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  1. "Dear Santa, We would love to ask you if you can make us appear as `grown-up' girls, just to avoid our New Masters "J&T" going to jail. Love, Angelinas&Tontonas"
  2. of course, little girl...I thought you were already "IN"!
  3. Such a lovely "Moderator" Danger moderator!! Once you make a comment on any Harem' Thread...hmmmm..."the trespasser assumes the risk of entering someone else's land without permission" Cute picture of cartoon little girls = Trouble for Moderator too!
  4. Thank you so much for posting Phil!!! I haven't seen this video before...
  5. Paul is so funny, so awesome! He also speaks a good spanish ( 00:58..."voy a cantar esta canciòn en memoria de mi amigo George" )
  6. Thanks so much to All my English-American teachers! Hollies: from the distance, I'd only perceived passion between you and Rachan!
  7. I couldn't find a decent translation for this, I think: "Lay off the egg nog" "gotta get me some egg nog" (I'm lost in translation, again...)
  8. Wow, James, Awesome! That's great. This world would be very boring if We (all minds) were thinking alike! This world works just because there are opposite minds... (My own mind works just because it has opposite thoughts inside)
  9. Well, I had thought of Mr. Booyah, of course... But, if EC agree, I'd have no problem to add Jolie!
  10. You'll notice how famous 9 1/2 weeks was here.
  11. ...another virtual wedding I'd love to see here: "Angelina-Andiemay-Eric Carmen" The wedding song could be: "Boats...."
  12. I'd love to see you both together Nice chemistry! Try to make some "virtual" wedding ceremony here on ec.com?
  13. Very Sweet! "always one of "The Dark Knight's" favorites!" I do remember that! What Wonderful and Rare period here on ec.com!!!!
  14. ANDREA

    Happy Chanukah!

    from hot jewish women to "very" hot jewish men!
  15. ANDREA

    Happy Chanukah!

    Feliz Janukà !! Happy Hanukah! Last year at Buenos Aires...
  16. Thanks so much, my English teacher I am honored to be that "Absurdly or amusingly eccentric" Heh!
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