,first season was 1969
  11. In an interview, on my dvd set, Robert did mention that they actually were doing some marx brothers routines. Thanks for the video! love the marx brothers!
  12. No denying how good Julia is, with her comedic timing abilities,However Lucille Ball is untouchable, and any comparison pales in comparison. My opinion!, my opinion! take it easy!
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