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  1. not so nice what I've found when translating the expression...... You bad boy!
  2. So, we could also say (Why not).......next Reunion in South America! Hope you have wonderful holidays! (lucky you are in holidays)
  3. Whaaatttt? What kind of insult is this? wacky sultriness? ...I'm Lost in Translation!
  4. Beautiful Moon in "El Bolson", mountain-town in Argentina...
  5. So beautiful pics!!!! And Japanese Food...my favorite!!! It's strange, cause I come from italian family and I don't like italian food so much. But, I could eat japanese (or chinese) food every day!
  6. I think Brooke Shileds was very famous in Japan... I think she was the most beautiful.
  7. the movie... How about the spanish actor playing Ringo Bonavena?
  8. I didn't know the Brothel term meaning, now I know! Well, Hollies...you'll have to explain about it, since you survived after the shot...
  9. The lovely Mickey Rourke, when he was in Argentina in the 90's I think, visited Carlos Monzon in prision...adorable Mickey!
  10. For you Steve: Had you seen Carlos Monzon acting? here an scene, a rare argentine movie in the 70's (he was not a good actor, but...I like him)
  11. So, Steve, You were shot at Nevada...? and you're alive? lucky guy
  12. Yes, I do remember Ringo Bonavena too, because of my father's... But, thanks a lot for reminding me of him . I didn't remember well the story of "Ringo"...and I didn't remember he was shot in Nevada. I see there is recent a Hollywood movie about him.
  13. that's GREAT Wendy!!!CONGRATS! It sounds yummy,and I like Rum! PS: Tony would love to know what "Teta" means in my country
  14. I can't even talk about Monzon, without tears in my eyes... My father was a big fan of him. I used to watch some Boxing on Tv with my dad... Besides his boxing life, I used to be very interested in his life, I loved him... I can't talk, I get very moved. It was very sad, his last days...
  15. ANDREA

    Christmas Songs

    my favorite Tom Waits Christmas card... "Silent Night"
  16. Well, and talking about japanese Men, I've also found my fav, Kenichi Matsuyama
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