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  1. On a very famous TV Comedy ( Buenos Aires -Argentina 2010) Minute 03:16 - Eric Carmen - all By Myself
  2. Hungry Eyes on "Czech Republic (???)" advertising...
  3. Hossy, I'm already loving you!
  4. Eric has made such a Masterpiece here...hhhmmmmm... ...pero la perfecciòn se està terminando, y parece que despuès de todo solo somos simple humanos...
  5. baby It Hurts Too Much: "You say you want my love You've played around enough But now I can't forget Well, honey there's nothing left I ain't got nothin' left at all..."
  6. On more thing, in Buenos Aires the 60 per cent of the population is under Freudian Analysis (weekly therapy), or any other therapy, but 'Freudian' is still the most important till today in Argentina. Me included, more than 10 years being in Analysis. And most of the freudian therapists here are from argentine-jewish families... The most beloved American Comedian is WOODY ALLEN...another genius here, an Icon, one of the greatest of all times...
  7. Ira: Argentina is home to Latin America's largest Jewish population. It is also the 5th largest Jewish population in the world. The most important argentine TV producers, humorists, comedians, etc, (I dare to say) are 80 % from jewish or argentine-jewish family. Especially the TV-producers!! almost 90% jewish, I'd say... The most funny here used to be a character "Susana Bronstein" (is actor-comedian Alfredo Casero, making a parody of a jewish mother "Mamele" that is always torturating her only daughter...very funny. The "mamele" is always the victim, and manipulates her daughter...The iddish accent is always very funny too. I should translate for you the dialogues into English. Here an example, from the video I post below: Mamele: (always with rough voice tone) Hello daughter... daughter (with her nice voice) Hi Mame. How are you today? Mamele: Ninety-seven percent dead...it's is posssible that I don't survive this day, this afternoon...I calculate that between 5:45 and 6:00 PM I will fall into a very depp Depression Hole...but it won't last long, So daughter don't you worry about me..., cause at 9:00 o'clock PM I'll pass away, and around eleven I'll be being buried in the Tablada (jewish Cemetery)...Don't you worry daughter... daughter (very worried) No, Mame, don't say that please... .... Mamele: ...You know (daughter) you ruined my life...I could not be the "classic dancer" I wanted to be because I got pregnant of You! etc, etc... On the other side, the Jewish mothers here are not very different from the Italian mothers! and sometimes some italian mothers (like mine, for instance) are even more "rottweiler" than jewish mothers...) (AVENTURINEdoes knoe this comedian Alfredo Casero, he's famous in Japan too...) Here, Mamele at her "Freudian Therapy" session...torturating the therapist of course...haha!
  8. "Hey, Andiee, won't you come out tonight..." Great thread!
  9. Ira: first of all, JERRY LEWIS is one of my heros ever! (and he is considered a GEnius in my country) About Jewish Comedians, I could tell you lot of stories in my country; Jewish Comedians here are always taken as the Best. There had always been a lot of jokes here, esp. about jewish mothers....a lot of jokes, parodies, tv shows, etc... Then I'll tell you more...
  10. ...again, one of my favorites quotes which seems to express my feelings about the image: "...Each sparking a 'supply of energy all its own'. They were capable of so much magic. More than any magician's have ever wrought! and now, Down through invisible halls of time The world seems to stop. And I am being visited by the angels, For a while".
  11. I post this pic which I took/captured from a Youtube video "all by myself"--- because of the Eyes! I've never seen before an image which expresses so clearly the soul of Eric, just through the eyes... Hypnotic eyes for sure. They seem to Trespass the image, somehow. Just like "a moment" captured in a painting...it goes beyond any Time...As he was right here, right now, looking beyond the image. Mistery eyes, expressing an Extreme intelligence as well as vulnerability, shyness, sweetnes, softness...The Unexpected Innocence!! But, the mistery of all this, it's maybe the great contrast expressed...The Unexpected Strenght!! The light, energy waves into the eyes... One can certainly see the inmense energy inside, just by looking through his very beautiful eyes!
  12. hahaha! I love this... ( You know Ira, in Argentina we Adore Jewish Comedians a lot! ) Some of my fav. you posted: - Q: “What's the difference between a Rottweiler and a Jewish mother? A: Eventually, the Rottweiler lets go†- Someone stole all my credit cards b ut I won't be reporting it. The thief spends less than my wife did. - The Doctor gave a man six months to live. The man couldn't pay his bill so the doctor gave him another six months.
  13. ~...And now, Down through invisible halls of time,,,the world seems to stop.And I am being visited by the angels, for a while.~
  14. I've just posted the original pic, with James Dean! Very similar expression, resembling Eric's melancholy...
  15. I didn't know Frank Sinatra had made so many versions of Eric's songs...Wow!
  16. here you have James, your two hotties: Cristina Kirchner, used to be a very sensual young lady: And of course, Hillary, very beautiful!
  17. Our "BIG BROTHER" TIM is totally right! I've just took a look at the picture I had posted here a few days ago, and noticed it was really vulgar (I mean it had nothing to do with Berni's Honor), not a porno one, but...very close to that ...My fault! Great moderator Tim, you Rock!!
  18. Both very handsome indeed! Now look the CARTOON WORLD section, what you've started John! I'm very very jelaous! and two of the girls here are going to love the pic I posted there!
  19. BTW, Wendy...maybe you should post that sexy school-girl pic of you with milk mustache... Here, I post mine own pic with costume...not a very sexy one, but...( I love school girl pics with mustache )
  20. Actually, I was looking for a pic of Wendy and make her a sexy milk-moustache...May I Wendy???? BTW, here a new version, a better one...because the CREATOR of MAGIC (Bernie) also appears on the photo!
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