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  1. TONY says: "you have to be strangled by carmen's hands once in your life at least"
  2. is Hypnotizing me!!! Tony, you're sweet and shy, and adorable, and delicate...and I love every word coming from you. I just had to tell you!
  3. CONGRATS sweet lady!!!! I'll try to buy it from here, from Argentina...
  4. Ohhh, L'Amour, l'Amour... Tony, you-are-in-love! Kisses to the "BOD" John!
  5. Happy birthday, Steele!!! Hope you have a wonderful day with your lovely family!!! Kisses
  6. Aventurine: hope everything is all right! I'm glad you are better now Here a video for you, it was made by Alfredo Casero while he was visiting Japan, and of course he sings a song "Hana".
  7. Of course I was jokin'about the Morphine You could also try some Ayurveda Massage! http://tibetmedicine.eu/en/treatment/
  8. Beautiful pics!!!!! I've always felt I'm kind of Japanese deep inside!
  9. No, No. I saw James rigth here in Argentina...
  10. Soccer Tough? No, not very much indeed! I tell you as an argentine soccer watcher
  11. thank you Mike! So, this is the actor playing Lennon?
  12. Ohhh, Elle! Okay, okay... But, are They Shy? Here another fav shy-lovely Richard Gere ( I really love shy guys ) "GERE'S CHILDHOOD SHYNESS CHICAGO star RICHARD GERE was so shy as a child, he's convinced his parents were unsure if he could speak at all. He was growing up, he was "painfully" shy and couldn't bear even the idea of having to speak to people..." Adorable!
  13. Here, my fav Shy,sweet,Hot,smart,delicate- actor-musician Keanu Reeves,,, American women, you're lucky, you know?
  14. interesting, very interesting Mr Carmen...
  15. Beautiful and sweet Elle! I would say that the video was totally made BY You!! Cause you sent me that Energy, and the ideas of Splendor... I was just a medium
  16. You're awesome Wendy! BTW, Remember that Gentlemen have always preferred Blondes!! Me, as brunete have always notice that, especially in my country where Men are always CRAZY about Blondes! and they have always made me notice that (I've been always felt like a Uggly Duck into my own family, where all my sisters are blondes...
  17. I love both, I cannot choose one. Both are special to me. And........"the very gentle and soulful background vocals were done PERFECTLY. It adds anoter dimension to the feeling of this gem.".........I totally agree, and I find this version special too.
  18. Penelope Cruz could play the role of one of the Two hot babes waiting for the miner... I was told, the two women were waiting for him like in this pic...
  19. One of the miners had Two Women waiting for him outside, Johnny Barrios. Benicio could play Johnny's character.
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